BlackJack FINALLY upgraded to Windows Mobile 6!!

Update: Bad news, folks - the updater is not compatible with Vista. Will the pain never end? Fortunately, we have an XP machine around. We're downloading the update right now - expect a hands-on soon! ...and by "soon" we mean "in 20 or 30 years, because that's how long the download is going to take given how hard the servers are being hammered right now."


We are not kidding (we hope. According to Crave, you can head over to this site at 5pm Eastern today and get yourself the Windows Mobile 6 update for the original Samsung BlackJack. About. Time!

We've dealt with delays, very buggy leaked Windows Mobile 6 ROMs, and the shame of the BlackJack II being released before the update. We were even starting to doubt it would ever arrive.

It's been months of waiting, now we're down to just hours. At 5pm EST, go get it.

WC Staff