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Is BioWare teasing Mass Effect 4?

Reapers attacking Earth
Reapers attacking Earth (Image credit: Electronic Arts)

Mass Effect: Andromeda was supposed to be the definitive Mass Effect experience, as it moved towards an open-region structure. While the exploration and combat were great, the basic plot and performance issues heavily detracted from the experience. Even months later, it still stuttered on Xbox One. However, what was most upsetting to gamers was that fact that it left a lot of plot points unresolved.

Ever since Mass Effect: Andromeda failed to generate critical acclaim and sales, it seemed as though EA had placed the franchise on hold. However, it seems like that hold has just been lifted and we may see another Mass Effect game sooner rather than later. Today, on N7 Day, BioWare discussed what was next for Mass Effect.

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Towards the end, Casey Hudson teases the future of the franchise and lifts up a mug that has Commander Shepard's catchphrase "I should go" on it. It's unclear what this means, but it could point towards Mass Effect 4, and not a spin-off like Mass Effect: Andromeda. Will we see the return of Commander Shepard after he's been reconstructed again like the beginning of Mass Effect 2? Only time will tell.

Mass Effect: Andromeda follows a group of human explorers as they try to find a new home in the Andromeda Galaxy. However, there are other beings on the journey too as each species has its own space ship, known as an "Ark." If you haven't played Mass Effect: Andromeda yet, be sure to check out the game at retailers.

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  • After all the hate I read about Andromeda I avoided it like the plague. Eventually, I ended up playing it as part of my Origin Access sub and I actually enjoyed it a lot. Though I got in almost a year after it's release. I'd quite like to see a continuation in the Andromeda Galaxy it has a lot of potential!
  • Yeah I thought it was fine, not sure why people were so angry about it. Not as good as the trilogy but still a good game.
  • It was okay if you didn't think about it too much - from a story perspective. So many inconsistencies, broken ideas, and impossible tech (even in ME terms). The horrible dialog, facial animations and glitches added to it and made it a hot mess overall. They fixed most of the really bad glitches but the animation and dialog were so ridiculously bad... no patch can fix that. When it's all said and done Andromeda is the game that gave us "my face is tired". That's the legacy.
  • yes it's fine if you can just play it but not pay for it. I got it for free as well and it was ok. Never would have paid $60 for it though
  • It's fine as a free game, otherwise no. Max anyone should pay for ME: Andromeda is about ten bucks cause it's THAT bad and was even worse at launch. I hope EA leaves Bioware alone to do what Bioware does best - create amazing story lines and franchises. If EA gets the grubby paws into any future ME game I will only buy it pre-owned and only for £1.
  • I will believe it when they do a new one
  • They could bring him back, after all Asari live about 1,000 years or so apparently soo yeah. Open world + Commander Shephard + amazing story lines would be a major win for me personally.