Bing correctly predicts most of the winners at this year's Oscars

Following the Super Bowl, Grammy and Cricket World Cup predictions, the Bing team announced predictions for this year's Oscars last week. With the awards ceremony coming to a close, let's take a look at how the search engine fared.

Oscars winners Bing

As you can see, Bing correctly predicted most of the winners, with the Best Director and Best Animated Feature Film the few categories the search engine got wrong. Bing's predictions thus far have been reliable, with the Oscars results highlighting how the search engine is able to correctly predict results ahead of time. Head to the link below to see all the events for which Bing is offering predictions.

Source: Bing

Harish Jonnalagadda
Senior Editor - Asia

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  • Pretty damn good.
  • True. Can predict the the oscars right but cant remind you in Germany to stop at a supermarket for milk
  • This works in Switzerland by the way. 
  • LOL not yet! But when it is available it will be tried and true! Think of it that way...
  • Just glad Ida won the best foreign language film award. Go Poland!
  • It does where I live. Brilliantly as well.
  • Can she predict when get my next refill of oxycodone...I think I tore my rotator cuff...I can't raise my arm over my me Cortana, help me....
  • The whole Oscars and most awards shows are friggin lame. Who the hell cares what a few dopes say is best in any category. And why do people watch these stupid awards? Bunch of elitist mortals who pat themselves on the back while constantly treated like kings and queens. I dont get the fascination.
  • They watch because Neil Patrick Harris is awesome.
  • OMG. Lighten up. People who hate on the Oscars are just as obnoxious as those who fawn over them. It's a show, why even have an opinion on it.
  • You have a point that ultimately, its subjective to different people who and what they think is the best in whatever. However, the Oscars (and awards shows in general) do provide some great moments. Specifically Common and John Legend "Glory" performance and Gaga's "The Sound of Music" tribute. She was fantastic
  • Congratulations DaveGx! You've won the award for Most Obnoxious Comment in the Bing Oscars Predictions post! Take a bow, and you have until the music starts playing to give your acceptance speech.
  • Pretty damn good? Really? I don't know what is scarier; the fact that WindowsCentral keeps publishing these prediction articles like it is a great feature or the fact that most of the commenters here actually believe it is a "pretty damn good" feature. Unbelievable. And for the record, my local TV movie guy correctly predicted ALL BUT ONE of the results. I guess he must have some complicated algorithm in his head.   
  • Virtual Assistant V/S a Human
  • At this point in time, artificial prediction engine's are not yet there with respect to humans. So, humans getting the predictions right is not such a great deal. The reason why Cortana's prediction prowess is touted as a great deal is because we now have algorithms which look to read human minds much better than they used to, a few years back. It's about AI getting closer to humans, let alone exceeding humans.
  • I am sure you don't see the potential their research has in bringing a whole new level of data analysis capabilities as an azure service for large systems to leverage. Azure ML started as an experiment in excel. Look where it is now.
  • The scariest part is people who take these articles seriously as opposed to us (and Microsoft) having some fun with technology.
  • "The scariest part is people who take these articles seriously as opposed to us (and Microsoft) having some fun with technology" Exactly! You probably were going for a shot at me but you have perfectly nailed my thoughts. Microsoft is having fun. I get that you guys starting writing them knowing that it is fun part of Bing but...... there are people here that actually take the articles seriously enough to believe the predictions are some incredible leap of science. A technological breakthrough. 
  • From this it sounds more like it was researcher/research team within MS that made these predictions, not Bing per se. I.e. this makes it sound its not integrated to Bing as such and I wouldn't have been able to ask Bing/Cortanaa to predict these results.
  • Well, of course.
  • Well some of the other predictions you can ask Bing/Cortana to make. Thus, I am not sure ita accurate to say that Bing predicted the Oscars right when we couldn't actually ask, afaik, for those predictions pre-Oscars.
  • If you enjoy making bets, it's a pretty fun and good feature. :) I enjoy it. *shrugs*
  • The predictions are better than the actual winners in my opinion, but I enjoyed boyhood more than birdman but anyways...
