Call of Duty Ghosts to run at 720p; future looks bleak for Xbox One

Ready to run out next month and pick up your copy of Call of Duty Ghosts alongside your Xbox One? Well, we have some news that you might want to know; Call of Duty Ghosts will not be running natively at full 1080p, but instead a lower 720p.

While this doesn’t sound like the end of the world, consumers should be made aware that the console’s Sony counterpart, PlayStation 4, will be running the game natively at 1080p. Microsoft and Infinity Ward have commented, stating that the Xbox One will upscale games to 1080p and that the unit does a “brilliant” job doing so.

With Microsoft’s Xbox One costing $100 more than the Sony PlayStation 4, and supposedly having a 10 year lifespan, the fact that the new console can’t handle launch titles in 1080p is a major concern. Call of Duty Ghosts isn’t the only title that will be suffering from a native low resolution; Crytek’s major launch title, Ryse, will also be running at 900p (yes, we know – random).

While not all games will be suffering down scaling on the console, it isn’t a good point for Xbox One fans – it is just another “Pro” for Sony PlayStation 4 fans to hold over the heads of Xbox gamers. We are entering a world of 4K gaming and consoles that are 3D compatible. Can we expect Ryse 2 from Crytek to run in 3D at 4K resolution, when it can’t even handle 2D 1080p?

Xbox One is going to continue its battle for console supremacy far past the November 22nd launch date. It is hard to deny that Sony has put full focus on the games, while Microsoft is trying to be a jack of all entertainment.

Questions is: will this affect your purchasing decision? 

Source: XboxOneInCanada

  • I watched the game play videos side by side. The X1 has much richer color, while the PS4 looks washed out. I didn't even notice the difference between 720p and 1080p. Maybe that's just me, but I'm still getting the X1.
  • Like stated, the Xbox One upscales to 1080p - so maybe it does do a decent job doing so. Colors were most likely due to the television itself though.
  • True, I would assume that they would use the same tv for testing both consoles to give a fair review.
  • Unfortunately with todays TVs unless there professionally calibrated no two tvs will ever have same picture quality.
  • Professionally calibrated, yeah right.  Now if you said it may be just the opposite on another brand of TV I could have gone for that, but professionally calibrated, doubt it.
  • I'm confused on what it is your actually trying to say. Can you please clarify your statement?
  • Footage and screenshots are done via direct capture. TV settings do not factor into it at all.
  • Capture settings do. Look at the bf4 comparisons. The xb1 is really dark
  • Isn't this on the developer Infinity Ward, and not MS? Forza 5 runs at 1080p. This early in the console's lifecycle third-party developers are probably still figuring out how to optimize the code.  
  • That is my thought too.... the fast moving action of Forza can do it but not an FPS? Odd....
  • Racing games can be a bit easier to get 1080p + 60 FPS because the game is essentially on "rails" and the environment is generally static.  
  • That's really what seems to be the case. PS3 ran at 720p while XBox 360 ran upscale 1080p yet every one always thought ps3 games looked much better, which was a lie for some games.
    I always get all systems as I am a gamer, but it always seems that every one seems to bash X1 for everything, the tables have flipped as its much easier to develop for ps4, so they have yet to crack the x1 development code, but everybody acts as ps4 is going to destroy x1 (far from the truth).
    Developers are going to run what's easiest and not waist money. They run the easiest and port for the other.
    Half of people don't have a tv screen bigger than 60" so the 720p to 1080p will not be noticeable, especially if you are playing CoD or B4, all that texure and sharpness won't be notice playing a game that fast. "I know I don't play those games to look at how sharp the grass is" I'm more worried about the enemies and getting through the levels.
    So people need to give credit where credit is due, I'm not poor so I will be getting both systems, but the X1 is console of more value. 500 gets you a better experience with Kinect packed in, a better camera than the ps4 $60 eye and people may claim that they never will use it or the Skype, and snap, but i will. No one is saying their smartphone is garbage cause its used for internet and apps and say they get it cause its a phone for calling only. X1 does more and i am happy i won't have to switch sources for tv and gaming, Ps4 has more games but many won't come till end of next year. X1 has games now at launch.
