Microsoft launches Bing Rewards on iOS and Android; coming soon to Windows Phone

Microsoft has a Bing Rewards program set up to enable you to earn credits by simply using services available. By earning said credits and redeeming them for rewards, you can pocket awesome items like gift cards for Amazon, Xbox, Skype and more, or even donate your hard-earned credits to schools or charities.

Previously, Bing Rewards was only possible through web browsers on a laptop or PC, but Microsoft has today announced that the program will hit Android and iOS today and soon Windows Phone.

For the time being the experience won't match what's possible on the PC, but the team at Microsoft will ensure that all Bing Rewards features will be available on mobiles over the next several months. By signing into your Bing Rewards account on your mobile device (again, Windows Phone support coming soon), you're immediately greeted with a new mobile optimised dashboard, displaying offers tailored for you.

We're not just talking about the same offers you'd normally find on the PC either, Microsoft also bundles a new mobile-only search offer, providing you more credits on the smartphone. Should you utilise the search engine often on your mobile device and/or tablet, this is something you'd definitely want to take advantage of. 

Bing Rewards

Microsoft will next add the ability for you to redeem credit balances in a mobile version of the redemption centre so you can easily use digital gift cards and coupons while on the move. Currently, it's only possible to do this on the PC. This is just the first step for Bing Rewards and mobile phones. We're excited to see what Microsoft will introduce in the near future.

It's a downer that only iOS and Android can access said feature for now. Since this is Microsoft and Bing is integrated into Windows Phone, we would have expected the company to at least have a simultaneous launch. Alas, we'll let you all know when Bing Rewards comes across to Microsoft's own mobile platform.