  • I haven't seen either one, but based on the fact that Linklater worked on Boyhood over a 12-year period, and no one has ever done that before, at least not for a film of this scale, it was surprising, and a tad disappointing, that he didn't at least get Best Director. Whatever, though. I'm still mad that Bill Murray didn't win Best Actor in Lost in Translation twelve years ago.
  • This year Oscar ... Just meh... Wish Ellen DeGeneres hosted again...
  • Come on man. Niel Patrick Harris was totally awesome. And that Birdman prank, boy was that good and courageous? You bet.
  • Anyone but Neil Patrick Harris again...he has hosted way too many Tony Awards and Oscars
  • Funny, when Neil was playing a young doctor and I was young, as much as I hate to admit it, I/ we looked exactly the same...only difference I'm a Ph.D., he was a fake MD....
  • It was his first Oscars. -_-
  • NPH is terrific. One of the best awards hosts ever. He's personable, funny, and classy.
  • Yup Neil is awe wait for it ya its coming some awesome!!
  • These were his first Oscars as host man. What you're talking about are Emmys.
  • I wish Ellen was sent to Mars to never host anything else again. She's a pathetic unfunny old wench whose sole claim to fame is being a lesbian as if that made her special. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Do you even know NPH?? He is legen...wait for it...dary. Legendary ;)
  • high time to ask about my future.. :D
  • If it works on your Region? I tried earlier and I got this...
    This feature isn't available yet in your country or region
  • I'm curious what the relative chances were for the ones it got wrong. When it comes to chances, it's also hard to say that a prediction is "wrong," unless the actual outcome had something like less than a 5% chance in the prediction.
  • I could lecture on statistics, validity, we could apply the t-test or something for fun...
  • Great!
  • Bing shows the future of Windows congratulations Microsoft
  • Impressive, are these the answers Cortana would have given then if we had asked before the event?
  • No. It predicted it wrong after the Oscar has been given out and announced
  • Hilarious - But there's a difference between Cortana on phones actually being able to give these predictions to users v.s Microsoft internally being able to do a prediction and publish that info.
  • Cortana = Bing
  • Yes, Cortana supported Oscar predictions: twitter .com/microsoftitalia/status/568847562129715200
  • But it's a disaster predicting cricket matches for this World Cup!
  • How? Only two predictions wrong till now
  • No. Only two predictions have been wrong till now. One was yesterday's India vs. South Africa and one west indies and Ireland one. Else all have been correct.
  • INDIA Vs SA... was a blunder too.. It predicted SA had an 57% edge over India... Now look at the result
  • I guess I mentioned it.
  • Well rsa were the favourites for the match. Great performance by India though :) #wontgiveitback
  • Does it also predict World Cup?
  • yaa she predicted that south africa will win. but yesterday we won like a boss.
  • Haha xD
    Edit: Hey w8 what "She" i mean it's Bing not Cortana..!
  • Hey you're l8.
  • Yeah, enjoyed yesterday's match a lot.
  • Bing has just started on cricjet side & yeah you can feel bing prediction things like human with machine is not god.....and nearly 80% people were predicting a win for RSA.......but we all know #wewon'tgiveitback
  • Guys, how about sticking to comments relevant to the post? We do have a forum if you're looking to engage in cricket-based discussions.
  • Oh come on. We are engaging in 'cricket based predictions'' discussions.
  • Bing got the animated film completely wrong...i mean...How to train your dragon 2 didn't stand a chance compared to Big Hero 6...there were just too many laughs and right set of emotions in the latter to appeal to nearly any category of movie goers...amazingly done movie..
  • I concur.
  • Maybe Cortana likes more that movie :)
  • Big hero 6 is a cheese fest, sorry but Disney lost their mojo after Up. Everything else was a big steaming pile of..
  • Well clearly you didn't see wreck it Ralph. Fantastic movie.
  • You're kidding right? Everybody loved BH 6. You're the first person I've heard talking negatively about it...
    And its clear the movie got this good cause of the Pixar an interview about how the integration really helped build this movie...
  • You clearly haven't seen Wreck it Ralph or Tangled and yes, even Frozen. Disney Animation Studio has actually been on a roll as of late. Haven't seen Big Hero 6. But heard nothing but good things about it. Pixar has been in a bit of a lull. But Inside Out looks like its gonna be treat
  • Think you might not be aware that Pixar belongs to Disney ...? Not sure why you're referring to them separately...:)
  • Pixar and Disney Animation Studios, as I believe, act as two different studios. So yes, both are subsidiaries of The Walt Disney Company. But I was making the distinction between each studios movies.
