Belkin's new USB-C car charger will intelligently charge your phones and tablets

Accessory maker Belkin has announced a brand new USB-C car charger that delivers all of the power your phone, tablet, or computer needs while on the go. The charger offers up to 27W of power, and intelligently manages how your device is charged.

The centerpiece of Belkin's new charger is support for USB-PD, or Power Delivery. With Power Delivery, the charger can adjust how much energy it uses based on the device that you've plugged in. Belkin says that because of this, the charger can deliver up to 70% faster charging for smartphones over 5W chargers.

The Belkin USB-C Car Charger comes with a four-foot USB-C cable, and is available now from Belkin for $49.99.

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Joseph Keller