BlackJack FINALLY upgraded to Windows Mobile 6!!

Update: Bad news, folks - the updater is not compatible with Vista. Will the pain never end? Fortunately, we have an XP machine around. We're downloading the update right now - expect a hands-on soon! ...and by "soon" we mean "in 20 or 30 years, because that's how long the download is going to take given how hard the servers are being hammered right now."


We are not kidding (we hope. According to Crave, you can head over to this site (opens in new tab) at 5pm Eastern today and get yourself the Windows Mobile 6 update for the original Samsung BlackJack. About. Time!

We've dealt with delays, very buggy leaked Windows Mobile 6 ROMs, and the shame of the BlackJack II being released before the update. We were even starting to doubt it would ever arrive.

It's been months of waiting, now we're down to just hours. At 5pm EST, go get it. (opens in new tab)

WC Staff
  • I hope I hope I hope I hope I hope you are right.
    I hope I hope I hope I hope I hope that they fixed the installer for this to run on Vista (unlike the previous version).
  • I hope you're right about vista -- currently the link goes to the older installer and it still has the vista incompatibility message.
  • I'm downloading the update now. it's going to take 1 hour 30 minutes as of right now at 11 kbps. ugh!
    and it's worse now - 3.5kpbs, 4 hours 20 minutes.
  • alright, this is crazy. a 61 meg file. been downloading for 4 hours. down to 7kbps. it's saying it'll be a full day before it's done.
  • I followed the directions quickly and had no problems upgrading to WM6.
    You do lose all your data so make sure you back up everything. The whole process took me about 30 minutes.
    The installer does not work on vista (I feel sorry for vista users)
    [Edit: I did find this but not confirmed if it works ]
    Requires upgrades on active sync and media player
    A few things I have issue with are the color schemes, but I use Facade, and with texting. Still trying to see if threaded text messaging is possible.
    In the inbox text folder what was 'new' softkey is now 'delete'... just to try to force you to send an mms.
    There may be solutions to these, but i'm still playing with settings and searching online. Just wanted to report my experience so far.
  • hiya shard. Your experience matches mine exactly. I've learned to give up on using "new message" in text messages because of that mms thing - i just type the name from the today screen and text from there.
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