Source: Bing

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Android and iOS? That's some BS.
  • I'd think it would be because the Bing service are in the form of apps on iOS and Android while it is integrated on WP making it more of a hassle to update (the logo hasn't even been updated for us).
  • They could've made an app for us.. Hell, make it a special website. At least they would show everyone that they have the same faith in their OS as their customers do.
  • Well said erzhik. They should have pushed out an app version for now. Like they did with Xbox music and Xbox video.
  • I won't hate google anymore for not releasing the youtube app, i mean come on msft!!  
  • Hahahaha
  • i think we should all hashtag #MSFTidiots
  • They could have wait for iOS and Android versions while getting ready for Windows Phone release. This send wrong impression to the tech world.
  • how about they detach the hubs and bing search so they can be updated separately?
  • Honestly, I'm not interested in "why".  They could have held this until Windows Phone was ready.  They SHOULD have put resources into the home team before even thinking about the competition.  
  • Wow...just wow. Why do I seem to love WP more than Microsoft?
  • Like @Jonas said, Bing is at the OS level for windows phone. It's not as simple as pushing out an app update.
  • I don't doubt that it's not as simple, but why not release it when all platforms are ready? Don't you think it sends a mixed message to people who support WP when the company that makes it still brings out apps for other systems first? After all, they are the ones who developed the OS that's making it "not simple" to just push out an app update.
  • exactly. Microsoft really needs to improve their marketing strategy. It´s funny that today i don´t see any advantage of my WP over iOS or Android since all Microsoft Apps i use are in both platforms. Where's the killer feature of Wp?
  • Xbox games on the go!
  • Yeah...right.
  • I was hoping this would set WP apart, but to me, it hasn't done much.
  • Yes! For last three years, as an avid WP user. everyday when I open wpcentral and hope for something new, really amazing, (maybe) SIMPLE but USEFUL feature, I found Windows Phone still in a catching up state. Losts of promises and its always delay in delivery. And when something actually gets delivered, its not too much compared to what others are already offering. This is not going to change (anytime soon). Secondly, most of the stuff is US-only. After pushing regional MVPs for months on different matters and seeing their tendency to bring ZERO effect over any matter, decision, service provision from Microsoft, I can safely say that is not going to change (any time soon?). Most of the US-based Windows and Windows Phone devs release games, apps, podcasts for US-only. This doesn't happen as much in iOS and Android. It boils down to the way Microsoft projects its Windows Phone app dashboard, with US-only pre-selected for local developers and so convincing to release for all countries. Any indie game (especially strategy, 4x, puzzles etc.) with US-only constraint is merely a non-sense. The same game with dozen of clones would be available on Play for everyone. William Gates had worldwide vision, which is a success story. Now its cherry-picking and deceiving marketing tactics. Their global reach is getting wo..w and when it comes to "International", they don't go beyond few countries most of which are, well, too much hyped. Google is emerging as an old Microsoft; the company with global reach. But the problem (for me) with this equation is Microsoft at the wrong side of it.
  • I'm only a college student majoring in marketing, but I can tell you I also think many of Microsoft's moves are bad
  • +1  
  • Summarized at its best ! For the first time I questioned myself, why should I remain so loyal to WP8 ?
  • The only real reason that I choose to stay on Windows Phone is that I just enjoy the general feel of the OS over Android or iOS. Microsoft may treat us like second class citizens, along with everyone else in the tech world, but we do have a sexy OS.
  • Nail on the head...though I like the rumored flipboard/Windows 8 look of the S5.
  • After thinking about it a little more, you guys are right. This is fuking pathetic ...  
  • it's 2014, Microsoft. Fat lady is starting to sing. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR PLATFORM, IDIOTS!
  • Exactly!! Seems like the private devs and regular users care more for WP than Microsoft. This is precisely why i really really really wish Nokia remained in charge of their devices.
  • It will be a huge embarrassment to see Microsoft own the platform and have their own hardware yet release their services on other platforms first. Should have just left Nokia alone and let WP tank and just concentrate on mobile services for ios and android, which is effectively what they are doing now.
  • I am honestly beginning to wonder why I support Microsoft and their products. At this point I don't think it would shock me so much if they started releasing their Xbox exclusive games on the PlayStation console before releasing them on their products. Seriously? Why should I have any faith in a Windows Phone if Microsoft keeps releasing their own products to the competition's devices first?
  • ^ This. All of the above. It's getting to the point where I use MS products more because I hate Apple and don't trust Google rather than what MS is doing with their own products. It makes it really hard to recommend their products to others. But hey, why should I? All of the apps are on iOS and Android first anyway! And this is coming from a long time, die hard fan and defender of Microsoft. Un-effing-believable.
  • "But hey, why should I? All of the apps are on iOS and Android first anyway! "  Coming? They're already there! :p Yeah, there really is nothing to recommend WP for, other than "overall experience" which I like. But I still can't with a straight face tell someone to get a Windows Phone - I KNOW they will complain about apps. The cashier at the Taco Bell I go to saw my WP the other day. "Oh, you have one of those. I do too. What do you think of it?" he asked. I said I liked it. He said "I HATE it. Never any apps that I want." I had no good comeback...
