A brief glimpse of Windows 'Marketplace'

We're still pretty sure Microsoft is planning its own app store, but we really don't have more more than that. But Pocketnow's noticed a "coming soon" site at client.marketplace.windowsmobile.com that, low and behold, appears to be formatted for a mobile browser. And it also looks like the Skymarket name may have given way to "Marketplace," which probably is a good thing.

In all likelihood this will just be a download site for a standalone application, but that's speculation on our part. Either way, it looks like things are moving ahead.

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  • 'Marketplace' is used for the Xbox and Zune online stores so it would only make sense to use it for WM as well. That's the biggest challenge they face really. They've got all these various platforms, but there's not a whole lot of overlap (although Zune and Xbox are gradually converging more; possibly the same with Zune and WM in WM7.) Even though I do not like Itunes (the PC client has always had issues) that's one thing Apple got right from the start - a central access point. Then again, they really only had one platform to care about at the time. Microsoft already had WM and was in the process of launching Xbox.
  • Excellent point. Only reason this might not be the real reason is that it makes perfect sense. ;)
  • It is real... and the convergence of the "marketplace" for zune, windows mobile and to a degree xbox is Microsoft's overall intention. Don't worry... it will happen within the year ;-)