Bing for Windows Phones Quietly Updated

It looks like Microsoft has updated Bing for Windows Phones, though what the update provides isn’t immediately clear. Microsoft’s download site (opens in new tab) shows the "Date Published" as 7/1/2010. My Bing version went from 5.1.2010.5040 to 5.1.2010.6280.

The last update we saw to Bing was the big one back in May that gave us turn-by-turn navigation with voice prompts. Grab the download from Microsoft (opens in new tab), and let us know if you see anything new and improved.

Thanks to Muirwoody in the WMExperts forums for getting us looking.

Daniel Rubino

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  • Well, my version of Bing was at 5020 and was not "silently upgraded." I had to go through the Marketplace to upgrade it, which the update was available from. I haven't seen anything new with it, in terms of features.
  • If you installed it on your device through marketplace you will automatically get the update through marketplace the next time you open the marketplace app after an update is available.
  • Hopefully this update fixes the Navigation feature that constantly crashes.
  • There's a thread over at XDA ( regarding the crashes. I too have experienced this problem with Bing, although I don't use it very often.
  • It crashed a ton for me also on an AT&T Tilt2. Made the navigation nearly unusable but when it didnt crash it was great.
  • Since the last set of numbers in the version string are the only thing that changed I'm going to take a guess here and say that it's probably just bug fixes and no new features.
  • One thing I have noticed is that while using the navigation, when you arrive at your destination the map switches automatically to satellite/aerial view. Now if only they can update the lady so that she stops saying "saint" when the street address is "St." and properly pronounce "merge" instead of what I hear that sounds like "merch".
  • ...really growing tired of beta testing Microsoft products. I realize everything has it's glitches, but this isn't a new OS, and Bing's been around since the original Windows Live Search days! Bing is almost unuseable for me because it keeps crashing. I don't think it's too much to ask that a program that's been around for years on an OS that's been around for years be MORE stabile as it gets updated!! Maybe I am asking too much. (sigh)
  • The Bing WM app and the Bing search engine/services aren't the same. The Bing "app" for phones hasn't been around for years like you're going on about.
  • Actually it has. It was just called Windows Live Search for Mobile and it has been around a long time. Microsoft renamed it Bing for Mobile when they renamed their desktop/web search. There has been a mobile web site for searching locations, businesses, directions, etc. along with a downloadable .cab file for use on Windows Mobile phones. I've been using it since WM 5.0. Point being, since it has been around for a long time, and so has the OS, why are people writing in (see above comments) that the program is very unstabile? Not a Microsoft hater as I use an AT&T Fuze for my mobile office. I just think it's a shame that I've had to rely on their competition (google maps...the downloadable program) since it is more stabile than Microsoft's on their own OS!!
  • Does anyone know how this new version 5.1.2010.6280 compares to the version on the Windows Mobile Marketplace which shows that version being 6.3 and released on July 8?? I want to download the new one from the Marketplace but not sure if it will work on my Verizon Touch Pro 2. Also, my current version of Bing (5.1.2010.5040) has the word "Beta" on it. Are the latest versions still considered beta?
  • So, I downloaded the newest version from Marketplace and it looks like I received the version 5.1.2010.6280 that folks say came out on 1 July, vice the one advertised on Marketplace as being version 6.3 which came out on 8 July. I wonder if Verizon has only approved the version that I downloaded? It really shouldn't be this confusing about what software is available through Marketplace and what is actually being downloaded onto my phone. Not good. :^(
  • When the navigation program was initially released it was announced that it would not work on Verizon WM phones. Then without notice the program started working on my samsung omnia 2. It was extremely unstable. I used the new update yesterday and it worked quite well. I received two phone calls while the navigation program was in use and it didn't shut down. I hope the new update means stability.
  • does anyone know if they're going to put BACK copy/paste? I don't understand why the new versions of Microsoft products always seem to have LESS features than the previous version. When this was LIVE SEARCH, it had copy/paste, it had a TXT option...lots of nice stuff.
  • I totally agree that Microsoft has been slowly taking functionality out of programs. :^( I really did use the theaters and gas prices functionality in the original versions of Bing (whatever it was called back then). Now, sadly, I find very little reason to use Bing, when I have Google Maps which is quite an awesome app. The current theater capability in Bing now kicks you into MSN with a pitiful list of movies that is so incomplete compared to what the original product had. If Microsoft keeps pulling these stunts, they really won't have any user base at all and Windows Mobile (or Windows Phone, the new incarnation) will simply not be a viable business. In the back of my mind, I sometimes wonder if Microsoft is really trying to kill off Windows Mobile/Windows Phone so that they can revert to supplying software for all mobile operating systems -- maybe there is more money in supplying software for Android, iPhone and Nokia handsets rather than trying to maintain their own hardware/software business. I'm just sayin...
  • That's why I'm still using the version before they changed it to the new layout. I can still find theaters and gas prices near me easily.
