Give your screen some color with Wallpaper Studio 10, today's AdDuplex HERO App

If you are in the mood to give your Windows 10 PC or Mobile device a personal touch, one of the easiest ways to do this is through lockscreen or background wallpapers. Wallpaper Studio 10 offers you over 20,000 high-quality HD images to help your device better reflect your personality and tastes. The Windows 10 app also has support for Microsoft Band wallpapers and themes.

Wallpaper Studio 10 is today's HERO App, which is a promotional campaign for Windows Phone and Windows developers on the AdDuplex Network. The program partners AdDuplex with myAppFree, AppDeals, PluralSight and Windows Central to deliver a host of benefits to the top apps and games each month. Our role in the HERO App campaign is to offer a little exposure to these titles by sharing them with you, our readers, and today we are shining the spotlight on Wallpaper Studio 10.

Wallpaper Studio 10 launches to a Home Screen that offers up a small sampling of the latest images, the most popular images and the best offerings from randomly-selected categories.

Wallpaper Studio 10

Wallpaper Studio 10 has a clean layout with a hamburger menu in the upper left corner that offers navigational options for the app that includes jumping back to your Home Screen, view the categories, view your favorites, access the settings, view the Microsoft Band offerings and more. The side menu also has a keyword search field.

The Windows 10 app has 26 categories of images that include topics such as:

  • Anime
  • Cartoons
  • Fantasy
  • Space
  • Sports

Each thumbnail image within those will show how many users have tagged it as a favorite. It's an easy way to glance at images to determine their popularity.

Individual images can be set as your lockscreen or wallpaper or saved locally. Controls to do such will appear above the image with similar images you might also like displayed below. Images used as a Windows Phone lockscreen or wallpaper image will have to be cropped accordingly before set in use.

When you opt to set an image as either your lockscreen or desktop wallpaper, you will have the option to set it across all devices associated with your Microsoft Account. You will need to run Wallpaper Studio 10 on each of these devices at least once and it may take up to sixty minutes to synchronize the image across all your devices.

Wallpaper Studio 10

Support for the Microsoft Band is separate from the lockscreen/wallpaper support in that you have to access it through a separate menu option. Once you connect the app to your Microsoft Band, you will have the option to change the theme, change the colors or change the wallpaper. The Microsoft Band offerings are not as vast as the lockscreen/wallpaper offerings, but you still have a nice selection.

All in all, Wallpaper Studio 10 is a fantastic resource for Windows 10 lockscreen and background images. The only nit I have with the app is that when you exit and return to the app, you return to the point where you left. I would have rather seen the app open consistently to the Home Screen.

Wallpaper Studio 10 is a free, ad-support app that is available from both the Windows 10 and Windows Phone Store. You can remove the ad-support through a $1.49 in-app purchase.

Download Wallpaper Studio 10 for Windows and Windows Phone (opens in new tab)

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AdDuplex HERO Promotion

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Windows Central is already partnered with the myAppFree campaign and is proud to be partnering up with AdDuplex with the HERO Apps program. It is another excellent opportunity to help promote both the Windows Phone and Windows platform.

Keep in mind that the HERO Apps are different than what you find with the myAppFree deals. The HERO Apps are free, ad-supported titles that often have the option to remove the ad-support via in-app purchases. The myAppFree deal delivers a paid app or game at a discounted price or for free.

George is the Reviews Editor at Windows Central, concentrating on Windows 10 PC and Mobile apps. He's been a supporter of the platform since the days of Windows CE and uses his current Windows 10 Mobile phone daily to keep up with life and enjoy a game during down time.

  • No download app link in the W10M Windows Central app :(
  • Links don't work in the "view links" section. Fix please
  • Doesn't matter on my 950...the start screen keeps changing like a Bing lock screen. WTF? It doesn't matter if I pick my own picture, it keeps changing. I kind of like it. Am I alone with this problem?
  • Maybe yes
  • Hamburger menu in the upper left you won't be able to reach it in one handed use.
  • Sure you can, press and hold the windows button for one hand mode...
  • Yup
  • Ps: in Windows 10 Mobile ONLY
  • QHD Wallpapers ?
  • YEP. The only thing is on mobile it won't let me set 4K backgrounds on my phone. It either just sits there and does nothing or crashes. Hopefully that gets fixed soon.
  • Most are 1080p. No where to search for resolution for phone. It's just desktop wallpaper that you crop.
  • "Studio" for me means tools to create, but since there doesn't seem to have that I guess "Library" or "Collection" would be more appropriate. No mentioning of any ability to build wallpapers at least. Will give it a go thou.
  • It's a great app. It has a minor bug but has some really great backgrounds. It even works with my Band 2.
  • So i can remove ads? Ads still there :(
  • Well, all wallpapers are in widescreen resolution so I dont see how can I set is as lockscreen wallpaper.
  • It's good for desktop but the wallpapers aren't in portrait mode, making it useless for mobile.
  • This on mobile is kinda meh on my 950. You have to crop the image. Can some developer please make a good MOBILE wallpaper app for W10?
  • Cool... Can change Microsoft Band Wallpapers.
  • I don't know why but Wallpapers do not look so good at all? They're always 'zoomed in' and it looks so ugly compared to iOS. They should fix it? No?
  • Trust me, the best wallpapers app is a Chinese one.I have it from a long time ago, and it has the best quality wallpapers, and most of them can't be found anywhere else. And what I like more is the ability to change my lock screen automatically if you choose that in the app options. You can change the language to English in the app options too. Grab it from here if you want:
  • Wallpaper studio 10 is a good app too, but sorry the wallpapers are for desktop
  • For the Lumia 950's if you go into the 4K section and download an image, even with the cropping you can get some good start screen backgrounds especially when using the Tile picture style option
  • I never used this, and I think I never will....spotbright is doing a fairly good job and it is periodically changing start background and lock screen of my 630 (W10)... my hunt for walpaper app in store is finally over.
  • Dasimage
  • I have already found Spotbright for Lockscreen and Wallpaper background and that app is amazing. Not looking forward of changing it for now.
  • This app charged me twice while trying to remove ads today to make the experience even worse it told me an error occured ads could not be removed