Big Buck Hunter Pro brings bullets to Xbox on Windows Phone this week

Big Buck Hunter Pro iOS

You know what Windows Phone needs? A good hunting game. I mean, Deer Hunter 3D suffered from a broken Achievement and cost three times as much as the iOS version (see above photo for iOS screenshot). Who wants that? Thankfully, this week hunting gets another chance with Big Buck Hunter Pro, which was previously announced for Windows 8 but not Windows Phone 7. Surprise! The game comes from Merge Interactive and Microsoft Studios.

Big Buck Hunter Pro is actually an extremely popular arcade-style hunting franchise, having appeared in arcades (or whatever passes for them these days), on consoles, and other mobile platforms. This version even has a built-in Arcade Game Finder that uses your phone’s GPS to locate the nearest Big Buck Hunter Pro arcade unit. Said arcade version has online scoreboard and player ratings which can magically be accessed in the Windows Phone game. Now that’s fancy!

The game challenges players to shoot the three largest whitetail bucks (which I’m guessing are male deer) they can find at each site. Players must watch their trigger fingers though, as they’re penalized for shooting does (female deer). Other factors influencing your score include distance from the innocent murdered animal, the spot where you shot Bambi, and how many bullets you poured into his defenseless hide. If you wish to share the bloodlust with friends, you can even engage in pass-and-play multiplayer competitions.

Coming soon to Windows 8 too

Big Buck Hunter Pro Adventure

Windows 8 version

The PC and tablet version of this series will be called Big Buck Hunter Pro Adventure. It will share the same gameplay as the phone version, plus an exclusive Adventure Mode. Not sure why that couldn’t have been included in the phone game too, but both versions still sound fun.

Commence to shooting

Big Buck Hunter Pro for Windows Phone costs $2.99 (still three times more than the iOS game). We’ll update with a Windows Phone Store link when it becomes available.

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