Blu-ray bitstream pass-through goes live for all Xbox One consoles

Xbox One S
Xbox One S (Image credit: Daniel Rubino / Windows Central)

The March update may have already arrived for all Xbox One users, but Microsoft continues to flip the switch on new features. The latest such switch is for Blu-ray bitstream pass-through, which is now live for all Xbox One consoles after a fair bit of testing by Xbox Insiders.

In short, bitstream pass-through allows for audio to be processed by a device other than your console. That opens up the ability to use Dolby's Atmos audio provided you have the proper setup. It's a feature that likely only applies to a limited subset of users, but it's a big deal for the audiophiles out there.

To get started with bitstream pass-through, you'll want to reboot your console and then head to the Blu-ray settings page. From there, you can enable the feature by checking the box next to "Let my receiver decode audio."

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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