AT&T Lumia 900 gets firmware update, fixes display issue and more

Good news for those on AT&T with the Lumia 900, Nokia in conjunction with Microsoft are now pushing out a firmware update to fix numerous lingering issues with the premier phone. 

The following are the main changes:

  • Fixes purple display issue - In short, when the screen would dim down to "low" greys would become purple across the whole display, including on graphics and photos
  • Proximity sensor - minor adjustments to the sensitivity of the proximity sensor should make phone calls more pleasant when the user puts the phone to their face
  • Others - We're still getting details but there are also a multitude of other smaller fixes that will greatly enhance the user experience

The update went live 10 am PDT and users should be able to plug their devices into their computers (Desktop Zune) and pick up the new firmware. Note, this is NOT an OS upgrade and it does not contain "Tango"--this is simply a maintenance release for firmware. However, Nokia does note:

"...we’ll be rolling out new updates and surprises in the near future to all Lumia 900 users, so stay tuned!"

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • I wonder if it has improvements to the camera optics?
  • I sure hope so. It needs it cause Camp Bisco is soon i am taking videos and pictures like crazy
  • Never thought I'd see another tDB fan on WPCentral! Have fun at camp!
  • Splatums!
  • Its actually MS that would have to make improvements to the camera I think the default WP7 camera app is made for BSI sensor cameras. If you want to take good pics use Nokia Creative studio the difference is stark in most cases. I will take the same photo with the default app and it will be full of noise when I use creative studio it works takes a good shot everytime.
  • That is good to know.  Thanks for the tip... Will have to move that app to my home screen.
  • Awesome. I also wish they would add an automatic camera focus mode. Close-up pictures are always blurry unless I manually switch to macro which is inconveniently located near the bottom of the settings list.
  • Right there with you on that with the constant need for Macro, but try this from now on: first Settings option "Scenes" (default: Auto), "Macro" is an option and easy to select :)
  • Appreciate that. Thanks. What do you think is the best scene and white balance option? I don't like how my photos turn out super blue tinted or yellow tinted in certain lightings.
  • Funny you ask, I was just playing with the camera after updating and it really looks like the blues, greens, and yellow tints in low-light settings are mostly gone--if not all gone. After a few days, I'll better know, but as of my first few shots, "Auto" for both white balance and scenes is working much, much better. I would like to see what you think after the update, hopefully I'm not just seeing things. But, if you really know your lighting conditions (e.g. you are certain incandescent bulbs are dominantly lighting you space), then selecting the appropriate white balance setting *should* adjust best (however, before the update, I didn't really think they were any better than "auto" because of the weird tinting).
  • I wonder if the 800 will ever get tethering...
  • True. Seems a little odd that the 800 isn't getting a lot of love lately
  • Thats coming with Tango, and the update has already been sighted on Nokia's servers. Probably waiting for the coordinated Tango rollout that's been rumoured.
  • Lumia 800 users had a firmware update last may which brought some improvements. The tango update will come after the June 20th conference (unless MSFT wants to push it before, which they did with W8 release preview). Lumia 800 users don't quit!!
  • Was surprised when I just plugged in. Funny that the first thing I did was come here.
  • Thank you Daniel!
  • finally that purple was getting on my nerves lol
  • Wp8 I can smell it
  • *snifffff* Me too ;)
  • I've let out a little expletive when I receive a txt message while I'm using the phone. The incoming txt noise is like someone ringing a ship's bell in my earhole. Hope there's a fix for that.
  • Amen to that
  • Hopefully it will fix the WiFi dropping issues as well.
  • Can you explain this issue a little more???
  • After phone is woken up it will show WiFi connected but not transfer any bandwidth. You have to turn off WiFi and restart it to get the bandwidth back. Both by 900s did this, and from what I've read people believe it is a bug related to tethering. I also have had my IE wig out, freeze up, and crash on me. I had neither of these problems with my patch day focus.
