Card Arcade, a nice collection of card games for young and old

There's a new card game in the Windows Phone Store. Card Arcade is a collection of four card games that include Old Maid, Go Fish, Memory, and Blackjack. Memory is a matching game where the cards are faced down and you have to find all the pairs. It's a nice cross section of games that will appeal to younger players as well as old.

Game stats are gathered and coins awarded for trophies earned that can be used to unlock gaming content. Card Arcade is a fairly basic card game with a relaxed pace, nice graphics and decent game play.

The main menu for Card Arcade has options to play the four games with access to your trophies/achievements, settings and the about section along the top of the screen. You can opt to sign in with your Facebook account to access the online leaderboard and the game's store (where you can buy additional coins).

Settings for Card Arcade cover sound effects on/off, haptic feedback on/off and for Nokia Lumia Windows Phones seven custom card backs.

For now, the games are single player with indications that a multi-player mode is coming soon. According to the Store description, this will be a real-time multi-player mode.  Each game has a thorough "how to play" section to help you with the finer points of game play.

Game play is decent with a little bit of lag time in between moves. There's a brief pause between you choosing an action and the dealer doing whatever is necessary. For example, when you choose to stand in Blackjack there's a short pause before the dealer finishes his hand. The lag isn't enough to drive you screaming from the room but is noticeable.

Graphics are a little on the unique side with a more cartoonish card face. It's not your typical, reserve Hoyle type design.

Overall, Card Arcade is a enjoyable collection of card games. It lays a nice foundation with the multi-player mode and more games (Canasta, Snap, Skip-it and Golf) on the way.

Card Arcade is a free, ad-supported game for your Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices that you can snatch up here in the Windows Phone Store.

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George Ponder

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