    So with ps4 "greatness awaits" and i will be there when it arrives but for me, with X1 "Greatness will be there on Nov. 22"
    Happy gaming everyone. (regardless of whatever system you choose)
  • Youre silly to think it takes 60 inch tv to notice difference between 720 and 1080p.
  • Same can be said for thinking you don't need a 60" to notice the difference.
  • Wow Henry you really don't know anything about resolution, I can tell difference from 720 to 1080p on my 15 inch laptop and I can sure tell on my 42 inch tv. Probably you never watched movies in blueray full hd
  • I said the differences will barely be noticeable, not there isn't any noticeable difference. And yes I watched bluray on my TV in full HD, but comparing HD camera resolution on bluray to video game resolution, is comparing apples to oranges. But whatever "Yes there is a big difference in resolution" Your focus on little details is making you miss the whole point of what I was saying. They are similar systems and with X1 1080p upscale from 720p the differences won't be noticeable on any thing under 60", and the differences for the people that do have 60" and above, will barely notice them.
  • How noticeable specific resolutions are depends on the size of the display and viewing distance.  Get up close to those large jumbotrons and they look like crap, but at typical distances they look pretty decent,  The same goes for anything else.  Stand 10' away from your laptop and you won't notice the difference between 720 and 1080.  If you can, then your eye sight is better than probably anyone else on the planet.  There are calculators out there for determining this.  Believe it or not, but there is a significant portion of the population that can't tell the difference because their TV is too small for their viewing distance.  It's one of the reasons that makes 4k a joke for a lot of people, especially if they have to decrease bit rates to accommodate the larger file sizes of the 4k videos.  I can easily tell the difference, but it is because I have a 95" display with a 16' viewing distance.  There is a good chance I won't be able to notice the difference between 1080p and 4k at my viewing distance.   Here's a chart - - I think it is a little on the conservative side.
  • I've read that the ps4 was up scaling bf4 also
  • Yep, BF4 on the PS4 runs at 900p but as the Xbox One has dedicated hardware for upscaling the results look much better as the PS4 looks more washed out and blurry from the software upscaling. To be honest I'm really surprised that both new consoles can't do 1080p games easily. I know we're just looking at launch games, but with simple AMD CPUs & graphics cards, surely they know their way around development for these systems already.
  • Talking about PCs the GPU used in the PS4 and XB1 are not that good in terms of power; so, is this a problem? I think that it'll be, lately people complain more than what it does really affects them. Both consoles looks too weak in my opinion.
  • I've heard that the PS4 has something like a HD7850 and XB1 has something close to HD7790
  • That's about right, although with consoles developers can optimize the games better because they know exactly what they have.
  • Probably not a whole lot of optimisations going on yet.
    Hopefully with Mantle the performance on all platforms will go way up. Microsoft seem to have their head up their ass though and are forcing DirectX even if Mantle would give better customer experience for XBone users. My way or the highway style thinking.
  • A few days ago bought a HD7870 so I'll just have to wait and see about mantle. In the mean time, most of the games I tried so far run 60+ FPS at 1080p and max graphics :)
  • There's always a limit. You either choose more details or higher resolution. It may be that the CoD team, looking at the upscale capabilities of the XB1, decided that they didn't need to render at 1080P because the console converts 720P to 1080P well enough that there would be more benefit in adding detail.
  • Funny that Forza will run at 1080P with no issues and thats a racing game.  I think a lot of the blame has to go with the lack of time the developers had with the consoles.  Furthermore, I think Activision is a little sore with MS for making a deal with ReSpawn (Titanfall) and thus focused more on the PS4.  If you also noticed that Battlefield 4 will not run native 1080P on either console.  Also, neither the PS4 or X1 will play games at 4K native resolution, Sony posted this on the PS4 fact site.  I think people should wait and let the dust settle as this is the same crap we heard with the XBOX 360 vs the PS3: and I think the PS3 was supposedlyhad more power than the X360.  I own the PS3 and XBOX 360 and will have both again.  However, I still like my x360 more.
