BingTones: Annoy your friends, bludgeon your enemies

Fresh off a surprisingly well-received launch of its "Bing" "Decision Engine" (you know, for kids!), Microsoft has decided to release BingTones, three Bing-themed ringtones for your Windows phone. Or, any other phone you want to infect.

Hey, we're glad Bing's out there. And while it's not Google (what is?) and the name's a little suspect, it's being regarded as a decent search engine. But ringtones? Let's concentrate on getting a mobile client out, shall we?

Anyway, here's the link to the BingTones (opens in new tab). And here are our instructions for loading them:

  1. Install ringtones.
  2. Pull pin.
  3. Throw toward enemy.

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  • rotflmao, love the updated pic!
  • Horrible, I loled
  • El. Oh. El.
  • Wow,,,,, that was retarded,,,,,,,, but I think I'll go ahead and stick em on my Fuze,,,,, everyone loves a nice, annoying alert/ring tone :) Bing bing bing bingbing
    Bing bing bing bingbing
    Bing bing bing bingbing
    Bing bing bing bingbing Ow cr@p its stuck in my head,,,,,,,,
  • Wow, you weren't kidding; pull pin, throw toward enemy. These would be good ringtones to implant on a coworkers phone and watch them squirm when they went off.
  • OMG!!! ITS horrible!
    then again its a sure fire way to wake up in the morning if you set it as your alarm.
  • Actually the real problem with the ringtones is that they are not loud enough. I enjoy using quirky ringtons and these will fit AFTER I amp them up and re-save them. I am not as hot on the search engine itself. It is OK, but not the end all.