  • You are absolutely right my friend. You know there is a problem with your product when someone uses it not because it's any good but because they are not fans of the competition though their product is vastly superior.
  • I agree completely.
  • Yeah... I'm at a loss and agree with you. It makes zero sense whatsoever.
  • You've got a point. However, as they have shown, they do care about XBOX, but not so much for Windows Phone. I, for one, have lost my faith. This is the last drop, Microsoft!
  • I jumped ship a few weeks ago. It seems like they stalled any progress on making the WP platform more competitive. I have a Galaxy SIII and love it. But The Nokias have way better cameras and video cameras and better built in apps than Android. So when stuff like this and the remote desktop app come out on Android and iOs I got ticked and questioned their loyalty to me. So I sent a long letter to WP President explaining my disgust and bought a new phone. Won't do any good but I had to tell them they are on the verge of greatness or disaster here. I wasn't gonna stick around and find out.
  • They just seem to do things backwards.
  • MS really doesn't know how to support a product outside Xbox and now they're screwing that up. When has Apple ever released something for a competitors platform first?
  • Complete bs!
  • I'm just waiting to see what WP8.1 will bring and the new hardware if I'm NOT impressed MS will have lost a loyal customer for the last decade to IOS...
  • Same here
  • Wow that sucks! Why did we all buy windows phones?
  • Right!
  • masochism
  • Complete BS. Microsoft can go fuck themselves if they think this 'fuck you WP customer' attitude is going to win them loyal customers. I hope the new CEO fires everyone at MS who is sabotaging WP and other MS divisions other than their own. Bill Gates should be ashamed of what Microsoft has become since he left as CEO. If Bing rewards was not ready for WP it should not have been released at all, period.    
  • Yes. INEXCUSABLE. I don't care if they had it ready, if it was a different team that did it, or if they think it means profit or whatever else. NO EXCUSE. This should have been first on Windows Phone. Period. I recently complained about other companies not caring about WP. How can we complain about that when Microsoft doesn't even prioritize it?
  • Its just business. Windows phone is exactly a volcano of market share at the moment.
  • Do you think the amount of people likely to use Bing that are on Android would outnumber the amount of people that pretty much have to use Bing on WP? Doesn't seem likely.
  • Does anybody still think MS cares about its own? Always releasing half cooked OSs before they finally get one version right? And again sucking up to the competition like this. MS sees us as robots with no passion. I've always been critical of Apple fan boys and their cult-like devotion, but maybe there is a deeper reason as Apple doesn't regularly tick off their Customer base as MS does.
  • I think its worth mentioning that Bing and WP are separate entities within MS, with their own priorities. I'm sure Bing needs to get as much traction, and exposure as they can, and giving this feature to (f)android and (Cr)apple is one of those attempts - considering Bing is embedded in our WPs.
    Sure it sucks a tad, but if you're already a heavy Bing user, then you'll still get your rewards.
  • Therein lies the problem. It's all Microsoft. It "shouldn't" be separate.
  • Go "One Microsoft!" LOL
  • I see... so MS doesn't really care for their loyal WP customers, just looking for what is more convenient to them.
  • Honestly, the simple fact is WP is dead and MS knows it.  I've been through this before.  I was on webOS.  I know how to read the tea leaves. Oh well, I'm on contract for another 8 months or something.  We'll see where we are then.  But unless WP Blue spouts Bitcoins and BJs, I'm pretty sure that WP is D-O-N-E.  If it isn't even worth MS' time, it certainly isn't worth mine.  webOS, which was a helluva lot better than WP, wasn't worth HP's time either, and we've all see how well that turned out.
  • The difference is MS must gain marketshare to gain the hearts and minds of consumers. Android is spreading from mobile to tablet to desktop. The same for Apple who saw huge rises of desktop purchases after iPhone became popular. MS are fighting a war, and they have money to burn doing it. HP are a hardware manufacturer - supporting a whole software platform & ecosystem is just too hard and too expensive. They'd rather go back to a nice comfy situation of making hardware and licensing the software from more interested companies willing to pay to build it.
  • They may have "money to burn" doing it, but their competitors have more money to burn, and are waging war from a safer enclave.  As you alluded to, MS are clearly on defense across the board.  Google represents an existential threat to them.  Chromebooks are going to be very, very successful very, very soon.  Android is already the most successful OS in history (I believe more Android activations already than all Windows licenses ever sold).  MS will be fine for a long, long time in the enterprise.  But in consumer world, they are up against it in a big way.  And Bing is simply not a real challenger to Google search; even though I find it to be superior, it is a money loser.  Thus, Google can simply chip away endlessly at MS' markets, and MS has almost no ability to really fight back.  Google are unbelievably innovative.  It is like they live a few years in the future from the rest of us. MS will not be spending their money on WP when they need to defend Windows proper.  I think we're nearing the end of the road.
  • I agree that this is some BS, but knowing that the Bing Search is at the OS level is one thing that can delay it. However, its no excuse to launch other platforms ahead of WP8, unless you are looking at it from a revenue perspective. This kind of moves shows that they are looking more at the bottom dollar than caring about keeping their platform ahead of the pack. Kinda feel bad, but this platform is, to me, way better than any other alternative out.
  • Yes. This is stupid... Will they seriously consider their own services, databases and users before others? I feel somewhat betrayed if it still going on like this. (-) for Micronokia optimism
  • WhaaaAA...why not a release at the same time...
  • Always last on their list.
