Bing Rewards members can get more points by going to MSN website

Members of Microsoft's Bing Rewards program in the US will now be able to earn a few extra points each day. The company has announced that it will now allow those members to earn points while they are on the MSN website.

In case you are unfamiliar with Bing Rewards, its a free program in the US that rewards people with points when they use the Bing search engine on both their PC and mobile device. You can earn a certain amount of points per day, and they can used to purchase e-gift cards from Microsoft, Amazon and others. They can also be used to enter contests and can even be given to charity. Now those same points can be earned by checking a selected number of stories and videos on MSN

Microsoft said:

"It's easy to earn credits on MSN. Look for the new Rewards tab on the MSN homepage and click on the MSN offers to start earning even more credits. New offers will be available daily and will also be accessible from the Bing Rewards dashboard."

There is one small catch: the MSN Bing Rewards points can only be earned when users are on a PC or tablet; they cannot be claimed on smartphones.

Source: Bing blog

John Callaham
  • Wen in Cortana on mobile?
  • Heh, Microsoft bribing for website views.
  • Worth it (I don't read the articles though...)
  • It's not bad, considering customer acquisition costs (today) was only $0.03 to do so.
  • Wen in Austria?
  • Why only in the US...
  • Americans are the best. That's why! Just kidding. I'm not sure why it's not available in more countries. It's one of the benefits of Bing in the US compared to Google or DuckDuckGo. Hopefully they bring it to your country! :)
  • No love for India!
    Its like MSFT bribing ua for using Bing.
  • No live for any other country other than USA for this one.
  • In the future headines microsoft scraps bing rewards due to over use.
  • Oh it's coming. The unwarranted bans of heavy users has already started...
  • OneDrive all over again!!!
  • Or they could simply reduce the "value" of bing rewards...
  • Be careful trying to get the most out of your Bing rewards account. They will ban you for something as simple as middle clicking related search links. I guess bing rewards programmers aren't familiar with this ground-breaking functionality. (Hint: It opens in new tab)
  • Explain.  What are you talking about?  How can the website know what mouse button you're using? 
  • I'm assuming clicking the links too fast leads to a ban. You'd have to ask the programmers. I did and they couldn't explain it so good luck.
  • What did the ban look like, were you emailed?  Did they reverse it when you asked?  I'm just curious how this all went down, I'm surprised to hear about it. 
  • There is nothing like that. You can always call helpdesk if you see errors with your points, they do provide good help / support.
  • Same thing happened to me. I miss my Amazon and Microsoft gift cards, but oh well.
  • I got banned for trying to link my original account to fb... They accused me of having two separates accounts. Customer care was poor at best..but after a couple of months they finally reversed the decision only to ban me again. This time because my gf and i were logging in on the same laptop... After the OneDrive fiasco there is really not any rewards there worth having except amazon
  • I got banned for reasons unknown, they just copy pasted a chunk of the ToS for me. And didn't reply after I had asked about it.
  • Yeah, I was banned as well. I keep emailing them but all I get is copy pasted TOS, not really sure why they banned me though.
  • Love Bing Rewards, gotten a lot of stuff using it
  • I'm not seeing anything in the MSN dropdown that isnt already listed at but I like the integration.
  • ^ This. Nothing extra apart from integrated link on the MSN page.
  • Came here to say the same.
  • If you need to join Bing rewards, here's a link. 
  • I see what you are doing lol
  • Lol
  • Sad panda is sad
  • I did notice the MSN rewards last night... I thought that was something new :P
  • When in Canada? C'mon, can't be that hard to extend this to the .ca
  • Got $10 off my new elite controller using rewards.. :)
  • Which other search engine would give you rewards for using word? I detect a possible problem with algorithms used! Search for an application in windows store and you will be left scratching your head..
  • Question: If with Bing Rewards I can earn 25 points per day (15 points-search with PC+10 points-search with phone)... How many points can I earn per day with MSN search?
  • There is no MSN search. You use Bing to search on MSN.
  • I max out my bing points every single day, I always redeem for Xbox money and buy the 5$ game for the week. Never been banned.
  • If you dont get banned first. 
  • Why can't Microsoft give this to the rest of the world? I Bing a lot and this would suit me big time.
  • Wen in India? Wen in India? Wen in India? Wen in India????????
  • Bing in India is improving a lot. But Microsoft's should make changes to the search results look. That's just not good
  • I love Bing Rewards. I use it for Groupon bucks.
  • When in India?? And rewards should be given for using Cortana also.. That will be nice
  • Got banned. Wtf!
  • What's the full form of MSN?