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Bing can now show you what's trending on Netflix and other streaming services

Microsoft has rolled out an update to the Bing search experience that might make it a little easier to nail down a movie or show to watch while you're browsing. As explained in a new blog post, the search engine will now surface trending content on streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime when you conduct related searches.

Bing Tab Gif

Also related to media searches, Bing has rolled out a new tabbed experience for mobile devices. Now, when you're searching for a particular movie or artist, you can check out more detailed information in dedicated tabs. For example, searching for the LEGO Ninjago movie would serve up separate tabs with an overview, nearby showtime, cast members, and reviews. The implementation looks nearly identical to a similar tabbed setup that Google has been using in searches for a while. So if you're familiar with that, then Bing's new tabbed interface should be simple to use.

Lastly, a new "My Saves" feature will let you quickly create collections of videos and images you find on Bing that you can check out later. All you have to do is click the "plus" icon at the bottom left of an image, and Bing will save it for you.

All of these new features should now be live and ready to check out at Bing.

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  • Couldn't at least you use a Windows 10 Mobile to show the functionality ?
  • Thats like using Beethoven to demonstrate a piano.
  • Nice article!!! I love Bing👍
  • Bing is better for pirating as well.
  • And... it's a bit of a broken record by now but, where exactly are these features available? Because it isn't in Australia.
  • US only?
  • It could show also for... you know Movies and TV, but hey who cares most likely they'll kill it too
  • Netfix became just loaded with junk movies! Bing will shows us just more junk!