Buying the best smartphone power pack - MrMobile explains

Proclaiming one external battery charger to be the "best power pack" for all people is a daunting challenge – and it misses the point.

The reality is that, as with smartphones, different power banks work well for different users. But I've collected between twenty and thirty external battery pack accessories in my time reviewing technology, and I've found that the secret to making the search a little less daunting is to focus on three key areas: safety, capacity, and speed.

This video includes products that excel in each field, and some even marry the benefits of all three with that all-important bonus: novelty. Join me for the MrMobile Portable Power Pack roundup!

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  • I love all of his videos. Good job, Micheal!
  • I think most tech bloggers and reviewers are great, but Micheal Fisher and John Rettinger of TechnoBuffalo stand out as two of the best video reviewers, along with zac of WC.. on the writing side, i'm in love with all the articles by Jason Ward of WC
  • Include also Juan bagnell his a great reviewer also.
  • He should have mentioned the size of the hp elite x3 battery.
  • Thanks MrMobile very informative video. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Why do most videos, but ones like this one, not work on this app?
  • My lumia 950 xl does not charge from battery bank. Some kind of microsofts' issues. Money well spent.
  • Either the phone or the bank. My 950XL charges fine from banks.
  • Sell it asap and get phone with proper os
  • Awesome job Micheal
    I LOVE ❤ this guy
    Actually he hooked me up to PocketNow previously
  • I don't think the Lumia 950's are Qualcomm Quickcharge compatible...
  • Technically not, but because it's USB-C, it can take higher amps over Micro USB.
  • Me too, but I've seen a couple of articles that (wrongly?) state they are...
  • I've read articles that showed the standard type-c fast charging is far than Qualcomm Quickcharge 2.0.
  • Bought a ready powerful RAVpower one online but it was stopped in customs going out. Apparently you cannot legally ship something like that through regular mail. So which power bank will I be getting? One of the few sold in my country.
  • I just picked up the 30,000MAH by Aukey because it fits the bill for me. High capacity, multiple ports, USB-C!!!!! for my Lumia 950XL. Downside is it's heavy and does not include it's own charging adapter. It does come with a 3 inch usb to usb-c cable..