Beat Saber: Everything we know about the VR rhythm game

Beat Saber, the upcoming rhythm VR game from developer Hyperbolic Magnetism (based in Czech Republic), promises to combine original beats with vibrant visuals and frenetic gameplay. The team started on this project in 2016 after not being satisfied with the selection of rhythm games then on offer, and the near-final project is almost ready to be revealed to the public. Here's what you need to know.

What's new with Beat Saber?

In an update posted on Twitter April 6, 2018, it was revealed that Beat Saber has an expected release date of May 1, 2018 for SteamVR and Oculus versions. There's also mention that release dates for other platforms are coming soon, partly confirming suspicions that it's also coming to PlayStation VR.

A new video was recently released showing a new level with new music. The song "Legend" by Jaroslav Beck and Generdyn is the third official video to be revealed after "Escape," and "$100 Bills", both also created by Jaroslav Beck.

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How can I play Beat Saber?

How can I play Beat Saber?

As reported by RoadToVR, Beat Saber is expected to be released into Steam's Early Access program in April 2018. To play Beat Saber, you'll need an HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, or Windows Mixed Reality, and you'll need a PC that meets the following minimum requirements:

  • Processor: Intel Core i5 (second-gen or better)
  • Memory: 4GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 960 (equivalent or better)
  • Storage: 200MB

What is Beat Saber?

What is Beat Saber?

Beat Saber is a VR rhythm game that combines original music with lightsaber slashing. It's sort of like Rock Band VR, Fruit Ninja VR, and Audioshield all mashed up into one, but Star Wars fans will no doubt also get a kick out of the content.

If you don't mind getting a workout while you game, Beat Saber should prove to be a title that's simple to pick up and try but difficult to master.

What is Beat Saber gameplay like?

The above video is from Ruirize, filmed using LIV mixed reality.

Beat Saber is all about keeping rhythm. In each hand you hold a lightsaber: one blue and one red. When the music starts, small blocks with a colored arrow on each begin scrolling toward you — much like other rhythm games — and it's up to you to slash the blocks in the direction noted by the arrow. There are obstacles that come your way as well, which you must avoid with your body and sabers.

Timing is everything here, and slashing successfully will up your combo multiplier and ultimately your final score. It seems relatively easy to start, but, as evidenced in some gameplay videos making the rounds, things can get crazy in a hurry. Each song should have multiple levels of difficulty to make it easier for beginners to jump in and for experts to enjoy a challenge.

When can I start playing Beat Saber?

Following a successful demo at GDC 2018, Beat Saber is expected to release May 1, 2018. There's no word yet on a price.

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