Hey, Sugar Crush addicts, it looks like King has another tasty update for you Candy Crush Saga fans. While previous updates added levels to the main board, today's 1.50.2 update brings even more levels to Dreamworld aka those alternative levels where Odus the owl acts like a drunkard, always falling off his perch.

According to the game's changelog, Tiffi, the creepy little girl is now a giant while the whale gets smaller. Perhaps more interesting is the addition of 15 more levels to Dreamworld to bring the total up to 620.

Technically this is still 15 levels behind the Facebook and iOS versions of the game, which sit at 635, but overall that is not too bad.

Candy Crush Saga may be an old release, but it is still one of the most popular around. While King, the company behind the game phenom, could have just dropped off the title on Windows Phone and walked, it looks like they are actively supporting the challenging workday diversion (this is the second update this month).

Hopefully, they will see continued momentum with Windows Phone users in downloads and in-app purchases to keep them coming back for more.

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