British Telecom releases Wi-Fi app to help get you connected to hotspots in Windows 8

British Telecom (BT) has released a new Wi-Fi app for Windows 8.1. Should you be a BT broadband customer, you'll be able to take full advantage of free and unlimited Wi-Fi at millions of hotspots throughout the UK. Simply connect and login to a hotspot for your settings to be automatically saved for use across the board.

It's good to see an official solution from the company, simply because it makes it super easy to connect and enjoy the free Wi-Fi when out and about. A handy map shows exactly where you can find such connections, be it at coffee shops, hotels, pubs, homes and more. There's usually a local hotspot in range. 

As well as focusing on the immediate area, you can also use the map to search through areas that you'll be traveling to and determine just how easy it will be to get connected and online. Once you've connected to a hotspot for the first time, the app will then monitor your connections and provide you with a quick glance status report (connected, connecting, etc). 

BT WiFi Windows 8 App

That's pretty much it, it's not a massively complicated app, in fact it's a breeze to use, but to have an official BT Wi-Fi app available will help customers immensely who own Windows 8 tablets and find themselves traveling without mobile dongles for connectivity. You also don't have to be a BT customer to use the map either, which is handy should you be on the hunt to locate free Wi-Fi.

Finally, should you encounter any trouble while using the BT app, there are step-by-step guides and frequently asked questions to get the problem resolved and your device back online promptly. Pretty neat.  Note that BT states you'll need to have your BT ID at hand for use, which is sent in the order confirmation email.

You can download BT Wi-Fi (opens in new tab) from the Windows Store.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Let's hope it's not a useless piece of crap like the Windows Phone app.
  • Lol
  • The WP app used to work really well although now it is just crap. :)
  • Really, I haven't had any issues with it. It hasn't been updated for a while but it still works.
  • BT hasn't used the name "British Telecom" for some years now... Please wpcentral, do keep up and get things editorially correct. Thanks.
  • Did they add the functionaly to unblock porn content as well. Since from Today BT officially blocks all pornographic content for their customers
  • Went to Britain recently (London and Edinburgh), I suddenly found out British telecom was one of the worst providers I've ever seen. How can you stand such a poor quality? Regular breaks, floating speed closed ports, they even got a front face reset button on their routers because they need rebooting almost every day. My friends who hosted me thought it's all fine. They should better improve their service quality than spending resources on the app.
  • How were you connecting? If it was a Home Hub v1, they were rubbish. Home Hub v2 and 3 are much better and the only time the internet connection would drop out was early in the morning when doing load balancing, which all UK ISPs do anyway, but if it was hotspots then both the WP and the Windows 8.1 apps have a map of where the hotspots are so you can see what areas are covered.
  • V2 both places. Lowering speed happened for hours mostly in the evening, disconnections were regular at the same time about every half an hour. Anyway, if I pay for certain speed I expect it being stable 98% time, and breaks and hang-ups are completely unacceptable because I can't rely on data on computer I left at home going on business. That's all surprising for a provider of one of the most advanced countries. And making an app sounds funny after that: go make your service stable, then tease it with an app.
  • "Lowering speed happened for hours mostly in the evening, disconnections were regular at the same time about half an hour." Exactly, that's typical for a british ISP when load balancing and has nothing to do with the stability of the connection. Lowering the connection speed happens if you go over a cap, again, nothing to do with stability of the connection.
  • I work for a BT group company, this could be so many things it could be back haul depending on whether your on 20 or 21cn, Hot VP, REIN its probably not got a lot to do with the router, and as a matter the hub 1.0 was the most reliable router they ever made apart from needing the odd restart they don't often go wrong and are still in use today 8years after their launch.
  • "if you go over a cap" could you explain please? For ex. at home I choose 50 mbps incoming and 25 out coming speed, pay £10 a month for it, no exceptions and special days, and I expect speed never gets lower than that because there is another plan, 30 mbps for £5/month, which I would have chosen if it was enough for me. Are things done another way in the UK?
  • You should be unlimited download so there should be no capping but again it depends on your package.. If your on 20cn I.E a max rate of 8,000kbps with an upload of 440kbps and assuming no other problems your speed issue will be back haul congestion and you might just have to live with it whilst on that service, however if your on 21cn I.E a max speed of anywhere from 20,000 to 24,000 kbps and an upload of upto 1,000kbps you shouldn't have congestion issue's and there could be a problem somewhere. you would have to monitor the speeds and ring yor ISP to get them to look into it.. it would be rare in the UK to get speeds above 20,000kbps or 20mbps at the house unless you were on a Fiber product as in Infinity / Virgin media or other fiber based products from other ISP's, All speeds are upto remember..   If it is disconnecting however you will need to ring up and look into it, the V2 that had TYPE A written on the back did have some problems with the Wifi dropping, Type B branded ones fixed this.
  • Thank you, I see generally the approach is the same, maybe costs are some other. I'll investigate that next time I visit that place (anyway we always have to wave test results and prove our rightness while the girl living there has no idea how to do that). And thanks for the tip about hardware revision of V2 router. Don't you occasionally know if the latest is more stable or just has wider functionality (v4 afaik)?
  • I've had zero issues with BT for the last 7 years, using multiple routers and in different properties.
  • ISP routers are generally crap, I have BT Infinity 2.0 and did have the HH3.0, always crashing and disconnecting in the AM, replaced it with my own router and have had no issues since, BT App works fine too most of the time