Car Starter for Windows Phone 8 updated, adds weather forecast as IAP

Car Starter is a dashboard companion app for Windows Phone 8 devices that puts essential apps and information at your fingertips.  The app was updated to version 1.7, which optimizes the app for 1080p phones, adds a few new shortcuts, and adds a weather forecast feature as an in-app purchase.

The 1080p optimization has five main buttons instead of the four and four tiles running across the top of the app.  Live Music Access (opens in new tab) and Metrotube apps have been added to the shortcut button lists.  You also have French and Polish language support along with a few bug fixes and stability tweaks.

Car Starter Main Page, Weather Tiles and Weather Options

As far as the weather feature is concerned, an hourly or three-day forecast is displayed at the top of the app.  Your forecast location can be based on a specific location or set to your Windows Phone location services.  Tapping on a weather tile will cause Car Starter to read a more detailed forecast and if there are weather alerts in your area, Car Starter will notify you of such.

While the weather forecast has been added to Car Starter, it has been added as a $.99 in-app purchase.  The weather feature joins the NFC feature, also $.99, on Car Starter’s in-app purchase menu.  The developer has added a “Pro” option for $1.49, which unlocks both NFC and weather features and any future premium feature.

The update does give Car Starter a little more meat to the bone and even though the weather feature is an IAP, it is a nice touch.   I can see the audible weather alerts coming in handy while you are traveling and need a hands free update on the weather ahead. 

The base Car Starter app is a freebie with the add-on features running $.99 each or $1.49 for the group.  Car Starter is available for Windows Phone 8 and you can find it here (opens in new tab) at the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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  • Name of the app is deceiving. "Car starter" sounds like the app would remotely start a car or something.
  • I agree, the idea of a car starting app on WP is what made me click the article.  Total feel let down now :)
  • Agreed!
  • Car Dashboard something would have been better
  • Totally agree, the Developer should maybe thinking about rebranding this.      
  • Should Car Starter change it's name? Please vote on the poll:
  • Yeah, a little misleading and disappointing. Not on WPC's part, but the dev's.
  • I tried this app before. Its rather a well written app that performed very well. But it wasn't what l needed at the time. Aside from what I need its a very impressive app.
  • Will this app turn on automatically when the phone enters car mode? Is that allowed yet by the OS?
  • This is not allowed by the OS unfortunately.
  • Buy a NFC tag...
  • I really like this app and use it all the time. I voted for the weather forecast being implemented and one month later, there it is! 5 stars!
  • I must say, I love fully features apps, but it's kinda annoying when you have 5 apps ALL trying to do everything. Literally EVERY app on WP tries to shows you the weather, it's getting ridiculous.
  • Welcome to WeatherPhone 8.1 !!
  • Its the easy to do