Body Glove Landmark Case (HTC Surround) - Review

We've looked at the Body Glove Landmark series of cases before. We liked the case with the HTC Touch Pro as well as for the Samsung Jack. Now we turn our sites on the top case for the HTC Surround.

The soft brown case is well made, looks nice but how does it make the transition to the new Windows Phone? Does the Landmark make the grade with Surround or does it fall short of expectations?

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Design and Construction

The Body Glove Landmark is constructed of soft brown leather. Stitching is tight with no loose seams present. The side of the case has stretchy fabric to accomodate the thickness of the Windows Phone.

Lined with soft felt, the Windows Phone is held in place with a magnetic flap. To the rear a leather wrapped, rotating clip can be found. The clip is strong enough to hold the case nicely in place on your belt.

Fit, Feel and a Major Weakness

The HTC Surround fit nicely into the case but the major weakness of the case that really can't be overcome is the flap. With the HTC Surround, the flap doesn't extend long enough to be secured in place. Either the case needs to be a little deeper (so the phone can sit lower) or the flap a little longer.

The gap is just large enough to prevent the magnets from contacting and the flap may eventually stretch enough. If you don't mind an open top case, it was very comfortable on the belt. The loose flap did get a little annoying though.

Overall Impression

The Body Glove Landmark Case worked well with other Windows Phones but it falls short for the HTC Surround. If the case was a smidgen taller so the phone would sit lower, I would have no reservations on recommending this case. However, as is, with the flap unable to secure properly we'd have to pass on this case for the HTC Surround.

The Landmark Case is a universal case and a shorter Windows Phone would fit the case better. If you have such a phone (Touch Pro, Samsung Jack, Treo Pro, etc.) the Landmark is worth considering. Surround owners should really look elsewhere.  The Body Glove Landmark Case is currently running $12.95 over at the WPCentral Accessory Store.

George Ponder

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