  • What's so funny about normal cars running well? They're just boxes with tires that look like they're spinning. Barely any animation to worry about, saving it all for the environment.
  • The is that the game is running is 1080P.  Let's have the 1080P discussion this time next year.  Then the arugument would be valid, otherwise just wait and see. 
  • Umm, no. Damage means they aren't fixed models, and the amount of reflection in that game is extremely taxing from a graphics standpoint. Gran Tourismo didn't have visible damage until GT5 because they couldn't render it, and even GT5 didn't do it well.
  • I heard that was a licensing issue.
    Carmageddon had a deforming chassis all the way back in 1997.
  • Just want to throw in my off-topic $.02 and say that Carmageddon was an incredible game for its time!
  • I have yet to decide for myself which console to get first. That said this is no different then any other console launch it always takes a year or 2 before devs make games to consoles full potential. That said I think this isn't that big of an issue.
  • I know this is a Microsoft site, but thank you for not being overly biased towards Xbox. For some reason, it seems to get crazy when Xbox is brought up and people just lie to themselves. I love Windows and Windows Phone (practically all I use, just because I enjoy those platforms), but when it comes to gaming, it just doesn't seem like Microsoft gets it. They've never really seemed to care about games or quality. I know they're a business, but they've always seemed like it was all about the money. OT: I don't know if the first comment is talking about COD: Ghosts or BF4, but Battlefield isn't looking so hot, either. PS4 looks a lot more realistic and almost exactly like PC version, other than being 900p (Xbox is 720p) and having slightly lower resolution textures. It's not looking good for the future. I was hoping both consoles would be doing a lot better than they are now. Sure, we'll get better visuals in the near future, but in 6 or 7 years they'll be looking VERY dated. I'm going to assume, though, that the noticeable difference between PS4 and Xbox will only increase as the current games are cross generation. I may get an Xbox One in the future, but currently I don't feel compelled to do so.
  • To be honest, all those comparisons, I don't think either system looks amazing, and I think it's because we're looking at a port of a current gen game. The next gen specific titles are where it's going to matter.
  • Yeah, I think that'll be the case.
  • Either that or maybe the gaming PC will have some life breathed into it. I like console games, as well as mobile games, but I love my PC games.
  • Hold on to your cash for now, decide 2 months from now or something. Also ask about other things it can do, ex: can it play dvd/ bluray, what are the internals like for smoothness, etc.
  • I think they had it easy with the xbox 360, the share complexity of programming for the ps3 was enough for developers never having the budget to really enhance games for the platform, and because most people had the xbox 360 they would just optimize the games for that platform. X86 changes everything though. Developing will be much easier and a great deal of people seem to be interested in the ps4. I still think microsoft will has a slight edge here since they have the experience in developing games for x86 platforms with directx and even game engines being already optimized for windows, whereas ps4 will have a fedora version of linux, this might change over the years to come when the platform ps4 runs on mature. But for now I reackon games on Xbox will look much better simply because they already do games for pcs. Better hardware is not always what makes games look better... plus we'll have to wait and see whether these rumours are true... I might get a ps4 if it ends up being true, but I'm sure microsoft will come up with another console, these fights is what brings inovation to the table and makes consoles better and better, i just hope they learn from their mistakes :)
  • I looked at all of those screenshots and my reaction is so what.  The same response the majority of console buyers will have.  I don't buy the console for graphical clarity.  As long as I can see clearly what is going on I could care about a little more clarity here and there.  Also why I don't have a blu-ray player either, because who cares, I can see.
