BBC iPlayer for Windows Phone? [Updated]

Update: WPCentral reader uuf05 got in touch with the BBC and requested reasoning as to why they haven't released an app for the platform yet. You can view their reply in his comment below. Here's the main snippet:

The BBC want to bring BBC iPlayer to as many audiences as possible, across a range of devices. Unfortunately, as the Windows Phone 7 doesn't support HLS or Adobe Flash, the formats we use for streaming videos, we can't make BBC iPlayer available on this phone at the moment.

So until the platform supports BBC's used formats (HLS or Flash) it seems the BBC wont bring us an app to gain access, which is a shame. What do you all make of this?

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The BBC iPlayer, a superb catch-up and on-demand service, streams TV shows and radio to users across multiple platforms including mobile devices (iOS and Android), tablets, consoles (PS3), computers and televisions. One thing we're aware of is that Microsoft and the BBC haven't seen eye-to-eye with previous plans to bring the service to Xbox Live. The BBC pulled back from the proposed deal due to Microsoft wanting to limit access to Gold subscribers only.

Another platform we're aware of that currently doesn't feature an app for that is Windows Phone. A reader over at WMPU got in contact with the BBC and queried as to whether or not the broadcasting company has any plans for developing an app to bring the service to Windows Phone. Unfortunately, the reply was as expected - pretty bland:

"Thank you for contacting the BBC iPlayer Support Team.I understand that you’d like to know if the BBC iPlayer service will be compatible with the Windows OS for mobile handsets.We’re currently looking at many ways to expand and increase the services we offer however I’d be unable to confirm the present research into the compatibility with this OS. However your comments are most welcome as we’re driven by user reaction."

So is there an official app in development? Most likely no, but there will surely be a spark to kick-start the process when a significant amount of WP7 owners begin requesting detail from the BBC or if Microsoft's platform continues to grow in UK marketshare.

If you'd like to get in touch with the BBC about a potential app, feel free to contact them although we can't be sure how much "user reaction" they require.


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