BlackJack II in New Colors: Hands-on

As of today, its official like a whistle. AT&T launched the Blackjack 2 in new two-toned hotness: white with either pink or blue on the back. They are the exact same as the previous Blackjack 2, the only difference being the color. Well, that and the feel of the phones are different. They have a more textured feel to them which is unlike the black or maroon ones. One might wonder why Samsung is launching these when we know the new Blackjack 3 is dropping in October. Maybe Samsung trying to launch new colors and then drop the price like the Centro did? No ones quite sure, but one thing we do know is that these new colors will definitely attract more folks to that Windows Mobile platform we all love.

I personally think this is a way of Samsung trying to react to the iPhone. Maybe they can give consumers different colors and they will think twice about an iPhone. I

WC Staff