Candy Crush Saga picks up quick-fix in latest update

Earlier this week, the popular and addictive Candy Crush Saga grabbed a significant update adding 15 new levels to the game. Although the game improved upon performance too and some general fixes, some users have reported issues with opening the game after the latest update.

Today, version is live in the Store. The changelog is the same as the one from earlier in the week, so we surmise this is just to fix some lingering issues. Hopefully, those who had problems opening the game after the last update will have that issue resolved.

If you notice anything else that is new or working better, shout out in comments.

Download Candy Crush Saga for Windows Phone 8

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Daniel Rubino

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  • Who plays this?
  • I wonder!! They should just make it Live and give it achievements.
  • Frozen free fall
  • I love frozen free fall
  • I do, :-)
  • Why do people ask this every time WC posts something about it? Games don't have to be a fad.
  • still can't download
  • Yeah same problem here. It's always "pending" from the last update!
  • Same here.. It's pending pending pending..
    Then I just uninstalled it.. Now I can't even install at all.. L1320
  • You forgot to add credits..!!
  • Credit: I checked my phone, had an update. I thank myself.
  • Then add tipped by Master Daniel San :p
  • Hahahahahaha
  • Epic.
  • My girlfriend will be pleased with her 535 dual sim. First thing she complaint to me about
  • Fixes it for me.
  • Me too
  • U were able to fix it by yourself before, all u needed was to turn on the Advertising ID setting on your phone.
  • Which ID setting? Game wasnt even starting up. Loading screen and crash to start screen
  • I meant the advertising ID in the phone setting! Not in the game... That was the problem, after this update its not necessary anymore to turn it on.
  • Lots of apps getting updates today
  • Too much battery consumption in the background.
  • Seems sweaty
  • What the?
  • I lol now that I read my comment again
  • Seems sweeter
  • Daniel, After the initial update I noticed that I got moved back three levels in the night owl track. It lost some of the history in conversion, even though I'm synchronized with Facebook.
  • Question is when king will release cc soda ... If they gonna release it on WP
  • Who cares. We should be boycotting them since they don't give a shit about us until its convenient.
  • Yeah, 'Cause that's the exactly how grown people deals with things, right?
  • Umm, yeah, actually it is. Boycotting things you don't agree with to send a message. I think it is stupid instead of helping grow our user base, they ignore us until it suits them.
  • Plz... Already fed up with candy crush notifications on fb... Remove this feature :D
  • Have they fixed the issue where the game still wont download and is stuck on Pending in the store?
  • Same problem I'm having. Anything else I update/download from the store does fine. Had a list of about seven apps updating yesterday and they all went fine except this one. Just stays stuck on pending.
  • hi   did u find any resolution for this?/
  • Anyone else have crazy lag during gameplay after installing W10?
  • Yup, I'm having crazy lag here as well on W10
  • Not downloading still
  • Who is this idiot
  • I can't download it and by downloading manually i am not able to install it. Does any body else have the same issue? Lumia 630
  • And i am using Windows 10 preview is that the issue?
  • Still not downloading here either..
  • Lols if it having such an issues it doesn't worth to download. Those who having problems use shift+delete it, it deserves it
  • Still crashes. :/
  • Sometimes theres a bit of a lag, something that didnt happen before The update. L1520.
  • Couldn't download. Download stops and says attention required
  • Not able to update... It's stops downloading and says attention required.
  • Unable to download game after denim update on L925
  • Unable to log into Facebook, always times out! Then again I'm stuck with ATIV S WP8 GDR3 update! Does that have anything to do with how the game runs? Or do you need WP8.1 Update 2?
  • The update fixed my Candy Crush too.... It just used to crash immediately on opening.
  • Game is not downloading plz fix it
  • Seems like it now supports HD resolution. The fonts looks much sharper.
  • Game is not update & downloading... Always is pending. pls fast fix it.........
  • There's a couple of new features. If you click on the bottom left hand side arrow there us a symbol with a person with a crown and when press it brings a screen with an option to create a nickname to receive lives and help from other players. Below that there is a login in button with no explanation what that's for. On the top left hand corner there is a mailbox to receive messages such as lives from other players. These features are separate from facebook. Still trying to work out if its possible to back up progress in candy crush without facebook.
  • I lost all my progress after the update. Now I have to play everything from the start
  • HAVING PROBLEMS DOWNLOADING UPDATE?  My update was also stuck for days - so I restarted the phone while the update was stuck at zero progress in the download.  When the phone restarted, the update installed. 
  • After the last update can be played while in conversation. The buttons do not respond!
  • Dis game not downloading since 1week...always showing pending pending......plz update and fix it
  • Not downloading , always showing pending only , all other apps got downloaded without any problem , any solution for this?
  • hi friends,  I too had the same problem.  Try these steps.   1. Cancel the download pending. 2. go to storage sense and change the app download to phone. 3. Then restart the phone and now update..    i got cleared.