Call of Duty: WWII confirmed ahead of April 26 reveal

What once was only a rumor is now confirmed: Call of Duty is going back to World War II. The official Call of Duty Twitter account confirmed the next release's setting today, teasing the title ahead of a full reveal live stream on April 26.

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This marks the Call of Duty franchise's first move back to a World War II setting since 2008, lining up with comments made during an Activision earnings call earlier this year in which the company confirmed the series would be going "back to its roots" in 2017. This year's Call of Duty will be handled by Sledgehammer Games, whose last Call of Duty title was 2014's Advanced Warfare.

Given the tepid reaction to the futuristic combat of 2016's Infinite Warfare, a return to World War II could prove successful for the franchise. In any case, we'll know much more about the title after its full reveal on April 26.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Yeah baby, back to it's roots. Sledgehammer never disappoint.
  • Wow, They literally copied Battlefield 1. Screw COD.
  • Battlefield 1 is WW1
  • Yeah, but they copied Battlefieldby going backwards to go forward and went really generic and lame with the title like BF1 did. Really, they couldn't manage better than "WWII" as a subtitle? That's weak.
  • All those titles suck. Simply call it CoD 1,2,3,4,5....
  • Not really a fan of COD but I have to defend them here. They couldnt really copy them because game is not developed in a year, it takes YEARS. So unless they had some inside info 2-3 years back, they couldnt, they prolly planned it long time ago.
  • The fans wanted a WW game instead of the futuristic crap. They listened and going there, the fact the BF1 went WW first doesn't mean they are copying. They are all basically listening to their fans and the market. Don't say what you said any where.
  • I don't think you know what literally means, or what Battlefield 1 is, or how games are developed.
  • Maybe they didn't copy, but only made it better.
  • Still waiting one year that activision confirm there isn't any COD title , they should rest for a while
  • why? people continue to buy the games even though it isn't selling as high as before, it is still selling.  The day they rest is the day people stop playing this game in large numbers.   People continue to play recycled games, they will continue to pump them out.    
  • Problem with that is that more and more people are leaving and starting to hate all the milking. So people who used to play these games just don't buy it anymore. For me, this continuous milking is just hurting the franchise.
  • IF they use to sell lets say 10 million and now sell 7 million, that is still 7 million and a ton of money.  They not stopping anytime soon because people continue to buy them.  They dont care about hurting the franchise because 7 million in sales is still a lot.  
  • Plus the in game purchases. That's their bread and butter now.
  • If you don't like it don't buy it. If people want to buy it every year, let them do so.
  • I think he (like all of us) have the right to their opinion. If people don't like franchise getting milked and think that's not good for gaming and the franchise ittself, he has the right to say it.
  • Exactly. If you don't like it (I agree its poop) don't play it. The kids will still buy it and if it makes money it'll be back.
  • I just have one simple request: don't make this a multiplayer focused crapfest like Battlefront and Battlefield.I ask for nothing else.
  • What!? You actually appreciate and expect a good story and solid gameplay? What heresy is this?
  • Yeah, I know. I keep asking for ludicrous things ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  • BF1 has a solid campaign btw so not sure what you mean by Battlefield.
  • Solid, but short. The campaign is not worth $60 for the short content. It's a multiplayer-centric game, with the story mode to teach you a bit about each of the different classes and vehicles in multiplayer.
  • Multiplayer is where its at!!! I hope that there are a lot of MP achievements.
  • Yeah if you're 12. For those of us who have to work for a living and have little patience for online brats, multiplayer is just a headache.
  • I'm not 12, work for a living and I've yet to get past the first 2 missions on BF1. It's been all online. I've yet to meet any "brats" online. Hell, 90% of the time, no one even use their mics.
  • Consider yourself lucky then ;)
  • I have mics disabled for good reason on mine, haha. BF1 is still great, but sometimes, I don't know what's wrong with my team. They never stand on points, or defend them. They seem to straddle points and eventually take them, leaving said point completely defenseless.
  • Genuinely not encountered many brats on any Battlefield game. COD, yes, lots.
  • Definitely on CoD. It's an online daycare.
  • I never the MP and jsut play the campaign, I wish they would sell just a single player standalone for half price.
