Box adds support for the collaborative editing of Office Online files

Cloud storage provider Box has announced a new set of integrations with Microsoft Office, giving people new ways to share their work with others. These new features come as parts of Office Online, Office for iOS, and

Much like Dropbox with Office Online, Box now allows Office Online users to co-author files stored on the service in real time. This works across Word, Excel, and PowerPoint Online, and you can access old versions to reference older work whenever you need.

On Microsoft's Office apps for iPhone and iPad, Box can now be chosen as a default storage service, letting you more easily access all of your Box files for editing on the go. You can also open files from Box into an Office app, with any changes you make saved back to Box automatically.

Finally, Box will soon be integrated with This allows you to quickly find and share your Box files with co-workers, with all of your Box content available for easy access. integration will be rolling out to customers in the next few weeks.

Source: Box

Joseph Keller
  • It's Office vs Google Docs. That's the real competition. Hence why bringing all these other storage providers like Box and Dropbox on board.
  • It is all about customers. More partnerships like that ... more customers. OneDirve is not a strong selling point. It still is not on par with Box or Dropbox when it comes to productivity and business related features.
  • How is it not on par with Box and/or Dropbox? I'm intrigued...
  • I use box instead of Dropbox as it has more seamless integrative features to date. Also free storage is larger. I have shared files with many non ms users without problem too. Glad to see that box is continuing to develop improved features that integrate with the w10 platform.
  • Dropbox and now is Box
  • I use box since it has more free storage... Only problem is auto upload on mobile is missing! Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I think box app is also being developed by Rudy Huyn as in one of his tweet he said that he is developing an app for a company but can't disclose the name of the app as the company doesn't want him to do so...
  • Maybe or maybe not, best not speculate.