6 Best Studio Monitors in 2022

Philips 499P9H
Philips 499P9H (Image credit: Rich Edmonds / Windows Central)

When your work demands top quality displays for photography, design, and other creative uses, affordable and even more expensive gaming monitors usually won't suffice. This is where studio monitors like the BenQ SW2700PT come into play with fantastic display accuracy.

Which monitor is right for you?

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When you need a monitor for creative work, you can't just get any monitor. You need one that has incredible color accuracy first and foremost, but there are plenty of features for people with a higher budget. You can get a 4K or ultrawide display if you really have the extra cash, but mostly you'll be paying for extra ports and other features.

Depending on available budget, you can purchase a seriously good display that offers incredible color accuracy and other features that are handy for professionals. The BenQ SW2700PT strikes a solid balance between affordability and on-screen quality, making it ideal for creative work.

The optional hood can aid with shielding the display from glare, but even without it the excellent calibration will ensure whatever you're working with on-screen looks fantastic. And you'll be able to position the display itself just right with the flexible stand. The best part? It doesn't cost a huge sum of money.

Rich Edmonds
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