Bleeding Edge beta now live, here's how to access (update)

Bleeding Edge
Bleeding Edge (Image credit: Xbox Game Studios)

Bleeding Edge character

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What you need to know

  • Bleeding Edge is an upcoming multiplayer game from Ninja Theory.
  • It revolves around third-person melee combat.
  • You can pre-load the beta right now.
  • You can purchase Xbox Game Pass through Amazon (opens in new tab) since it'll be available there at launch.

February 14, 2020: Bleeding Edge closed beta is now live. The file you downloaded from Xbox Game Pass or by preordering should now work.

Bleeding Edge is an upcoming melee multiplayer game from Ninja Theory. While the majority of the team is working on Senua's Saga: Hellblade II, a small team in the studio is developing this title. It looks like a lot of fun and if you're curious about the game, you can participate in the beta taking place soon.

You can pre-load the beta client if you've preordered the game or are an Xbox Game Pass subscriber. On Xbox One, it should be in your "Ready to install" section of "My games & apps." Ninja Theory also revealed how to access it on Steam.

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In Windows Central's preview, Jez Corden wrote, "Even though Bleeding Edge will launch as a 4v4 multiplayer-only experience, the potential is clear for a broader push into Overwatch-like territory with a wider expanse of story building, merchandising, and beyond. Of course, that all depends on how popular, and well, fun the game is when it launches. Judging from what I've played so far, I'm optimistic that it will be."

Are you excited for Bleeding Edge? Will you check it out? Let us know. As with every Xbox Game Studios' title, it'll be part of Xbox Game Pass at launch.

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  • Looking forward to giving this a go. I think it's fantastic how Gamepass subscribers get straight into the closed beta without doing anything.
  • Guys, guys careful this ain't a microtransactions feast. Also if your on console your gonna be up against the pc crowd. That's means your gonna be fodder. Pass again.
  • I imagine we will find out in three days.
  • I love that people still call it unfair to put consoles vs PC players. I thought that this debate was ended back in the quake days. They have good people on either side and same for the other end of the spectrum. For example, I suck just as much with a M&K as a controller, but I just perfer playing with a controller even if I'm on PC.
  • I've now been playing this for quite awhile since the closed beta started yeaterday. Wow. OK so I'm not always into these online only games. But I have to say this game is fantastic. Like really really fun. It's smotth, no issues so far getting into any games. And the combat and game mode mechanics is absolutely brilliant. Nothing else like it on the market. It's similar in design to Over watch. But with Melee combat. And it's actually so much more fun. The developer already said there are 0 Microtransactions in the game. And they have no intention of making it pay to win at all. I honestly did not expect this to be quite as entertaining as it is. But it's absolutely so much fun. You have to work as a team. But there is so much strategy to the combat and approach. Love the Mods, skins, etc. This has the potential to be a massive hit like Over watch. It would not surprise me if this flame takes over Steam, Xbox and Gamepass. Massive potential to be the best selling exclusive game ever. It could easily achieve 30 million or more players. Over watch is at 50. Bleeding Edge is so well made. So so well made.