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Brain-Training: Challenge your memory with this game for Windows Phone & PC

Brain-Training is an entertaining game that is available for both Windows Phone and PC that challenges your memory skills. You are presented a series of numbers, letters, words, symbols, etc. and have to recall those items in a specific order or to create a larger number or word.

The game has three levels of difficulty and eight levels of gameplay. Graphics are simple, and you will be surprised how difficult gameplay can be. I don't know if Brain-Training could hold up to lengthy gaming sessions, but for shorter gaming spurts it does nicely.

The primary menu for Brain-Training offers you the options to jump into gameplay, access the game's settings, view additional games from the developer, and view the gaming credits. You will also have the options to share the game, exit the game and remove the ad support ($0.99).


Game settings for Brain-Training include options for language support, difficulty levels (low, medium and high) and how many items each level begins with (minimum two, maximum five). The difficulty level dictates the number of items or balls that you'll have to sort in order to advance to the next gaming level.

Gameplay is spread out across eight levels with each level being a tad more difficult than the previous. Within each level, you have to complete a number of puzzles before advancing. Each level is played out in a similar fashion but with different items and sorting rules.

You will be presented with some balls that will have a number, letter, symbols, etc. Each game will afford you a few seconds to review the balls and where they are positioned, and then the balls are turned face down. You will then have to sort the balls in a specific order or manner depending on the gaming level.

For example, with the first level you are given a collection of numbered balls to memorize and have to tap on them in ascending order when they are turned over. Another level will have lettered balls, and you will have to reveal them to create a certain word. You may see the balls labeled with T, M, U, H, B and have to tap on them to spell the word "Thumb."


Each level contains multiple games or stages where the number of balls in play will increase. You begin with the number of balls set in the gaming options and with each completed stage, the number of balls in play increase by one. Depending on the level of difficulty, you will need to advance to a set number of balls to advance to the next level. If you fail a game, you will revert to the last successful stage of the level.

There is no time limit or score with Brain-Training, just your ability to remember the order of the balls. While the early stages of each gaming level are easy, when you reach six balls or more the game can be a little humbling.

Brain-Training Windows PC

While Brain-Training lacks a lot of animations or action sequences, the game is a fun title to have tucked away in your Windows gaming library. Available for both Windows Phone and PC, I don't think Brain-Training is a game that will hold up to marathon gaming sessions. However, I found Brain-Training to be a challenging game for shorter gaming spurts. It's also a fun game to challenge friends with to see who has the best memory.

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