  • This is the first article I read on this site that is very, very weak with the facts and details pertaining to the news being reported. Let me explain and hopefully some of you read this. THIS IS NOT LIMITATION DUE TO XBOX. This is just the developers, call it lazy or w.e its the developers, period. Another thing misleading in the article, Battlefield 4 for PS4 will run at 900p only COD will be native 1080p at launch. To say "and supposedly having a 10 year lifespan, the fact that the new console can’t handle launch titles in 1080p is a major concern" the console can definitely handle it, it is THE DEVELOPERS. Heres the tweet from Mark Rubin of CoD franchise "but wanted to confirm that for Xbox One we’re 1080p upscaled from 720p. And, we’re native 1080p on PS4. We optimized each console to hit 60 FPS and the game looks great on both" Now on to battlefield 4, this is from Eurogamer report "[T]he actual results on PS4 lack the corresponding level of crystal clarity we’d expect of such a significant resolution boost,” Thomas Morgan of Digital Foundry writes. “This should surely be a home run for Sony’s console, but what is likely to be a software-based upscale to 1080p delivers less-than-stellar returns, and for better or worse leaves the Xbox One with an often crisper looking, albeit much more aliased image" So no this is NOT another 'pro' for PS4 fans at all lol and same thing with Ryse, it is because of the DEVELOPERS that they have decided to code at 900p. I really would have expected much better on this report from windows phone central, I read this on another site last night and that's where I got all my info. I ain't getting none of the new consoles but I just had to point out the truth, so misleading information doesn't get spread.
  • All I can say is Microsoft can keep the Xbox One if it just upscales and does not support native 1080p games. What the hell is the point of the console upgrade then? I wonder whos head will roll for this one, but the bottom line is if Microsoft does not fix this fast the days of the Xbox are numbered.  
  • <p>If you had read the other replies you would have seen that it can handle 1080p, some games are coming out with it, but the developers are not making the games with 1080p. Also, you can see from some of the responses that the Xbox running 720p upscaled to 1080p sometimes looks better than a ps4 running the game in native 1080p.</p> <p>In conclusion read previous posts before spouting off something that is completely inaccurate.</p>
  • Michael, I really hope this isn't an article to get ad impressions and clicks. You have put out pretty good and well thought out posts in the past, I really hope this isn't a WMPU-like move for you. By and large you should know better but I'll give you pass on this one. Realistically, this doesn't paint a negative picture for the console at all. Launch games are rarely, if ever, the pinnacle of what a console can do. Moreover, keeping a frame rate of 60 FPS has always seemed more important to COD devs (IW or Treyarc). If their optimization of the Xbox one landed them lower than that mark while at 1080p (native) then I have no problem with them dropping it. Nor do I have a problem with Battlefield doing it for PS4. They need to set the right experience and have the game play better.
  • Idk man, 1080p and 720p is a noticeable difference in my opinion. Although, I wouldn't base my purchase over one game's ability to render in 1080.
  • Yeah, and even if its not launch 1080p, I assume they could released a patch to make it native. Idk, the color is more important to me, so I don't understand people who nitpick by going "oh, look, the Xbox dropped 3 frames while the playstation only had 2" and stuff like that. It doesn't even register to me. We all want different things from a console I guess, but that's just my preference.
  • People are saying that they dont care because its not the other way around "Xbox One does 1080P, PS4 720P" If it was like that everyone here would be like OMG HAHAHA PS4 FAILS etc. 
  • YES!
  • Let's look at the bright side: Xbox One games will come out more optimized and run on a cooler system, while PS4 developers will rely more on the speed of the console and we will end up with unoptimzied games running on a hotter system.
  • You really don't know that. Remember that the PS3 was more powerful than the 360, yet it was the 360 which suffered from heat issues. Heck, that's despite the fact that Microsoft doesn't put the PSU in the console like Sony.
  • How was PS3 more powerful than 360? My understanding is that the 360 had more memory than the Xbox. Take a game like Skyrim for example. Bethesda (the developer) pushed the boundaries well for the 360 version, but suffered terribly with the PS3 version and had to abandon 2 planned DLCs because of that
  • No. They had the same amount of RAM, but the PS3 had it split up. Half was faster RAM. The 360 just had one pool of RAM. So, this time around, it's the Xbox that will have the same problem. All the while, being the weaker console. It's not a very good place Microsoft has put themselves in (only concerning games, I suppose). And, yes, the PS3 had the power supply built into the system and, somehow, didn't have the issues the 360 had. It's crazy to see how big the Xbox One is while not even including the power supply. The PS4 is so much smaller (smaller than the PS3 Slim!) and still includes the power supply and more power. I think Microsoft just wanted to be SUPER careful this time around. :P Hopefully, we don't see any heat issues with the PS4 (I'm sure we won't with the Xbox), but that is Sony's specialty (hardware).
