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Call of Duty Black Ops 3 leaks point to pre-order beta access, November 6th launch and more

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 takes place in a "dark and twisted" near future, following Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare's segue into military futurism.

In addition to the posters from Gamestop, magazine pages have leaked onto reddit, giving us an idea of some of Black Ops 3's content.

Appearing first on, the above poster not only gives us a Nov 6th launch date, but details on a closed beta available for PS4, Xbox One and PC owners who preorder the game.

...*Beta will be available only on the following platforms: PlayStation® 4, Xbox One, and PC. Actual platform availability and launch date(s) to be determined. See for more details and Beta launch dates for each platform. Limited time only, while Beta codes last, at participating retailers...

There's no mention of an Xbox 360 or PS3 versions, but when you consider the fact Activision have been re-using the same Call of Duty engine for several years it stops seeming likely that it'll be new-gen exclusive. There are still millions of gamers happy with their past-gen consoles, and unless Black Ops 3 features massive advancements in tech or graphical fidelity there's no reason to think it won't appear on the consoles of old.

In addition to the poster leak, leaked photos from an un-named game magazine give us an idea of Black Ops 3's content.

  • Zombies are back. This will surprise no-one, Treyarch's tongue-in-cheek Nazi zombie mode from World at War has evolved into a Call of Duty staple, now appearing in non-Treyarch Call of Duty games. According to the scans, zombie mode will now feature a full XP progression system, presumably in addition to the XP progression system typical of the regular multiplayer. In World at War at least, players procured weapons on-site, rather than as part of unlocks accrued via XP. The change will inject a little of that unlock-addictiveness that Battlefield and Call of Duty are famous for.
  • Alterations to movement. Advanced Warfare gave players new options for environmental traversal, adding in some limited double jumping jet packs and similar things - it was a far cry from the freedom Titanfall players enjoy however. Black Ops 3 looks to be furthering that freedom with a new movement system, that will allow players to combine thrusts, slides and vaults into a "multitude of combinations". Activision stop short of calling it parkour, but after playing Titanfall Call of Duty has felt muted for me, hopefully these changes will be to the benefit of the game, and not detriment.
  • Full co-op campaign. Black Ops 3's campaign will be playable by up to 4 players at a time, utilizing Call of Duty's, ahem, "world class" network infrastructure. Co-operative campaign is a welcome addition, particularly as Call of Duty's single player outings aren't very highly regarded (by me, at least).

Call of Duty Black Ops 3 will enjoy a full reveal on April 26th 2015, where I expect many of the above features to be confirmed. As a lapsed fan of the franchise, I'm more than a little cynical about annualized series' which see little in terms of alterations year in year out, but I'll retain an open mind - Treyarch have made all of my favourite Call of Duty games thus far, after all.

Jez Corden is a Senior Editor for Windows Central, focusing primarily on all things Xbox and gaming. Jez is known for breaking exclusive news and analysis as relates to the Microsoft ecosystem while being powered by caffeine. Follow on Twitter @JezCorden and listen to his Xbox Two podcast, all about, you guessed it, Xbox!

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  • After cod4 mw, since no servers it has been going down hill, the last cod was imo a good story much better with spacey, but the mods you get between 1-4 cods was what made the game! Hopefully with bo3 it follows the bo range as they were ok! But I fear alot of cod players are just follow suit and not the gameplay!
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  • They are going to see how much they can kipper people up, at least they didn't associate the crap they are churning out with the 360, Activation have become a money grabbing joke they have lost touch, & honestly the pre order beta say's it all, why not free beta ??????.
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  • Did you read the article correctly? CoD uses the same game engine every year. Battlefield uses Frostbite, is it the same game every year?
  • Battlefield at least iterates Frostbite with new versions, tech, etc. Since the fall-out at Infinity Ward with Vince Zampella they've just been modding MW2.
  • I wish they would focus on a more immersive campaign. If they are going into Deus Ex/cyber punk territory with augmented humans they need to do more than they have been in terms of story.
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  • COD is the most running when compared to medal of honor and battlefield! Guess they wont take this out!
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  • Don't pre-order.
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  • Some publishers - EA and Ubisoft in particular - are notorious for releasing broken games. They throw them on the market in an unfinished state because they feel there is a pressure of being the first to release their annual games to have an advantage over publishers with similar games (especially CoD and Battlefield). Not only will there be bugs on release but also if you pre-order the game they already have your money and see no need for fixing the game as fast as possible. Also, the current business model for games seems to be that they seel half of the game's content as "full version" and sell you the rest as dlc. It's like when you go to a burger place and they sell you just the buns for the price of a whole burger and then you are able to buy the meat, the lettuce, tomato, pickles as in addition for a hefty price. The cheese and bacon are you have to order in advance and you can only get mayo at one burger place and ketchup at another burger place, not both in one burger together. If you want both mayo and ketchup you ahve to buy two burgers at two seperate places. Pre-ordering is not consumer-friendly because there's a huge chance that what they show you and what you get are totally different things. Another good example of cutting content is Star Wars Battlefront 3. They're not only misleading potential customers (in-engine game-scenes don't mean in-game graphics) and take a look at what was included in the last SW Battlefront and what they cut from the new, upcoming one. tl;dr pre-ordering means there's a big chance you will get ripped of and/or not get the experience the company was telling you (hype + misleading trailers and leaving out important details).
  • Well put give me a burger lol