Save $36 on the Sonos Roam Bluetooth speaker and take your music with you

Sonos Roam Bluetooth speaker
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Planning a trip to the beach? Need something to blast your Beach Vibes playlist? Maybe you just want to rock out in your backyard while grilling some burgers this summer? Sonos' summer sale has what you want because you can get the Sonos Roam portable Bluetooth speaker on sale for $143.20 through the Sonos website. This speaker normally sells for $170. It has sold for as much as $220 in the past, but it has never dropped below $170 before outside of special sales like this. You can find it going for this price at a couple of other retailers, too, like Best Buy.

You can also get the original portable speaker from Sonos, the Sonos Move, on sale right now as well. You can get it for $319.20 instead of its usual price of $400, and this deal is also only available through the Sonos website.

Sonos Roam Bluetooth speaker $170 $143.20 at Sonos

Sonos Roam Bluetooth speaker $170 $143.20 at Sonos

A true portable Bluetooth speaker from Sonos that includes an IP67 rating to resist dirt and water. Lasts for up to 10 hours on a single charge and supports wireless charging.

Sonos is a company that's more known for it's amazing home audio systems that let you sync your music from room to room and blast tunes wherever you happen to go. The Roam is its first foray into a truly portable speaker as the Move, while also portable, wasn't really meant for the beach life. And it's pretty awesome to get that Sonos quality with you even when you're out and about.

As a wireless speaker, you can use either Wi-Fi or Bluetooth to connect to the Roam. It will automatically reconnect to your Wi-Fi when it comes into range and easily pairs with your phone when Bluetooth is necessary. Plus, while connected to Wi-Fi you can use Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant for voice control. Turn up the volume, check the news and weather, or even control your smart home with this speaker.

You'll get up to 10 hours of continuous playback on a single charge thanks to the long-lasting battery. It has the intelligence to save power when it's not in use, too, so it can last a while. It powers back up in less than a second. Recharging is easy, too, since you can use the included USB-C cable for a fast charge or the Sonos Wireless Charger so you don't even have to plug in.

As far as sound, Sonos uses Automatic Trueplay to optimize your audio based on your location and the content you're playing. It sounds great no matter what, and since it is IP67 rated to resist water and dust, you can take it anywhere and listen to whatever. 

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