Best of Smartphone Experts, 30 Jan 2011

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HTC Thunderbolt poised for Feb. 14 at Best Buy (opens in new tab)Android 3.0 SDK preview: 2D, 3D graphics and dual-core support in Honeycomb!What's new in Android 3.0 Honeycomb (opens in new tab)Exclusive: CDMA BlackBerry Roadmap 2011PlayBook and QNX-based BlackBerry Smartphones to run Android Apps too?!Weekly Accessory Roundup - Win an extended battery for your device!
Nokia offers Nokia Reader RSS app in Beta LabsOvi Daily App review: Usablenet optimized web apps (opens in new tab)Topaz Specs! Exclusive details on Touchstone v2 and much more!Hints of webOS Tablet UI elements - ExclusiveUSPTO rejected "PalmPad" trademark in October
(opens in new tab)News Corp and Apple holding “The Daily” iPad newspaper launch on Feb. 2ndVerizon iPhone: Existing customers can pre-order starting Feb. 3 at 3am EST, Unlimited data for $30, Wi-Fi personal hotspot for $20How to Jailbreak Apple TV with with Seas0nPass and install XBMCWindows Phone Marketplace hits 7,000 apps, no end in sightFlory first to bring GTalk to Windows Phone (Video + Guide)Windows Phone 7 - 2 Million Shipped
Chris Parsons