  • Doesn't look like it was addressed... Tested this at lunch after updating and still had data problems while connected to Wi-Fi and Cell... Disable Cell and all works via Wi-Fi... Keeping those ConnectivityShortcuts on the screen still. :-/
  • Whew, I thought I was the only one having this issue (sometimes) when on Wi-Fi and cell data at the same time. When I'm stationary everything's fine. But it seems that as soon as I move out of range of my usual Wi-Fi connections I have to turn it off.
  • This happens on my focus s too (8107)
  • Kills me they haven't resolved this yet.
  • +1000
  • Nokia's stellar support strikes again! And promising more to come, what's not to love?
  • updating now...
  • updating now...
  • updating now...
  • wonder if UK based handsets will get a fix, I have issues with wifi and call signal dropping and I'm getting fed up with it.
    btw I'm on version 2175.1601.8773.12141
  • Anyone get on Rogers yet?
  • Keyboard fix????? WTF. I'm going to call the FCC, the MAAD, Fema, and the NAACP! I'm calling the last one first! Yes, I'm claiming this as a racial thing.. Lol!
  • Not surprised at all after that bs you said on the Luna article
  • Am I the only one who has NUMEROUS problems with the bottom buttons? It pissed me off so much, I returned it to get another 900... Has the same problem! I love the phone though, hopefully that is also fixed in this update.
  • Nope, very big pain. Audio playing from the speaker seems to be the cause.
  • Same here, drives me nuts, I was really hoping this would be the fix for it. 
  • Return until you get a good device... My wife had the same issue... It looks like Hardware.
  • Maybe it's me, but it seems as though at 01/30. The volume seems lower, or maybe my work is a little too loud? Can anyone confirm, just updated.
  • Probably working the way it should now, previously its been mentioned that the volume at 01/30 was too loud.
  • Update not available for me in Denmark yet,
    Did they also ship the fix for the screen draw bug?
  • And the second update for the 900.. Where is the update for the 710.. Come windows/ t-mobile this is ridiculous its been 5 months no bug fix update... Get it together!
  • To be honest, the purple greys when the brightness was low was something I almost never noticed. Nice that they addressed it though. Im still going to wait a day before doing the update, as everything else is working great.
    As for the camera...I've found that while the dedicated photo button is a nice feature, it is the worst way to actually take a photo for me. The physical pressing of the button introduced enough shake on the phone that pics taken using the button are always blurry for me. Ive tried holding the phone as still as possible, even bracing my arms agains something and slowly pressing the button. Blurry. I now exclusively touch the screen to take shots. Only use the camera button to launch into the camera app. I came from iphone 4. Id rate the iphone4 camera and software a 9, the 900 camera and software 5.5. Otherwise, Im loving the wp environment. :)
  • Is tapping the screen less likely to make the camera shake? I've tried it and it's exactly the opposite for me
  • For most people it is, because when you tap the screen, it focuses before snapping the pic. It gives you time to steady the phone.
  • I guess I tend to "press", as opposed to "tap". For example...When I watch most youtube demo videos, the "tap" I see people doing to describe it...agressive, lol. They tap the screen as if it was on fire and they dont want to get burned, poking at the screen and quickly lifitng their finger far away. FWW, from what ive seen, this often means the button doesnt register the touch and they have to press again, and again. Very frustrating to watch. lol.
  • I'm with you, I take better pics with the button
  • This is a very welcome update for me - well, at least I hope it is. I switched from a Focus S to the Lumia 900 and while I enjoy using the Lumia, there have been many issues present on the Lumia which were not present on the Focus S. Some of them include, slow choppy use of apps, bluetooth uses up way more battery than the Focus S, apps crash over and over. Crossing my fingers...
  • I can't see any diference with the camera performace after updating.  I would htink that Nokia would make a fuss over it if they had "fixed" the camera issues.
    We can only hope for camera improvemtns, but I have to say, I've never seen Customer/Device Support like Nokia is doing!  It makes my decision to get the 900 over the Titan II a really good call!
