Beach Buggy Racing nabs new tracks and race modes in latest update

Beach Buggy Racing, which landed on both Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone just last month, has nabbed a pretty decent update today. Coming along for the ride are some new tracks and gameplay modes, along with support for several new languages.

Here's what you can expect to find in version 1.2:

  • 3 new tracks: Fire & Ice, Aquarius, Spooky Shores
  • Championship Mode - Win gold-plated cars!
  • Quick Race Mode - Simply pick car/driver/track and race!
  • Win Power-Ups with new Coco Loco mini-game
  • Localized to German, Spanish, Russian, and Trad Chinese
  • New Achievements
  • Lots of Tweaks/Tuning

You can hit up the links below to grab the update or give the game a shot for the first time. Happy racing!

Thanks to everyone who sent in tips!

QR: Beach Buggy Racing

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  • Love seeing Lumia phones as the model for apps :) and this game is a lot of fun!
  • Sadly not available here in the Brazilian WP Store
  • Is it that hard to change the region to us?
  • Yeah, I'm wondering what's with this 'not available here in Brazil' comment, it's not like it's the first time for us to see a Brazilian writing the same comment on this site. I mean are they new to the platform? Is it that hard to change the region on their phones? I'm in Indonesia but I changed my phone region to US so I could install those apps that weren't available in my country.
  • Well, this is against the law of Brazil.
  • Guys, let me say this again:
    I do not this for myself, I do this for the whole community of brazilian that do not know about this or do not want to have to do this. Believe in me: us, tech guys, are the vast minority of the WP users. "Normal" people do not know this kind of thing. I am already helping hundreds of developers to bring their games to Brazil, since 2012. I ask here about this because many developers pay attention to the Windows Central's articles and a lot of them respond me here.
  • I love how you help all developers to bring the games to your country. Don't give it up. Peace.
  • Nice!
  • Windows is a great improvement. Some devs just don't want to make their apps available. The OS itself is capable of adopting any apps designed.
  • I like your opinion. +1
  • Beach Buggy Racing > Angry Birds GO!
  • Does it save purchases if you have to do a hard reset?
  • The game saves your data in the cloud
  • I was stopped playing this game. Looks like I have to play it again. Btw I am waiting for the beach buggy racing blitz. Hope they soon release it.
  • Haaa..... Had been waiting for this...
  • Nice I love this game so have to redownload.
  • I want a game like this but without luck based, purely skill based.
  • So you're telling us that this is a luck based and not skill based game?
  • Anyone figure how to "jump start"?
  • Hit the space bar right before the 3 dots disappear... Magenta is the new Yellow
  • Yes. In this game luck plays a major role
  • I am not able to download it ..... Every time I begin the download attention required comes