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The Camera app in Windows 10 borrows a lot from Lumia Camera 5.0 with HDR and more

Camera in Windows 10 for Phone

Does your phone not qualify for the Lumia Denim update with Lumia Camera 5.0? No worries, as Microsoft is evidently cherry picking some choice features from Lumia Camera 5.0 and adding them to the Camera app in Windows 10.

Loading up the new Camera experience, and you get a mishmash of Lumia Camera features in the default app. For instance, there is now the magic wand from Lumia Camera 5.0's Rich Capture option.

However, instead of the full suite of Rich Capture features, you just get HDR. Still, that is a big deal for the Lumia 635, which does not normally get that camera option.

Additionally, the previously taken photo icon now takes you directly to the new Photos app in Windows 10. Previously, Windows Phone 8.1 and lower would keep you siloed in the camera app with a pseudo photo catalog experience. Now, this goes right into the Photos app and lets you edit photos directly, including using the new 'Enhance' feature. This is all part of the more unified app experience in Windows 10.

Finally, you can also now hold down the camera button (if your phone has one) to record video. Alternatively, you can set it to photo burst or disable.

Windows 10 for phone still has a long way to go, but it is exciting to see the Camera app pick up some of those Lumia Camera features.

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The Camera app in Windows 10 borrows a lot from Lumia Camera 5.0 with HDR and more


Someone answer me please! I have a Nokia 830 and I want Lumia Canera instead of Nokia camera. I downloaded Lumia camera but it says I need Demin, I went to the about and it says I have Demin. What is the deal?

Same here!!! I can't take pictures. The preview window shows only small squares on the top, everything is black. How this even passed QA!!! Use your feedback app and add your vote. This is already reported as on issue but needs more votes, so Microsoft will start paying attention ⚠

I have not had a chance to try the camera app on my 920 after getting TP. I hope it makes the great low light picture taking off the 920 even better. I was extremely disappointed in the 1520 low light pictures after having the 920. I may keep the 920 just for night or low light pics.

Haven't read much, but will the final (ish) build of W10 merge the Lumia Camera and Microsoft Camera once and for all? And will that mean that we can finally use the manual controls of the Lumia Cam with the speed of Microsoft Cam?


Managed to get Windows 10 installed after updating to 8.1 update 2. The new default camera app is messed up. It shows several small windows of the same object (like a series of frames of the same photo) I am aiming at instead of one large rectangle. They are located on one side of the lcd with an overlay of setting choices. Not useable to frame a photo. Switching to the old camera app works but really want to try out the new Windows camera app. phone is a 925.



YES SIR! Same here, 925 too, Indonesia build. Exactly as you described. Lumia Camera works well, unable to turn ON the cellular data ( I don't mind with it staying at on position, but mine's at OFF all the time! it's frustrating! is it like this on yours?

Hell Yeah! Mine too! 920 here, the Camera has a massive bug, I also can't seem to get the cellular data toggle on....

Does holding down cam button for video always record 4k or just whatever your max RES settings are set to?

They just have to delete the default camera app just cause is pointless. Along with maps. Here maps drive and lumia camera should be the only ones installed. It is juat pointless to have more apps doing the same thing.

They are doing this the other way round. Integrating Lumia Camera into the stock camera app and then will probably discontinue Lumia Camera.

If I can find a workaround with OneNote....
It's working now, but I haven't gone through with it yet.

I might do it... Doesn't seem to be causing anyone else issues.... As soon as someone with a att 1520 says theirs works I'm doing it.

Just read the list of bugs.... The only thing that really bothers me is the failure to upload pictures from the camera roll... Oh well, they store on SD, so no biggie...

"Older hardware" yada yada yada, you know the excuses given with Denim to not add a single thing to the 1020. Hence the question ;)


If it adds it, In that case, I think I will revert my previous statement and try this on the 1020.

What makes you think the 635 will be any better than the 1020. Lenses matters the most here I think. Or not..?

