Best Battery Replacement for Oculus Rift S Controllers Windows Central 2021

While some controllers include non-removable, rechargeable batteries the way a modern smartphone does, Oculus opts for a different design. A single AA battery sits inside each Oculus Rift S controller. However, continually buying new batteries is a waste of money, and throwing them away is terrible for the environment. Save some dough and skip the trash with these great rechargeable options for your Oculus Rift S controllers.

Eneloop AA batteries

The best all-around solution: Eneloop

Staff Pick

These high-quality Japanese batteries have been a trusted brand for well over a decade. These Eneloop batteries feature the highest number of recharge cycles of any battery on this list. That means you can recharge these batteries fully up to 2100 times before experiencing any reduced charging capacity. They also feature a very high capacity (2000mAh), recharge in under 3 hours (an hour faster than average), and are very affordable, especially when purchased in multipacks.

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Eneloop Pro AA batteries

For the part-time gamers: Eneloop Pro

Eneloop Pro is a super-high 2550mAh capacity battery with a very low self-discharge rate. These batteries will power your Oculus Rift S controllers for longer on a single charge. Plus, you won't come back a week later and find dead batteries in your controllers, even if you haven't used them. That's great news for gamers who only play once in a while and don't want to fuss with constantly recharging. The downside here is that they are only rated for 500 charges before they start to lose capacity, but that won't be a problem for casual gamers.

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Rayovac AA Batteries

Save some serious cash: Rayovac Recharge

Rayovac is known for making extremely inexpensive batteries, and its rechargeable options are no different. They start at a low price for a 4-pack of AA's, and these fantastic rechargeable NiMH batteries can be recharged up to 1500 times before seeing any reduction in capacity. The downside is that they aren't as dense as other rechargeables on this list and only have a 1350mAh capacity.

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Rayovac Plus AA Batteries

Higher capacity, lower cost: Rayovac Recharge Plus

If saving money is your most important goal but not always having to recharge batteries comes in a close second, Rayovac Recharge Plus AA batteries are what you're looking for. At just a little more than the standard Rayovac Recharge cost, you're getting batteries with nearly double the capacity. These are best for marathon gamers that don't want to change out their batteries between rounds. Just be aware that a higher capacity means fewer recharge cycles, so you can recharge these about 500 times before seeing a reduced capacity.

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Amazon Basics Rechargeable AA Batteries

Sometimes, you just need the basics: Amazon Basics

From a specs point of view, these are an incredible value. With a high-capacity 2000mAh bank, up to 1000 recharge cycles before they'll start losing capacity, and a low self-discharge rate of only 20% over a full 12 months. Unfortunately, the version you get is a bit of a gamble and can vary in quality and capacity. The ones I have are great, but some customers have left bad reviews citing poor quality and low recharge cycles and capacity.

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Energizer Recharge AA

Saving the planet, one battery at a time: Energizer Recharge Universal

Energizer doesn't just make great rechargeable batteries; it also makes the world's first partially recycled rechargeable AA batteries, too. While these are only 4% recycled materials, that 4% can add up to a lot when considering how many AA batteries are made each year. They're also quite affordable, have a high 2000mAh capacity, and take a full 12 months before you'll notice them discharging on their own. They can also be charged up to 1000 times before seeing reduced capacity, which is a great middle-ground when compared to some other batteries.

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Energizer Fast Charger

Juice it up quicker: Energizer 1-hour charger

While most chargers will take three to four hours to charge a pair of AA or AAA batteries, Energizer's specialized charger will get the job done in under one hour. While the charger comes with a set of four Energizer AA batteries, it's compatible with any AA rechargeable NiMH battery. Energizer recommends using their brand because they're specifically tested to handle this faster recharge time, so keep that in mind if you choose this charger.

$32 at Amazon
Blackube Rechargeable AA Batteries

How about no charger at all?: Blackube

Blackube makes one seriously amazing AA battery that requires no external charger at all. You can simply use the chargers you already have in your home: your smartphone chargers. Any USB port can be used to charge these batteries, and they'll charge in just an hour and a half. That's less than half the time of dedicated battery chargers! They've even got a reasonable 1500mAh capacity and 1000 recharge cycles before the capacity beings to diminish.

From $26 on Amazon

If we're making some suggestions

Rechargeable batteries have come a long way in the last two decades. They are far easier to use, more economical, and better for the environment than disposable batteries ever were. For the best fit for most, Eneloop batteries pack in high-quality battery cells for high capacity and years of usable life.

If you're looking for an even more eco-friendly option, the Energizer Recharge Universal features a bit of recycled material in each battery to cut down on environmental strain. Remember that most of these batteries need a charger to work properly. Each company sells its own charger, but Energizer's is the fastest and most efficient.

Sometimes, though, having a charger-less solution is the best way to do it. Whether you're taking these batteries on a vacation or a business trip, Blackube's rechargeable batteries will charge with any USB charger you have on hand, and they'll do so in just an hour and a half, too!

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