Big Buck Hunter Pro brings bullets to Xbox on Windows Phone this week

Big Buck Hunter Pro iOS

You know what Windows Phone needs? A good hunting game. I mean, Deer Hunter 3D suffered from a broken Achievement and cost three times as much as the iOS version (see above photo for iOS screenshot). Who wants that? Thankfully, this week hunting gets another chance with Big Buck Hunter Pro, which was previously announced for Windows 8 but not Windows Phone 7. Surprise! The game comes from Merge Interactive and Microsoft Studios.

Big Buck Hunter Pro is actually an extremely popular arcade-style hunting franchise, having appeared in arcades (or whatever passes for them these days), on consoles, and other mobile platforms. This version even has a built-in Arcade Game Finder that uses your phone’s GPS to locate the nearest Big Buck Hunter Pro arcade unit. Said arcade version has online scoreboard and player ratings which can magically be accessed in the Windows Phone game. Now that’s fancy!

The game challenges players to shoot the three largest whitetail bucks (which I’m guessing are male deer) they can find at each site. Players must watch their trigger fingers though, as they’re penalized for shooting does (female deer). Other factors influencing your score include distance from the innocent murdered animal, the spot where you shot Bambi, and how many bullets you poured into his defenseless hide. If you wish to share the bloodlust with friends, you can even engage in pass-and-play multiplayer competitions.

Coming soon to Windows 8 too

Big Buck Hunter Pro Adventure

Windows 8 version

The PC and tablet version of this series will be called Big Buck Hunter Pro Adventure. It will share the same gameplay as the phone version, plus an exclusive Adventure Mode. Not sure why that couldn’t have been included in the phone game too, but both versions still sound fun.

Commence to shooting

Big Buck Hunter Pro for Windows Phone costs $2.99 (still three times more than the iOS game). We’ll update with a Windows Phone Store link when it becomes available.

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  • Good, now I don't have to go to hunter safety classes... Lol.
  • People hunter pro would probably be more fun.
  • It's called Contract Killer and it's only $1.
  • I know and its free.
  • Indeed, my mistake.
  • Arcade Game Finger?
  • Fixed!
  • Here's the link:
  • Now that WP8 is out we could stop with the one game a week schedule, it's a bit ridiculous. On other OSes games are released when they're ready, that's the way it should be.
  • WP has more than one game coming per week.
    You probably confusing the entire OS with the curated portfolio which is Live.
  • Yeah I know, I meant Live games.
  • Now that WP8 is out we could stop with the horrendous pricing and cut all WP7 XBL games prices to $1
  • I think both of you are ignoring the huge difference between iOS, Android, and WP7 (now 8). The live games have achievements, and just like the 360, the release scheduled is usually one a month. It is a much larger investment for the "Live" games title, and harder to publish, especially for an indie developer. This one game a week release highlights the game, and allows time for a short promotion period (as the game is showed in the marketplace).
    Now to deal with pricing. The $1 price tag for WP Live games does more to hurt the ecosystem than it does to help it. As an idie developer trying to create your own game, yet still make a little money (charging the minimum 99 cents for ad free). How can you be expected to compete with games that are also a dollar, and offer achievements? Pricing the Live games at a $2.99 gives them a premium quality, and prevents a cannibalism of the indie developers.
  • First off I like the bambi reference in the article and I look forward to this title.  Will trial it for sure!
    On the topic of pricing I don't entirely agree with the 'huge' difference between the OS's.  If you are familiar with the other OS's such as ios they often have achievements as well via "gamecenter". Now it is not as robust as xbox Live and really hard to compare, but achievements, leaderboards, and tracking through multiple games are available through gamecenter.  The average "consumer" will struggle to see the difference.  This is a big deal to people invested into the xbox ecosystem, but others, not so much.  So, I would argue there is not a larger investment in "live" games because of achievements.  The costs may be more for a developer due to MS policy and what appears to be tedious efforts to get accepted as a Live title, but I would be interested to see what true costs are comparing the same game for ios and wp8. From what I have read and understood it is very difficult for indie developers to get the LIVE moniker with their title as MS has historically not been easy to get accepted, see the title Monster UP and Adventures.   I had no complaints paying a dollar more on my wp for a game than on my other devices, but the majority I would guess are not.
    I agree with pricing, again, to an extent.  I think the "free" games have hindered development and indie developers and ruined consumers into thinking eveything should be FREEEEE.  Pricing titles .99 to 2.99 is actually very reasonable for most phone games, LIVE or not, but pricing the same title 3-4 dollars more on wp or windows 8 compared to ios for example is unreasonable.  I should not break out my surface to buy angry birds space for 4.99, but then open my ipad and it is .99.  Not acceptable and this does not bring new people to the platform.  In addition not everyone owns an xbox nor cares about achievements so that argument goes only so far.  Now there are far less people in the windows ecosystem than ios, but to bring more MS and developers need to be competetive and a 4 dollar difference is far from that. 
  • WP8 is out? News to me!
  • why would they cut price guy when they port it to WP8
  • Wait, you can shoot at flying cowpies in this game? Instant sale.
  • Live titles are 2-3 per week on xbox arcade. I hope wp follows suit and offers 2 per week. Offering options each week is a good thing for MS and the consumer. Also now windows 8 is released I hope the commitment to price similar to other OS begins. I would rather buy titles in the MS store than ios, android. I think rovio pricing angry birds space so much more is inexcusable. This title looks nice and i will defiantly try it out. Bambi, watch out!
  • I for one like the weekly release schedule, opening the flood gates would be awful. Quality over quantity, need to fight ethereal experiences.
  • Looks really boring to me, but I'll give it a shot.