Bethesda says Xbox, PC title Starfield is more 'grounded' than past games

Starfield Concept Art Ice Night Sky
Starfield Concept Art Ice Night Sky (Image credit: Bethesda Softworks)

What you need to know

  • Three Bethesda Game Studios staff, including game director Todd Howard, talked about the studio's history and new ideas being explored with the upcoming game Starfield.
  • According to comments made during the discussion, Starfield is a more "grounded" experience than past Bethesda games.
  • Starfield is currently slated to arrive on Nov. 11, 2022.

Bethesda Game Studios' upcoming title Starfield is widely considered one of the most anticipated games of 2022, with mystery surrounding the world, characters and story. While things are still being kept vague, Bethesda is continuing its drip feed of information, with a new roundtable discussion from game director Todd Howard, studio director Angela Browder and art director Matt Carofano.

These three discuss Bethesda's history and approach to the future, noting that Starfield is a more "grounded" experience than past Bethesda Game Studios titles. You can watch the full discussion in the video below:

Bethesda has been sharing other small bits of information on the game over the past year, including concept art, lore of the Settled Systems and part of the soundtrack, which is being handled by Israeli-American composer Inon Zur.

Starfield is currently scheduled to launch on Nov. 11, 2022, exclusively on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PC. Like all Xbox first-party titles, it'll also launch into Xbox Cloud Gaming and Xbox Game Pass.

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  • So, no magic or psionics.
    No over the top 50's SciFi parody humor.
    (Some human wackiness would be welcome, though.)
  • That was my take too. Plus I assume some effort to justify the physics of faster-than-light travel in the game universe.
  • It is such an odd internet we live in. On the one hand some claim the earth is flat, while on the other a surprisingly large number have enough of an understanding of relativity to want a plausible justification of FTL travel in their entertainment. Crazy.
  • It takes all kinds.
    But if you do a VENN diagram of the various netizen populations you'll find those two don't intersect. And the latter group is far bigger than the former.
    As for gamers being familiar with Einsteinian physics, well that is (good) high school material these days and central to tons of movies (think: PASSENGERS) and TV shows. Odds are the average gamer can list at least three methods of FTL.😁
  • Yeah, all of this. Plus they've already stated that while there are non-humanoid alien creatures to contend with, the quest to discover if there's any intelligent alien life is a major part of the game.
  • That fits in with the early interstellar age setting.
    It's a period most SF games (and movies) tend to avoid which makes it ripe for a Bethesda RPG.
    By the CONSTELLATION logo in the game I expect 8 planets in the base game.
    And I'd be fine if the quest ends with evidence of a long gone civilization like the dwemer znd no live aliens. Humans can be alien enough.