Best Stands for your Windows Mixed Reality Headset Windows Central 2019

As much as we would all like to be in virtual reality all the time, that's not exactly possible. So, when we're in the mundane world, we need a place to put our headset to keep it out of the way and safe. A good headset stand like the Skywin VR stand will keep your desk tidy and your Windows Mixed Reality (WMR) headset safe and sound while you wait to step back into the future (or the past, depending on what you're playing).

Our pick: Skywin VR Stand

The Skywin is a standard stand for any WMR headset. The weighted base makes it very sturdy when sitting on your desk and the coil on the back makes keeping your cables tidy incredibly easy. A lot of stands forget that cables exist, but the Skywin holds everything you need.

$26 at Amazon

Beautifully engineered: VRGE Virtual Reality Docking System

The VRGE is the best-looking stand in this collection. It can be mounted on your wall or on your desk and it has a real wood top with rubber bumpers to keep your headset from getting scratched. It even has room to hold your controllers. The VRGE is a little pricey, but if you want to keep your space looking beautiful it might be worth the extra cash.

$115 at Amazon

Faceless head: Snakebyte stand

Headsets go on your head, so why not have a head-shaped stand?! It might look a little creepy (especially at night), but this simple effort from Snakebyte models itself on the very thing an HMD is meant to rest upon. Don't worry, the Snakebyte is weighted at the bottom to stop it from falling over and it has room for your headphones.

$30 at Amazon

As minimal as possible: TreeCloud9 desk stand

When it comes to minimalistic stands it doesn't come much more compact than the TreeCloud9 WMR stand. A simple foldaway affair, the stand lifts the headset of your desk and levels it out to stop accidental breakage. It's simple, cheap, and effective.

$20 at Amazon

Wall mounted: TreeCloud9 Wall mount

Another great product from TreeCloud, this WMR wall-mounted stand is simple to set up and will hang your headset up and out of the way. It's perfect for those with a dedicated VR space, and who want to mount the headset nearby.

$27 at Amazon

Realistic head: LIAMTU Male Wigs Display Mannequin Head

If you can deal with looking at a fake face, you could actually save a few bucks by getting a solid mannequin head. The one drawback is that it'll want to topple over since there's no weighted base. However, if you're OK making your own or fixing it to a table, then its an excellent cheap and creepy stand for your headset.

$13 at Amazon

While all these stands do the same basic thing there is plenty of variety for different tastes. The Snakebyte stand is definitely one of the more interesting-looking ones — who doesn't love a faceless severed head on the desk? If you want a wall hung stand however you can't go wrong with the beautiful looking VRGE stand and the Skywin VR stand recommended above.

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