Camera in Windows 10 for Phone

Does your phone not qualify for the Lumia Denim update with Lumia Camera 5.0? No worries, as Microsoft is evidently cherry picking some choice features from Lumia Camera 5.0 and adding them to the Camera app in Windows 10.

Loading up the new Camera experience, and you get a mishmash of Lumia Camera features in the default app. For instance, there is now the magic wand from Lumia Camera 5.0's Rich Capture option.

However, instead of the full suite of Rich Capture features, you just get HDR. Still, that is a big deal for the Lumia 635, which does not normally get that camera option.

Additionally, the previously taken photo icon now takes you directly to the new Photos app in Windows 10. Previously, Windows Phone 8.1 and lower would keep you siloed in the camera app with a pseudo photo catalog experience. Now, this goes right into the Photos app and lets you edit photos directly, including using the new 'Enhance' feature. This is all part of the more unified app experience in Windows 10.

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Finally, you can also now hold down the camera button (if your phone has one) to record video. Alternatively, you can set it to photo burst or disable.

Windows 10 for phone still has a long way to go, but it is exciting to see the Camera app pick up some of those Lumia Camera features.