  • I have a Verizon Touch Pro2, with the newest MR2 update (WinMo 6.5, Manilla 2.5) Installed the new version listed in Marketplace as 6.3. It said it had to remove the old version and stop outlook. I let it do both, and it installed with no problems. It did take a couple of minutes to finish though. My Bing went from 5.1.2010.5040 to 5.1.2010.6280 (which appears to be what people say came out on July 1st). So, not really sure why the Marketplace description lists it as 6.3 when it's still 5.1. Oh, and it still says "Beta" in the startup splash image. My guess is there is no new functionality, and the version number listed in Marketplace is Way WAY off. If they do come up with an update to 6.x, they should include the same functionality that Google Maps just dropped into their application for just Android platform and add Public Transit departure times. That would be Very Very awesome.
  • I love Bing, I use their Navigation feature at least 2 or 3 times a week for since it first came out...I can count the crashes in one had. I have a Sprint TP2, so the ppl experiencing problems might have Verizon, Verizon tends to block access to the GPS
  • I upgraded but didn't have to go thru marketplace. Two things, it has a setting to ask permission to locate you (good thing) and you lose the local price of gas icon (bad thing)
  • I have been using Live Search for about a year and loved it. The turn by turn directions were great, just no voice for it. The other things like movies and gas prices were great as well. I never updated to Bing. The update was forced down to my phone the other day and I have to say this version is a bunch of crap. No gas prices, movie listing is horrible compared to Live Search. Searching for stuff would usually give me results in my immediate area or if I was on a map view it would give me something in or near the area in the display, but now it takes me out to the Interent for a bunch of totally irrelevent search results. I basically make my living on Microsoft products. I am the head of the IT department in a near billion dollar company and we have MS products from head to toe so when things like MS putting out such crap like this and Vista happen it really makes me nervous.
  • You are truly missing the boat by not accepting the latest Bing Mobile, the Navigation feature alone (especially as integrated with the speech search function) makes this as robust as many of the better dedicated GPS nav hardware and handheld nav software, AND IT IS FREE. I've been using it for several months now on my T-Mo HTC TP2 and will now NOT buy GPS Nav HW or any app for the phone. It can only get better from here, hopefully.
  • I too have had Bing Mobile shoved down my throat...get this, WLS asks me if i want to download BING, I say no, and it shuts down my current version of WLS... if I say yes, it tells me my phone is not compatible... now what? The current version won't work and it does not allow me to skip the upgrade...THanks Microsoft. Does anyone know of a way to stop the automatic update (registry hack)? It will not work for me and I absolutely LOVED the original version for WM6
  • I have exactly the same problem with my LiveSearch. I would love to continue using it, as it has been extremely stable on my AT&T Tilt. Has anyone found a solution to avoid the upgrade?
  • You are truly missing the boat by not accepting the latest Bing Mobile, the Navigation feature alone (especially as integrated with the speech search function) makes this as robust as many of the better dedicated GPS nav hardware and handheld nav software, AND IT IS FREE. I've been using it for several months now on my T-Mo HTC TP2 and will now NOT buy GPS Nav HW or any app for the phone. It can only get better from here, hopefully.
  • ok guys been doing some searching and happened to find your post. I have a Touch Pro 2 by verizon and the new bing SUCKS!!! in the bing app, go to help. then go to feed back. I make a point to send many dissatisfied feedbacks to Microsoft. I am one person though! I want he old Bing back!! I sent in my last feedback a link to you guys. Maybe someone will read it and look at what you guys are saying. If we can get masses of people to complain, maybe MS will fix or open The older bing back up. there is no way to use the older program, it redirects you and upgrades or your program is locked out. By the way cool site!!
  • I send these complaints daily and often many times a day. it takes a quick second in the phone. not hard at all. Lets all work together to voice that the new Bing is a no go and open back the support and service to the old bing!!
  • no solution to upgrade so far, and i have found a program remotely closs to the bing live search for windows mobile.
  • All I can say is what a peice of crap!! I loved live search but this BING is screwed. It should be called BOING as boing, oh f--ck it is broke now. It thinks I live in Seattle and I cannot change that location. It does not have live traffic. It cannot use my phones internal GPS. What dip shit thought of this. Was that you bigtcouger? The only person on planet earth that thinks this is good. Or did good old Steve Jobs think this one up. Looks like his commie bull shit ideas. I had no choice, it was bam here it is, no you are f--cked. Give me back my live search please. It was simple, clean, had voice recognition, that some think was invented for BING. Hay Bill, fire the asshole that thought of this one.
  • Same for me with the Samsung Omnia. Live Search was actually a useful tool. Now it is useless thanks to Microsoft's "push crap out - leave people stranded" mentality. What a pitiful excuse for a software company. "Upgrade or die!" is their real company slogan. If anyone can find a way to disable the automatic update check, so that phones that can't use Binky can still use LS, please reply here.
  • The link you provided in the article isn't for Windows Phone.  It's for Windows Mobile 6.x phones.