Bing Image Search update makes finding related and bigger images even faster

The updates to Bing's image searching tools include related searches, bigger images, and even store results that sell the thing that's in the image, all just a swipe or scroll away.

  • Places to buy the product in the image (beta). For some product images, we will show you where to buy the item. This feature is still in beta but is the first peek into the types of things we could enable our customers to do with image searches. We're focused on more precisely detecting pages where you can purchase a product, adding more information for each source, and many other experience improvements. If you run a shopping site and you notice that your site isn't surfacing or would like richer information to surface, please check out this post which details the site tags we support, how we may use the information in ranking, and additional opportunities to work together to help our customers find your site to complete their task.
  • Related searches based on the image to help you discover more images like the one you found.
  • Pinterest collections with this image to help you locate other images pinned by people who also loved and pinned this one. We're starting with Pinterest but plan on expanding out to other sites over time.
  • More sizes of the image available from across the web.
  • Pages with this image where you may be able to find more information or take actions related to the image. If the image is of food, one of these pages might contain a recipe. If the image is a location, the page may have more travel information.

A lot of these tools have been available for a while in Google Image Search, but they're presented in a much cleaner manner in Bing Image Search, not to mention the results are all on one page and not another tap away. The new Bing Image Search experience is available now through

Source: Bing

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  • Perfect
  • They must improve bing search on Windows Phone, especially image search.
  • Definitely. I've been waiting for that.
  • Aw. I had just tipped this. Wish I tipped it when I first noticed. But yeah.. It's nice to see Bing Images improving.
  • I need autochanging wallpapers with Bing image of the day. :|
  • For me it is really working fine
  • The image preview on Web Browsers is extreme slow
  • Well that's a great news for us, the Windows phone users.. Bing can undertake google. Just kidding I myself never use bing.. Lol
  • I never use scroogle after I bought WP. And m not kidding
  • Well In Wp bing, but on pc google..
  • I'm with you bro
  • I always use Bing except to reverse image search since Bing doesn't have that. Sometimes I need to verify sources of images. Once Bing gets the ability to search with an image via link or upload ill never need to use google ever again. :)
  • on desktop you can get that feature but it's US, so you only change region on browser and you are ready to go not a hard thing to do. but some features have been rolling out, calculator now works on my region, before I had to switch to US version to get that. so slowly we are getting features. now I think I am ok with Bing and I don't have to change region for few features I use often which is nice.
  • I don't think the features are there anymore :'(
  • You are right cr buck
  • Fuck Google
  • I never use more.
  • I'll never use any Google product, ever.
  • The thing is Bing isn't directly on Windows phone anymore. Cortana doesn't do image search like Bing. Cortana doesn't scan QR codes like Bing did. Cortana also doesn't find books based on a picture of the cover like Bing. Unless they are hidden somewhere,those features aren't available on WP anymore with Bing but still are on Android and iOS. Anyone seen then on WP?
  • I actually miss those features. I failed when I went to a library and took me 10 minutes to remember that the book scanning cover feature was gone :'(
  • Turn off Cortana momentarily?
  • Cortana has a 'Save Vision Search' setting check box for allowing Cortana to use vision search images to improve the service, but I too don't see how to perform a vision search with Cortana via voice or touch menus. Anyone?
  • Well, one or two extra steps needed, open camera, select lenses, you can find Bing vision there.
  • Then why is the Setting in Cortana and not Camera? There really should be a simple soft button in Cortana, similar to the Music Search button.
  • Why cant you people just turn off location for a second and than press search button?? It opens up the old Bing n you get your qr scanner.
  • Why can't Microsoft add new freatures(cortana) without removing old ones or hidding them forcing the user to take extra steps to get them?
  • To scan QR codes Open camera>Lenses>Bing Vision
  • It wasn't Cortana. MS removed this from Bing on the phone back some time ago. It was around the time they also pulled the local hub, which led to considerable backlash and they added it back. Never understood why such useful features were removed. It's just stupid.
  • Shame you can't use this on your phone :(
  • Yep.. I was first excited and hit search button in my windowsphone. But was soon dissapointed... :/
  • Yeah I thought this WAS for phone and was bummed. Finding larger images in phone image search would be awesome. The feature actually IS there, I've seen the different UI on my phone*, so it exists, they just don't expose it. *To see what I saw you have to do a bing image search in IE with some options, like finding the same image of a different size, then on phone, go to Tabs -> Other and find your PC that has the search loaded, when you click that it goes into phone UI exposing these types of things.  
  • This ^^^^^^
  • About time & also better regionalized searches would be very much appreciated
  • They seriously need to rebrand it also.  "Bing" is just a stupid name.  Who wants to, or is going to say "I just Binged (blah blah)" or "I'm gonna go Bing that"?  "Bing it" will never catch on like "Google it" did.
  • Just give it time for adaptation. I'm sure Google also was stupid name when it came up. What about iPhone? "I Phone" didnt it sound stupid too
  • Google and iPhone both still sound stupid to me
  • Sounds ok to me.
  • You have to get used to it as AV2RY said. To me it sounds just as natural as Google it. Google it is stupid to, but people are used to it. Give Bing the same chance.
  • I don't think so.  The difference between the names Bing and Google is - Google didn't mean anything before it came out.  You never heard someone use the word Google.  When someone says they're going to Google something - everyone knows exactly what they're talking about.  Bing, on the other hand - already has a meaning - it's not a new word that clearly defines something.  Anyway, that's my two cents worth.
  • I did mean something, it is just spelled differently. My friendsand I hadusedthis word in junior high because it was a new word to us and that was a lot of zeroes. We thought it was cool to know what it was called. This was before the search engine existed. I'm sure other people had heard of it as well. "...they changed the name to Google, originating from a misspelling of the word "googol", the number one followed by one hundred zeros, which was picked to signify that the search engine was intended to provide large quantities of information." "Bing it" sounds just as natural to me at this point and lets people know to try it, it works.
  • What exactly does Bing mean oh wise one?
  • It's better than good ol' "Live Search"
  • I recall in the times of HotBot and Lycos, when google came out people were like, wtf is google. It was very funny sounding at the time.
  • Bing is the name of a search engine, Google is the name of a dog.
  • how to use this feature on phone?
  • Ha...the answer is you currently can't. Even if you type on IE, it will simply redirect you back to Cortana/Bing search built in the phone. 
  • You won't be redirected if you enable InPrivate mode.
  • Awesome! Looks like they finally fixed the issue where if you opened a bunch of images using Bing image viewer and then closed them, hitting the browser back button would open the last one you had opened and keep doing it for every image you had previously opened. It was sooooo annoying! Thanks Bing!
  • No problem
  • <---- All about that Bing! no google
  • Way better than POS Google search.
  • i have been using  this for the past couple of days and im really enjoying it...
  • I prefer the old version. Finding larger versions of an image, something I do a dozen times a day at work, is harder than it used to be.
  • I hope that Microsoft also adds this support for Box.
  • I cant go through on my WP Device
    It shows "Bing is starting" that's all -.-
    And through Cortana there is no change in Image Searching