  • PS3 is faster than the 360...  The problem is that is faster for floating points math (which is excellent for BluRay movies), but not for games which need also general logic processing.  Floating points then need to be converted and massaged (dumbed down) to do the normal processing, which slow down the system.  PS3 needs more cycles for each cycle on the XBOX. For example, a core i7 vs a core i5, even that the i7 runs slower than the i5; the i7 gets more done.  Speed and amount of memory is not the only measurement for work done.  Use the internet to search for: computer pipelines, data pipelines and computer architecture to learn how computer works.  Learn how they are optimized. Its like using a racing car to tow a boat... Its fast, but doesnt get the job done.  It will get there, but an F-150 will be there faster. If you asked, the XBOX One has voice recognition, kinect, and virtualization in the box; all this on top of playing game.  You guys tell me who has the best cpu architecture.
  • Enough said. Well done! People need to read this and get educated!
  • Youre theory is horrible : /
  • Sorry, but that doesn't make any sense. If anything, PS4 games will be more optimized. Have you seen PS3 exclusives compared to 360 exclusives? The power gap is only bigger and the PS4 is even easier to develop for. It will just take developers longer to optimize the Xbox to try and lower the gap between the two.
  • No I wouldn't because games like mw3 & blackops II currently run at 720p and I use hdmi input on my 60" Samsung that's 1080p LED TV and I have no issues at all. Besides if other games run at 1080p on XB1, its does sound like its on the developers; if that's the case then in think article need to clarify clearly instead of list headline to cause an uproar (not saying wpc is doing this because I'm a fan).
  • It's not. There really aren't any games that run at 1080p, other than a couple(?) that have taken sacrifices to achieve 1080p.
  • Too accurate. I'm probably never going psX because I'm too lazy to learn psX controls after learning Xbox ones already.
  • Can you truly notice a difference and to what degree?
  • The bigger the tv, the more you will notice. I used a 65", I can see the difference from a 720P image to a 1080p image, it's noticable.
  • It's not the same as watching a 720P vs 1080P movie on a big screen.  They are using sophisticated upscaling it to 1080P, so you won't notice any pixilation.  However, you will lose specific granularity, so edges may appear slightly more fuzzy on the XBox One. Either way, it's unforgivable and will cost Microsoft more money in lost console sales then simply putting in a better GPU.
  • You watched a game play video from youtube I presume? I would not call that a any kind of test. :D Wait till you see the two next to each other on your +50" HD TV and then make the test. 
  • Big difference! Same thing is happening with Battlefield 4. Saw this played side by side with PS4. The difference was defiantly noticeably, enough to make think twice about purchasing a Xbox One.
  • No one ever answered why 720. Was there a limitation or is the Xbox just not powerful enough?
  • That's what i would like to know, as i thought both x1 and ps4 where using pretty much the same SOC from AMD.
  • Developer have not had enough time to optimize the games is the issue.
  • You relaly don't know that. Remember that the PS3 was more pwoerful than the 360, yet it was the 360 which suffered from heat issues. Heck, that's despite the fact that Microsoft doens't put the PSU in the console like Sony. They use the same CPU, but the GPUs aren't identical (the PS4's is stronger).
  • That's what I want to know too, even though im still getting Xbox one, just gonna cry myself to sleep if thats MS's fault and not developers, watching games side by side
  • It's about fps. The devs limited the game to 720p to get maximum frames per second.
  • The developer was targeting a 60 fps framerate. I believe the xbox was running the game at something like 50 fps.
  • Were the TV's identical and setup identical? What size TV were you comparing them on? 32" or smaller, not a big deal here but larger TV's, 1080p is definitely better.
  • U rite. That 1080p don't look gud on PS4. When XBONE start pushing their 1080p it's going tu look better than PS4 1080p
  • Imagine how much better it would be if it was native 1080p. And yes, I'm getting the X1 at the midnight launch at my best buy store.
  • Yea well that's not saying much. These are just launc