  • I updated but I can't tell any differences?  Is there a link to the release notes?
    Michael Coburn
  • Looks like the camera issues in low light are FIXED!
  • "there are
    also a multitude of other smaller fixes that will
    greatly enhance the user experience" Multitude? Really?
  • Hey HTC,
    Are you listening/reading? Your Titan 1 owners would love some updates too... %$^$&*#@!
  • I am a Titan I owner and I am really disappointed in HTC. They have a known and acknowledged defect on voice quality and refuse to fix it.
  • Same here. I dumped HTC. Nokia from now on.
  • The scrolling is slower now in the start screen?
  • It appears to have fixed the camera button bug
  • Partially
  • I guess your right. It just stopped working again. I don't see what could be so hard about fixing that
  • That's so awesome.  I made the switch from the Titan to the Lumia and I'm glad to see Nokia is being so incredibly supportive of their products.
  • I got rid of my 710 because I've had all of the same problems as the 900 before the 900 even came out and was told that it was tmobile problems.
  • The phone actually seems more responsive.
  • The volume is louder on my headset. :)
  • Sign of good things to come. With the way things going for the Lumia 900, I wouldn't be suprised if the 900 is the only Gen 2 handset to jump to Windows Phone 8. This is definately something that doesn't seem to be in the hands of AT&T anymore with this device, and feels more in control of the manufacture like it is with the iPhone. I believe it was stated in numerous areas of the internet that AT&T was not going to deliver an update for any Windows Phones until Tango comes, what we see with the Lumia 900 is such an exception; especiall with the Tango update slated for this month as well, it would make sense for them to hold back till Tango, but they didn't and gave it out to us preTango. Nice going Nokia.
    Honestly this is what Windows Phone needs to succeed, hardware support. Software can't get anywhere without the proper hardware. Sure HTC has released some nice stuff, but it is so obvious where HTC's and Samsung's resources are going to, while Apple has their own, and Microsoft was left with the scraps until they got Nokia to come along. Hope this keeps up.
  • My music sounds more clear. O.O
  • Sleeping wifi seems fixed. "Visually" connected when turned on.
  • This is what gets me. Att pushes Nokia firmware updates, and we're still waiting here on 1st gen HTC titan updates.
  • It's not AT&T's fault.  That is a direct result of HTC not supporting the Titan with firmware updates.  If HTC had done firmware updates, we would have gotten them.  I am happy to have dumped my Titan for the Lumia.   
  • I'm getting close to dumping my Titan.  If Nokia can do this there is zero reason HTC can't.  The first LTE fix I figured it was a fluke cause it was so critical...there is no excuse for this though.
    There are CRITICAL issues facing the Titan, specifically the memory crash bug and the noise canceling mic bug.....yet nothing from HTC. Time to take to the twitterverse for some public shaming.
  • I would complain nicely to AT&T and see what they will do for you.  You never know you could get a free Lumia out of it.
  • ATT doesn't give a flying fuck about me.  I'm not even with ATT, This is a problem between me and HTC.
  • +1
  • And still no SRS enhancements like HTC
  • Dont need this if your music source and headphones are good in the first place, garbage in and garbage out and all that....:
  • True!  my headphones sound sweet but i make sure i always buy good quality..
  • It makes a difference no matter what, enhances bass, restores lost information and creates virtual surround sound.
  • Why can't we get an update for the HTC Titan!! I get so tired of people telling me that they can't hear me or I sound muffled!!!!!
  • Wifi seems faster too. Everything seems faster. Nokia Drive, Nokia Maps.
  • Its nice to see Nokia on the ball with the bug fixes. :)
  • Wow, just updated my Lumia 900 and now when I'm using bluetooth for hands free connection, my car is much faster and my MPG has increased substantially. Plus, that bloated feeling I had all day after eating those lima beans is gone.  And, the bully in my old high school band class hallway has apologized for all those wedgies.   I'm heading out to the local bar tonight and see if the upgrade has improved my ability to pick-up women.  (Gives us nerds hope.)   Gotta love that Nokia support.
  • lol  Nice. 
  • I don't believe you. No one eats lima beans. Troll!!1!
  • Updat