Best companion mods for Skyrim Special Edition

Part of the fun for players in the world of Skyrim is taking a companion or few on adventures as they traverse the vast landscape, plundering dungeons and completing quests. There are a number of mods available already for Skyrim Special Edition that take adventuring with a partner to the next level. Here's a few of our favorites.


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The fully-voiced delight that is Sofia is a lore-friendly (depending on opinion and play style) follower who accompanies the Dragonborn on his (or her) adventures. Voiced by Christine Slagman, the dialog is not only witty and humorous, but also reacts to surroundings, other NPCs and select quest lines.

Sofia is quite an unusual follower. She is tough, witty and just a little bit boastful. She has a strong fondness for the player character but her deliberate attempts to disguise the fact just leads to very awkward conversations especially as she usually says exactly what she thinks. Sofia is a tease and loves to wind people up which doesn't make her very popular with people. Her rebellious spirit and careless attitude often gets her in trouble. Not to mention her constant inappropriate comments which easily offend or embarrass people.

If you need a companion for life and are tired of the in-game vanilla characters, be sure to give Sofia a try.

Download Sofia

Companions and Followers

This handy mod implements a variety of characters who traverse Skyrim and integrate with fellow NPCs. While they travel around the world of Skyrim the 12 followers do remain at a single location one day per week to make hunting them down just a little bit more convenient.

Here's a list of all the companions added:

  • Alana: Female, Fire Mage and Conjurer.
  • Shyvana: Female, Lightning Mage and Conjurer.
  • Elsif: Female DarkElf, Frost Mage and Conjurer.
  • Ashe: Female, Archer
  • Coda: Male, Tank.
  • Devesha: Female, Conjured Weapons.
  • Haj-Meer: MALE SUPLEXING ARGONIAN!? Unarmed Only.
  • Keiko: Male Kajiit, Two Handed Warrior.
  • Leona: Female, Two Handed Warrior.
  • Mira: Female, Paladin Archetype, Can cast weak healing spells on self, default weapon enchant Turn Undead.
  • Mulgrom: Male Orc, Dual Wielding.
  • Sheena: Female, Dual Wielding.

Download Companions and Followers



INIGO is an interesting Khajiit who sports more than 7000 lines of dialog. Both a skilled warrior and capable partner, INIGO is able to be controlled effectively, even in combat, without the use of other mods and settings. For example, sheathing your weapon in battle will cause INIGO to cease combat and return to your side. And you can whistle to him too.

You will find Inigo in Riften Jail. He's next to Sibbi Black-Briar in the first cell on your left. Keep an eye out for notes referring to Inigo on your travels. If your character needs a reason to visit the jail they may give you the excuse you require.

Download INIGO

Garm the Husky Companion

Our last pick is not of human form but a husky. Meet Garm, the husky companion.

Garm is a fierce husky named after his father Garmr, the guardian of the Norse and Nord underworlds. His mother is Jörð (Jord; Earth), one of the Jötnar. Feeling curious about the realm of Akray she disguised herself as a wolf and flirted with Garmr as a way to get in. Garmr was not fooled but he agreed to answer her questions if she would bear him a son, to which she agreed. The son she bore was Garm. He was born during the Warp of the West in the third era, around 3E 420, and is still considered a young pup by those in the Underworld.

Husky dogs are cool. Running around with one by your side as you slice the heads of undead Nords is even more cool.

Download Garm the Husky Companion

Your Favorite?

Who do you enjoy traversing the land with? Sound off your favorite companion mods in the comments!

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