  • The stories on battlefield weren't bad. They weren't amazing to be honest, but not bad.
  • So you are requesting them not to do what is selling best for them? Aaall righty then.
  • Battlefield > COD
  • Bit of a bummer. Pretty obvious Battlefield will be going WWII with there next instalment. I think CoD should go for something between Rainbow 6 Siege and MW2. WW2 doesn't feel fast paced enough to keep their current fan base really satisfied. I know that's where they started but it's quite a step back. Not that I've ever got into CoD, always liked Battlefield more with the open maps and vehicles. I'm pretty sure that any Battlefield based WW2 game will blow CoD out of the water. When you think WW2, you think Battleships, Tanks, Planes and storming beach fronts, not 6v6 death matches.
  • "WW2 doesn't feel fast paced enough to keep their current fan base really satisfied."   Thing is their current fanbase is pretty small compared to their fanbase when they had games in good settings like WW2 ;)
  • Finally. I'll probably pick it up. Last 10 years worth of CoD were really stupid and boring. Something about WWII and WWI games that fascinates me.
  • It's because they are based on real events. You can fully immerse yourself in the battle as you know it's grounded on reality. The last years of CoD and their modern-crap lack that. You can't suspend you disbelief.
  • So having an M4 rifle with grenade launcher, operating vehicles like helicopters and jets are not based on reality? :-D Dude your comments make no sense at all.
  • He's saying they aren't based on an actual war that REALLY happened. Whereas this setting is.
  • I never liked the WW2 COD one last time. Found the guns to be a step back, for obvious reasons. However, loved the Vietnam levels on BF BC2. I do, however, reckon that this COD might get me interested a bit.
  • Back to the future? another COD WW2 theme.  The milk is real
  • Finally, I'll buy a cod game after many years.
  • Finally. Infinite Warfare was most stupid game ever.
  • They claim it's the biggest COD to date! I'm not gonna lie I'm excited!!
  • So is modern gaming just now becoming a shooter fest. After shooter fest. This will be Battlefield 1, but wait. A COD version. Yaaaaawwwwwnnnnnn. Just like the never ending, hand holding open world games we constantly get nowadays. Yaaaaaawwwwwnnnnn.
  • City Skylines more your thing? Jez seemed pretty stoked with it.
  • Battlefield 1 has been the best shooter in as long as I can remember. All of the CODs have sucked for years, and there hasn't really been much competition. I wish there was more of an emphasis on rifles in BF1, but the quality and finish far exceeds most titles, although they need to fix bugs and a few exploits.
  • I remember watching the making of CoD 3 and being impressed by how much attention to detail and care Treyarch applied to it. I hope Sledgehammer goes beyond "multiplayer shooter with a WWII skin" and focuses on the little things, and realism with any luck. And please no Hollywood drama.
  • I still play Call of Duty 3 on my Xbox 360 all the time.  It's during WWII and has vehicles during multi player.  It's great fun, with 4 palyer split screen.  If they can remake this game with new maps and better graphics, I'm in.  It has a great story mode as well.
  • i sat out the last 2 cod's i will this. im bored still of ww2 i dont think its time yet. 
  • Better let them know to cancel the whole because your not ready. 
  • Yes!!!!!!!!! Can't wait to hear more!
  • Developed by the same team to bring out the abominations MW3 and AW? All I need to know to pass. CoD died once Treyarch went off the deep end with BO3. I'm done with this franchise, therre's no hope left for me. Treyarch's the only dev team I've seen do anything good in the last 5 years, and they're off on the run-and-gun hack job side of things I've got no interest in.
  • I was done after they jumped the shark with Black ops 1.
  • I want a COD to be made by the original infinity ward team than whatever they have now. Even the new IW suck. The best for me would be COD2. Bring back those stories.
  • Oh good an expansion pack, will try and dig out a relevant copy of CoD to play it on.
  • Not this again. Hated the previous cod that were based on the world war nonsense. out of date historical crap.
  • The storyline has been travel back to WW2 from the year 2125 armed with jetpacks and flying robots to take on Hitler who himeslf has secretly developed a time machine and has brought back laser tanks and orbital strike satellites. The action will take place on Earth, in space on the orbital strike stations and Hitlers secret base on Mars where he has developed an army of robo-zombies - sounds like Sledgehammer are going for a fresh new start with the Call of Duty franchise!
  • "Back to the future? another COD WW2 theme.  The milk is real" Haha, i exactly thought the same
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