It's not that. With Denim, Microsoft basically ignored the Nokia 1020, Windows Phone de facto imaging flagship. They didn't even add HDR or anything AT ALL, to it. The excuses given were that it had older hardware than recent low cost phones.

As such, and because Windows 10 will NOT be the same on older hardware as it is on new hardware, and given the fact that they had abandoned the 1020 before, it wouldn't be weird to see Windows 10 also leaving these kinds of features out of the 1020.

It might be that, they were aiming to improve all their device's cameras at once via Windows 10. So 1020 would've been extra work for them, at that time.

Quad core vs Dual core. The 635 could have two thread handling post processing while the other two are processing shot to shot. This would likely have less impact on performance versus using a single core to post process and the other to process shot to shot. I believe that was the hardware limitation they were alluding to in a simple explanation on why Lumia Camera 5 wasn't going to come to the dual core variants.

No, as far as I can see on my 1020 the Camera app is exactly the same on Win 10 TP as on Win 8.1. No new features or so. I don't buy the excuses about older hardware, there is other non-free apps in the store which handles HDR just fine on the 1020. And wasn't the 1020 marketed with a dedicated "photo-CPU" so it would be able to handle 40 MP RAW files? Why couldn't this processing power be used for running Lumia Camera 5.0?

Confused. What if I were to use the Camera app on my Lumia 1520. Does it still take Rich Capture (dynamic HDR/Flash)?

I don't think they're cherry picking, I'm guessing all of the features wil be there, they're just not done yet.


When you have a 2.2 Ghz quad core with 2 Gigs of Ram (read 930) and still native apps like Skype say resuming when switched to, it definitely is.

Skype is a very peculiar case. It's an app written in Silverlight to my knowledge, as the VoIP API for Windows Phone is only for Silverlight, not WinRT. They've done a lot to make it run faster over the years, but it's still using the old coding language and so fast resuming isn't as easy.
However this may have changed recently or will change for Win10.

What about Aeries written on WinRT as far,as I know, 6 sec buy Rudy, One Drive.

Infinite number of examples this thing can have. 60% of apps (90% when using a 830) cannot be crippled.

lol you just mentioned the shittiest app ever made, that's a godsend exception to any rule, all we can do is hope Microsoft makes a real native Skype app

Already wrote it on Android Central ;)

In resume: I've heard that rumour way too often before. HERE is a profitable company. There's absolutely no reason for Nokia to sell it.

Oh I haven't gone on there today, I'll check it out. For the record I can't see Nokia doing this, especially since they will sell phones next year.

There has been no announcement that they will sell phones. Testing and making mock-ups is not the same as deciding to go to market. 

They had job postings in LinkedIn last year looking for software engineers in camera software for Android, I would be very surprised if they didn't sell phones in 2016.

I'd be surprised if they do. A hiring ad doesn't mean a hire was made and a hire doesn't mean a phone is coming. Maybe that hire helped with the tablet that isn't in wide release. Maybe they are building a camera app...Android needs better cam apps. Maybe they hired him, and others and made a prototype that will never get made. Maybe they are advancing photo tech to license to others. Lots of possibilities, but I see them shying away from the consumer front. If they indeed sell HERE, I'd be shocked if they made a phone.

Selling HERE while it is profitable means they will get a better price. If they are changing the course of their business to be more backend-network based, then this makes sense. Companies spin off profitable divisions when focus is the goal. 

Except they not only aren't, they've just secured massive deals with the BMW and Volkswagen groups (along with other big European car brands) to equip their cars with HERE as the GPS solution. They've also entered a partnership with Mercedez-Benz to develop self-driving cars.

All three Nokia divisions (Networks, HERE and Technologies) all profitable with increasing profits forcasted.

I don't really care about the UI. And I'm over the it should be exclusive thing lol. Whatever helps the 2% feel relevant I guess is good.

that shit is exclusive to NEWER lumias so even lumia fanboys will celebrate here, stupid nokia planning as you see, finally ms is inserting some common sense