Review: Body Glove Landmark Case

While Body Glove is known for it's synthetic cases such as the Body Glove Rhythm and Side Case , they also offer a few quality leather cases for Windows Phones.

We've already taken a look at one of these leather cases, the Body Glove Landmark horizontal case, and now we turn our sights on Body Glove's Landmark  vertical case.

Ease on past the break to see what impression this vertical case made.


The Body Glove Landmark vertical case ($19.95) is a universal case that will fit a wide range of Windows phones including the AT&T Pure, Treo Pro, Samsung Omnia II, and the HTC Imagio. We tested the Landmark case with the Samsung Jack.

Just like the Landmark horizontal case, the vertical model is made of soft, brown leather that has a slight distressed (worn) appearance. A soft, stretchy fabric is sewn into the sides of the case to help accommodate the variety of phone widths

The case is lined with a soft, felt-like material and has some padding to protect the phone from bumps, dings and short falls.  Not too much padding to make the case feel bulky but just enough to offer some protection.

Stitching was tight with no loose seams noticed. To the back the case has a leather wrapped, swivel clip. The clip is strong enough to hold the case in place on your belt and the swivel is tight to prevent accidental or unwanted rotation.

The case has a leather, magnetic flap that helps hold the phone in place.  The flap is fixed (non-adjustable) but does have some movement with the magnetic placement to accommodate slightly longer phones than the Jack.

Fit and Feel

The Samsung Jack slid nicely into the case and was held snugly in place. Even without the flap, the phone felt secure in the Landmark case.

Removing the phone from the case wasn't an issue. The stretch fabric sides gave just enough give where you can fit two fingers around the phone.

In using the Landmark case for a few days I found myself liking it more and more. Keep in mind that, personally, I prefer side cases. Vertical cases often feel like they ride too low on the belt or feel too bulky on the hip. The Landmark's clip carries the case a little higher on the belt than giving it a little more comfortable feel. The case is also cut small enough that it doesn't have that bulky feel to it.

Overall Impressions

I'm not ready to give up my Ecolife Element side case just yet but if I do, the Body Glove Landmark vertical case will be on my short list. Build quality, fit, feel and comfort all get high marks.  Add the comfortable price of $19.95 and the Body Glove Landmark vertical case might be hard to beat.

George Ponder

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.