Best Battery Replacement for Oculus Rift S Controllers in 2020

Oculus Rift S Controller Rechargeable Batteries
Oculus Rift S Controller Rechargeable Batteries (Image credit: Nick Sutrich/Android Central)

While some controllers include non-removable, rechargeable batteries the way a modern smartphone does, Oculus opts for a different design. A single AA battery sits inside each Oculus Rift S controller. However, continually buying new batteries is a waste of money, and throwing them away is terrible for the environment. Save some dough and skip the trash with these great rechargeable options for your Oculus Rift S controllers.

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Rechargeable batteries have come a long way in the last two decades. They are far easier to use, more economical, and better for the environment than disposable batteries ever were. For the best fit for most, Eneloop batteries pack in high-quality battery cells for high capacity and years of usable life.

If you're looking for an even more eco-friendly option, the Energizer Recharge Universal features a bit of recycled material in each battery to cut down on environmental strain. Remember that most of these batteries need a charger to work properly. Each company sells its own charger, but Energizer's is the fastest and most efficient.

Sometimes, though, having a charger-less solution is the best way to do it. Whether you're taking these batteries on a vacation or a business trip, Blackube's rechargeable batteries will charge with any USB charger you have on hand, and they'll do so in just an hour and a half, too!

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