Canyon Capers, a platform Windows Phone game with a retro feel

Canyon Capers is a retro styled arcade platform Windows Phone game that has you guiding your players across fifty levels of play, collecting gems and treasures while ducking and dodging dangerous creatures.

Graphics have that early 1990's feel and while some may find game play uneventful, the game does grow on you. Available for low-memory devices, Canyon Capers isn't a bad option to consider if you are looking for a throwback styled Windows Phone game.

Straightforward Menu and Game Play

You won't get confused with Canyon Capers' main menu. You have options to exit the game, mute the sounds, jump into game play, view the About Screen and choose your language support.

Game play is spread across fifty levels where you control the game's main character Dino-Jr. As you work your way through the levels of play, additional characters will become available.

With each level, you are tasked with collecting a set number of treasures that are scattered about the playing field. In your way is a maze of platforms and dangerous creatures that hope to end your day. You can jump on top of the creatures to stun them or send them flying off the screen but if they make contact with your player, they will lose health points.

The game screen has your level stats in the upper left side of the screen with your health meter (a huge heart) sitting in the upper right corner. The gaming controls are in the form of buttons (much like you would find on an arcade game) that control your left and right movements and jumping abilities.

As you dispatch the creatures, which range from snakes to little green mice, they will slowly repopulate the gaming area. Oddly, falling from the platforms will no cause your character harm and the flaming torches are only for show. There are hidden caves throughout the levels that have bonus gems and collectibles.

Once you've collected all your treasures, a vortex will appear that will transport your character to the next gaming level. If the vortex is not within sight, a directional arrow will appear to help point you in the right direction.

All of this has to be done before time runs out. It doesn't stand out much but across the bottom of the screen is a green timer bar that will slowly deplete. You will get a few on-screen warnings that time is running out and if it the clock strikes zero before you are through the vortex, you fail the level.

Overall Impression

Canyon Capers did come across a little on the vanilla side when I first started playing it. The graphics did have a nice retro feel and while game play wasn't overly difficult, it wasn't a cakewalk either.

Gaming controls were alright but at times I found them a little difficult. Tapping the jump and directional buttons at the same time weren't always in sync, resulting in your character jumping straight up instead of up and to the left or right. It's not a deal breaker but will require a little patience.

I couldn't help but feel that Canyon Capers needed a few power-ups or bonus items scattered across the platforms to help your character fend off the enemy. Maybe an invincibility gem or maybe a gem that wipes out all the creatures on the screen would do the trick.

I will admit the game grew on me the more I played it. As is, I can see Canyon Capers appealing to many but I would take advantage of the trial version first before hitting the "Buy" button. Currently the game lacks any Windows Phone Store reviews and we'd place it in the 3.5 Star range

If you give Canyon Capers a whirl, let us know what you think in the comments below and visit the Store listing and rate the game so the developer can get a feel for things as well.

  • Canyon Capers - Windows Phone 8.x - 34MB - Trial / $2.99 - Store Link

George Ponder

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