    That'd be like Google releasing better apps on win8 before they make it to their own App store.
    Cracks me up every time.
  • Google does do that with it's own apps, usually updates to YouTube and other google apps get updated on iOS before Android.
  • None of that factual stuff here! You can show yourself out!
  • Preach Brother!
  • Yeah, but they are the market share leader, AND this is not some update we're talking about, but a whole new app market. Google has room to be generous. Microsoft doesn't.
  • The Google apps on iOS are nowhere near Android's. So shut up, please. And yes, many times they come first but they a lack a ton of features. And it explains why Android's take a little more time. Yet, Google Now on iOS got nothing on Google Now, Android version. 
  • I'm gonna try this logic tonight when I get home. I'll make a nice dinner and then tell my wife and kids I'm going to offer to feed our neighbors first before I feed my own family. You know, the neighbors that never invite us to anything and can't stand. Ya those people. I'm going to feed them first.
    Anybody got a free couch for me to sleep on?
  • You can bunk up with my dog he has room for one more :-P
  • +1 Brilliant!
  • Bing rewards not available for most of the countries...
  • Maybe it's best if you said, it's US ONLY.
  • It's so sad :(
  • Yup. Not available here in Canada. Considering how much flack i have taken from people for supporting Bing, this feels like a double slap in the face.  MSFT this is a joke. you better make it right. And also hurry up and make chronological filtering work. Jerks.
  • Yep. Canadian here. The fact that many of Microsoft's services are not available in their full form here in Canada pisses me off too. We don't even have local scout for baphomet's sake!
  • Being in spitting distance would grate on me too. I was so annoyed when I got the Bing rewards thing for the PC and went to cash in my chips.... Sorry this is not available outside of US..... Great stuff.
  • Thats another area Microsoft has majorly screwed up. Everytime I am in Europe I have to use Google because Bing just completely sucks outside the US; a real shame.  
  • True. Bing US may be very solid but in Europe, especially in Portugal, it sucks so much my jeans just got sucked into my asshole.
  • True, I tried to use Bing for about a week but it's just way too bad compared to Google...
  • Bing is apparently ok in the US... Search results suck elsewhere. MS seems to only care about US, as shown numerous times - Bing Rewards another case
  • So that's why! I've been trying to show my support by using Bing, but apparently I can stop now. The difference to google is clear. How much were those iPhones again?
  • Temporarily shafted again, still good to see Bing rewards coming, eventually
  • Microsoft as a company are awful at helping their own brands
  • Halo 5, released first for PS4 at 1080p 60fps and 720p 30fps on Xbox One. I'm calling it. But in all seriousness, this is exactly why I might want to switch over away from Windows Phone. Even in the eyes of Microsoft, we're just that other OS. This is a joke.
  • Will it be available in Canada?
  • A Microsoft service that launches on two other operating systems prior to their own?  Pass.
  • Pass on what, exactly?
  • It's US only and only about three people in the US run a Windows phone. They're meeting demand.
  • True, but still this is not the first time WP was shafted by Microsoft themselves. How is MS going to build that marketshare when the message they are very clearly sending out is, "forget WP, we already did."  
  • It makes no sense that they wouldn't release it on their own platform first. SMH
  • This is why I'm only loyal to myself. Otherwise we'll all end up buying a Windows Phone, Windows Tablet, Windows PC & XBox....only to find out Microsoft will turn around and 'Sh!te' on your loyalty. That's why I bought a Kindle Fire HD 8.9in LTE, a ATIV S & a XBox. I please myself only. So screw Microsoft and their half-assedness.
  • I started doing the same as well.
  • I'm going to do the same thing. I was thinking about bolting AT&T to join the Sprint Framily Plan for cheaper service and get an Android phone at the same time. I was going to wait until my ETF is much lower, but I might jump sooner and take solace in knowing the cheaper plan will ease the ETF pain. Then I can get away from the horrible Xbox Music service too. It's true; Microsoft is driving its loyal customers away.
  • XBox Music? Worst music service...ever. There is no way for me to like or dislike music, so how can they cater to my tastes??
    Slacker Radio with it's missing features is better than XBox Music.
  • Xbox Music might be alright. However, for the price, Xbox Music Pass is horrible. Coming from Zune Pass, which had a lot of great features for the price, Xbox Music Pass keeps becoming worse and worse with every version. I just don't understand the strategy there. Why would I continue to pay the same price for a service that routinely removes features? I had my son on the WP bandwagon. Now he wants an iPhone 5c. I'm starting to become influenced by the arguments regarding apps and features, particularly with regard to Android. I used to be a Sprint customer who switched to AT&T because of the lack of support for WP (I thought the service was adequate). Now I'm missing the Google Voice integration that Sprint offers, the inexpensive and all-inclusive plans, and even the customer service. I've made up my mind that I'm returning to Sprint, the only question is when I can stomach the double ETFs to switch my son and me.
  • Well this is not the first time that ios and android has received an service that we should have gotten along time ago. Before get it
  • Lol if anything we should be the first to receive it, I guess that's just business:/
  • What a way to set an example for developers to develop apps for your own platform SMH!
  • Exactly!!
  • +, if I was a developer and saw this, I wouldn't feel like investing time and money into a platform that even its creators don't believe in.    
  • Ugh, so tired of being second class citizens.
  • I feel ya. They need to address this via Twitter or something. We need an explaination from MS directly.  
  • Yep. Already reached out to the official Bing Rewards Twitter account and to Joe Belfiore.
