We've all been there, something spills on your phone or it gets wet during a tropical down pour and we collectively hold our breath to see if it still works. We first reported that the new iMate 810 was a rugged Windows Mobile device capable of surviving most of what the urban jungle could throw at it. Unwiredview.com captured a demonstration from iMate on how rugged this Windows Mobile devices is. The demo was shot at the 2009 Mobile World Congress and also includes a brief appearance by the other new Windows Mobile phone from iMate, the credit card sized Centurion.

There's still no report on a release date for either phone but if you are prone to dropping your Windows Mobile phone in a vat of ketchup, spilling coffee on it or having it run over by a car (check out this BBC Report), you may want to check out the 810F.


Follow the break for more photos of iMate 810F.