There's a new Windows Phone game on the horizon and the developer is looking to recruit Beta Testers. Rum Run is a strategy game where you sail the high seas trading goods from village to village. You try to make as much profit from buying and selling rum, goods and food. Use your profits to upgrade ships and increase your fleet.

Rum Run reminds me a lot of the old Windows Mobile game Tradewinds which was a very nice game to pass the time with.  It will be interesting to see if the developers can match Tradewinds entertainment value.  Based on the trailer, it looks like Rum Run is on the right course.

Rum Run for Windows Phone

Rum Run has made it to the third round in Microsoft's Imagine Cup and Turtle Games, Rum Run's developers, are looking for beta testers to help ironed out any bugs that are in the game. If you're interested, just shoot Rum Run Games and email at with your Live ID and why you want to join the beta test team.

You can find more information on Rum Run and Turtle Games here at

Thanks, Adam, for the tip!