  • I thought Microsoft were trying to get people to invest in windows phone and to make apps for the platform .... Why would they when MS aren't too fussed about it either!?
  • Amen!
  • I feel like they would want the rewards and redemption areas integrated into the search page, brought up via the hard (or possibly, in the future, soft) buttons. If this was to happen, Wp8.1 would be the place to add it.
  • "coming soon to Windows Phone" lol
  • Soon™
  • Maybe Microsoft should change the windows phone brand to "coming soon phone".
  • Glad to see this will be coming to Windows Phone. Will this be a native app or functionality through the mobile browser?
  • Screw you MS. Honestly.
  • Yes, I agree!  Multiple Sclerosis is a horrible desease.  I hope they find a cure for it soon!
  • True dat man.
  • I don't know why MS launches everything first on other platforms and "coming soon" for windows phone. Seems like windows phone is not a priority just like many others think. Why not available now on windows phone,and coming soon on iCrap??
  • This is because Bing is doing everything it can to get as many loyal users as possible. The reality is that throwing this out to 95% of the market is the sound solution. I really would prefer MS to make sure that it's own OSes get the clients first but it's way better for them toro have the very few people griping about this that literally pretty much the few people willing to gripe about it on a dozen or so enthusiast site's comments sections or they can actively use the single effective thing to get people to use Bing out to most people. This is more important than playing up to the insecurities of the fanboys.
  •     You make a sound point, but we "insecure fanboys" are arguably more effective in growing WP than MS' terrible marketing efforts. We could be anyway, given the opportunity.   I have "converted" a few folks myself, I am a longtime user and erstwhile evangelist (not because I love MS or something, but the products lately are quite good, including WP) but this news just feels like a slap in the face. I concede that I'm not all fired up to get my Bing Rewards on mobile, but the principle here is of great concern to me. I agree with the posters asserting that it sends a bad message to the very people out there talking up your brand, and they need all the goodwill they can get right now. They need that a heck of a lot more than they need the few that are going to bother using Bing on the leading platforms (that both have a better alternative for their search).
  • Yeahh how about releasing it emm . . . anywhere first
  • Qhaaaaaaaaattttt
  • Get your pitchforks gents. Tonight, we riot!
  • haha
  • Love this!
  • Unbelievable! And they want others to treat Windows Phone as a first class platform while they themselves don't? There really is a management crisis at Microsoft. Most incompetent managers I've seen in a while, they need to be send to a strategic management class so they can start to think outside immediate goals.
  • Agree. MS are a joke. They don't even appreciate their own OS. I hope that new CEO fires most of the existing incompetent managers and decision-makers. What a joke!
  • They need to be Fired, there is no help for such managers.    
  • Facepalm! I get that ios and Android have a much larger user base, but eventually MS need to lead by example. How can they expect devs to release apps for WP at the same time as iOS and Android when MS themselves numerous times snub their own platform. It is completely ridiculous how this company operates, is there no communication between business units?
  • I'm now cussing them out on twitter.
  • Any particular hashtag we should be using? I wanna cuss them out too.
  • +AtivS
  • I might be wrong here but are you a Trini lol?
  • Is that Remote Desktop app ever coming?
  • Not sure which one you're waiting on but I use Team Viewer and it works great.
  • Cool. This one
  • Try the apple store or the play store. They probably launched it there first.
  • They really did.
  • Wow, MS is really a services company... They want to be Apple but buying a device company (Nokia) won't help. This is retarded.
  • Slightly appalled
  • It makes sense... Its business... Android and iOS have a much wider user base than windows phone.
  • Agreed. I can see why they're doing it. We all feel gutted about it, but since when is it new that a company releases a product/feature on iOS or Android before WP?
    I say be glad we're getting anything at all. They certainly don't have to reward us for using their service. Google doesn't (or does it?)
  • I don't see Google or Apple launching any Apps or Services first on any other platform except their own.
  • What doesn't make sense is why they couldn't release for all 3 at the same time and avoid undermining their own platform. They aren't exactly strapped for resource to be able to do only 2 platform development at the same time
  • Yes, it's business.. That's exactly why it doesn't make a single sense. WP is part of their business, their target is to make WP successful, that's the only thing in Microsoft portfolio that's still struggling. It would make sense to make it available for WP the same day (IF not earlier) it's available for iOS and Android. We all understand that bing is integrated into WP, but it's still not an excuse to give your most loyal fans, the middle finger. By doing this, they just showed everyone, including their shareholders that they don't give a flying F about their own product.
  • True, but shit like this is not really helping them grow a WP user base now, is it?  
  • Actually it's a pretty dumbass move if you're trying to establish your mobile platform as a viable alternative to ios and android. Why should people move to WP if everything is available in their phone even before it's here?!
  • You are absolutely right.... It does make sense. Why didn't we think of that. Android and iOS indeed have a much larger user base. Why rush making making apps for windows phone. In fact why bother making apps for WP at all with its miniscule market share......
    Your argument is moronic and self fulfilling. The WP market share will always remain small if apps are delayed or absent on the platform.
  • What wtf?
  • this is the type of stufff microsoft needs to change to show the users of their platform that they care. windows phone should be priority.
  • How about launch it in other countries, we exist