  • That one it could get wrong since the only worthy winner should have been the freaking LEGO Movie. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I haven't watched it yet...have it downloaded...but I've heard good stuff about it...will check it out...:)
  • I don't understand the love for The LEGO Movie, except for the awesome theme song. As far as the movie itself, it was mediocre, I thought, and the ending just got weird.
  • White Oscars, White Xmas, Black Jack
  • White Oscars? I saw a ton of blacks presenting. If none was nominated it's because none did a job worthy of nomination last year. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I agree, wasn't entirely a white ceremony. Loved the "Glory" performance. But David Oyelowo should've been nominated for Selma, IMO.
  • Only 2 wrong predictions !
  • Wow...just wow...what about lottery predictions? XD
  • That's totally random. Not based upon statistics. You'll have to invent time travel for that!
  • Any good mathematical theory can greatly increase your chances to win the lottery. At least that's what I hear. There is one woman, a good mathematician, who has won lottery 4 to 5 times.
  • God damn Birdman. Saw that movie and I ended up getting the Birdflu. Son of a bitch.
  • Hahaha...hated the movie myself...went and saw it with a completely wrong set of expectations...
  • Me too.. I wasted my time watching the movie.. how come everyone gave good reviews for the movie IDK..
  • Did google predict anything?
  • Dear Cortana or Bing or whatever, predict about the release of denim firmware or atleast win10 tech preview for my 920...
    P.S- waiting ..........?????
  • ^ This! Can predict Superbowl but can't inform Denim's release schedule...
  • And Cortana Fails :D
  • Um... so?
  • I really think Best Director should have gone to Linklater.
  • For what? For being fanciful?
  • Its quite not easy to make a film in 12 years and then put it all together so that it makes perfect sense. Yes he was fanciful, but its not like him being fanciful did not bring out a great movie. It did, and he should have been awarded for that.
  • Bring predicted that West indies will beat Ireland. But it never happened !! Ireland chased target quickly !!
  • Good Bing from Microsoft predicts correct dates though they are still not able to predict the correct Denim release dates but give good excuse of Carriers not able to implement it.....
  • Didn't predict the India vs South Africa world cup match correctly, by the way India won
  • How to find the Cricket World Cup predictions?
  • Type world cup cricket using Bing search button... In that schedule of the matches will be shown.. On the right side prediction will be there
  • Or before the toss the commentators will say Microsoft Bing prediction of today's match
  • Just ask Cortana...
  • How to train your dragon should've won, the oscars are stupid
  • Idk I loved big hero 6 my lil girl too can't say same for dragons I liked it she didn't
  • I loved the first one, but I thought the sequel was a disappointment.
  • Big hero totally deserved it. Dragon was just more of the same.
  • Can Bing predict Windows 10 future?
  • Bing correctly predicts most of these winners, Cortana correctly predicts the Superbowl winners, but yet people still think Google is the most "superior" search engine....
  • Is just, Google work better worldwide. 
    Here on Brazil, we have Google Now since day one.
    Still waiting Siri and Cortana here. :/
  • PS: iOS 8.3 bring Siri to Brazil! 
  • Because people around the World are looking for a search engine, not a Fortune teller. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Where's the story about BING royally messing up predictions for the Grammys a few weeks ago? Cost me a fortune in losing bets!
  • Bing prediction going wrong... India is win against South Africa.... Cricket match
  • Lol
  • waiting cortana to fully work on european countries so i can get rich from sports betting hahaha
  • The predictions you'll get are the ones where you'll get the least return at the bookies. You can call me Cortana ;)
  • Make it predict our future too!!!
  • That was amazing! But how can it go wrong with anime¿ Baymax was really superb.
  • But it make wrong prediction in cricket match between India And South Africa
  • That is nice, but why not to bring back the price predictor in Bing travel...Missing it tremendously.
  • I filled out my ballot according to Bing, got 18/24 right (and lost by a single point at our Oscar party). "only" 75% isn't the greatest I'd say but pretty decent job
  • It might be able to predict the oscars but can Bing tell us why kids love the taste of cinnamon toast crunch? 
  • I'm taking Bing to Vegas baby!
  • The Grand Budapest Hotel should have won best picture. Birdman is the worst movie I ever seen.
  •   I'm going to have to start using Bing when I go to the track.
  • Barring the Imitation Game and Theory of Everything, I still have to watch ALL of these movies. But I'm glad that all the Best Picture nominees won something or the other.