Big 8 Zip update adds touch of Fluent Design, lots of new features

Hints of Microsoft's new Fluent Design language are showing up in all kinds of third-party apps on the Windows Store, and popular file archiver 8 Zip is the latest to get the treatment. As part of a recent larger feature update (opens in new tab) for the Creators Update, 8 Zip now sports a new look that leans heavily on the transparent acrylic elements of Fluent Design. The best part is it's only an option, so you can turn it off if you're not a fan of the transparency.

This update has a whole lot more in store, however. Some of the big highlights include a new compact overlay mode for the media viewer, along with a built-in equalizer for audio. Here's a look at all of what's new:

  • Creators Update support.
  • Extended Share contract feature, now you can easily:
    • send files from archive to the clipboard;
    • unpack compressed file simple by sending it to 8 Zip from any other app including Explorer;
    • unpack several archives at once;
    • compress files with Share from another app including Explorer;
  • Implemented auto update if you modified compressed document in external application.
  • Added option to turn on app window transparency (aka NEON).
  • Added compact overlay mode for image/audio/video viewer (aka Picture in picture).
  • Added equalizer to audio player.

Definitely not too shabby, and the new share features are sure to be a welcome change for many. The update has already been rolling out, and you can grab it on the Windows Store now. And if you haven't given 8 Zip a shot, it's currently on sale for just $2.

Download 8 Zip from the Windows Store (opens in new tab)

Dan Thorp-Lancaster is the former Editor-in-Chief of Windows Central. He began working with Windows Central, Android Central, and iMore as a news writer in 2014 and is obsessed with tech of all sorts. You can follow Dan on Twitter @DthorpL and Instagram @heyitsdtl

  • Wow 😲 looks soo nice 😍
  • Whats great about MS finding the translucent code realized back in Win98?
  • Everything looks great except the yellow accent color.
  • There are many different color themes including System theme.
  • I like it, but funny enough, I like 7zip a little better, but I'll re-download and try this one again later.
  • They aren't following the guidelines correctly. Having the 2 panels with different acrylics is a good thing, but the main panel should be solid, or the very least they should invert the transparency levels to make the main content more solid as that's where your eyes will be directed.
  • 😂 Right
  • Open the link below to see more about this update:
  • Please please please follow the guidelines and invert your transparency. The main panel should be solid and the navigation transparent.
  • We will after Fall Creators Update release
  • Pretty crazy, even neon/acrylic can't save that horrific UWP design core that taints every corner of windows 10.
  • It would be great if MS provided an UWP API to add shell integrations like File Explorer context menus, since UWP does not allow writing to the registry. That way you can just right click in explorer an select 8zip and compress/decompress ~ similar to 7zip. Or maybe add the UWP share button to the explorer context menu.
  • I see it now supports right click unzip in Explorer. It's still not as nice as the free Win32 (non-store) 7Zip in that 7Zip provides both the open link and a full menu in Explorer, 8Zip only provides a link to open the app. But it's getting there. If you like the big, touch-friendly UI, then 8Zip looks to be a solid option.
  • I have just install it after reading on WC. Looks nice, hope it does a solid job! Good luck!