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Car Starter for Windows Phone 8 becomes Car Dash after the latest update

Car Starter is a dashboard app for Windows Phone 8 that places a decent amount of functionality at your fingertips while on the road.  The app was recently updated to version 2.0 that not only brings about a name change but also a few design changes.

Now known as Car Dash, the version 2.0 update adds a dial pad to the Contacts Page and a music selection feature to the Music Page.  The dial pad will allow you to dial a telephone number directly from the app.  The music selection feature lets you browse through your music collection to find what song you want to listen to.

Car Dash also receives a few tweaks under the hood to improve performance and fix bugs and Podcast Lounge was added to the app shortcut list.

If you are looking for a decent dashboard app for your Windows Phone 8 device, Car Dash is one to consider.  The base app is free with two in-app purchase options.  If you want to unlock the NFC feature, it will cost you $.99.  An hourly and three day weather forecast is available as an add-on for $.99 as well.  You can also bundle both NFC and weather add-ons for $1.49.

You can find Car Dash here in (opens in new tab) the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Car Dash

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  • ดูดี
  • Just updated. Sweet.
  • M' renmen ti aplikasyon sa a mò!
  • Oh oh... Mon ché. Ti moune Windows phone.
  • Gade ayisyen'm yo isit la. Mwen rinmin wè sa. Bon ane a nou tout.
  • Dat wou ik net zeggen eigenlijk.
  • The egg is under the hat of my aunt. The onion flies at dawn.
  • Ótimo!!! Good app
  • Good. Car starter was a bit misleading of a title.
  • Car Starter was a stupid name for this app in the first place.
  • WPC, you guys have any contacts at Zynga? Would love to have someone put some pressure on them to fix their broken paid games. Words with friends is in awful shape, yet no update since 03/2013. Unacceptable to charge for and refuse to fix a broken app.
  • Have you tried contacting Zynga yourself directly? It would be great if the likes of WPCentral got in touch with them to put some pressure their way but in the meantime, anyone who has bought their games should do the same.
  • Is there an alternative where i can choose my own apps on the dash?
  • It's cold outside. Thanks, bye.
  • I thought there's already an app called cardash
  • Yup there is.
  • And the name is?
  • Correct. The name is Cardash without a space.
  • Cardashian.
  • There is another app called CarDash. It has very different functionality from Car Dash though.
  • I thought an official version of something similar from Nokia was supposed to be coming?
  • Check out "Car Mode" for Windows Phone Check out "Desktop Mode" for Windows Phone
  • Hee ik begreep borri
  • So they couldn't think of another name since cardash app already exist.
  • Thanx for the suggestions
  • Can't change destinations or search for new ones. Otherwise very good
  • You can add a destination by clicking on the "add dest." button on the application bar on the main page. You can also change existing destinations by clicking the 3-dot menu and choosing "manage destinations."
  • Hi. I know. It was not responding to edit and delete and all searches said they were invalid searches even by postcode. However, after a reboot the app is working as it should be. Could have been a glitch.
  • Doesn't matter its now illegal to touch the GPS while driving ... Sweden
  • Is illegal in the UK too but people still do it