If you haven't played Bye Bye Brain, you're missing one of the great gems in the Marketplace right now--it's a zombie tower-defense type game, but slightly different in approach. It also easily has the best theme song ever and some really snappy graphics.

The game has evidently had quite a bit of success because we just got word a sequel is in the works: ByeByeBrain: App-ocalypse! and you can see some concept art above giving a sneak peak (we said the graphics were great, didn't we?). The game will have the following features:

  • 3 new amazing stages
  • history mode, new enemies
  • fast forward mode
  • social features
  • new units upgrades
  • collectible items
  • more minigames and much more!!

It will also be available on iPad, iPhone and of course Windows Phone 7. The team is trying to negotiate a deal with Microsoft to get Xbox LIVE status and they have our full support behind that move--it deserves the recognition. Try Bye Bye Brain paid here ($1.99) or the free, lite version here.

Source: ByeByeBrain, Facebook; Thanks, Zulu, for the heads up