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Does your new Surface Pro have light bleed problems?

If you watch the Surface space anywhere near as closely as we do at Windows Central, you've likely read reports about some potential "light bleed" issues with the new Surface Pro.

Hey Windows phone fans — Microsoft doesn't need you for 'Surface phone' to succeed

Disenchanted Windows phone fans feel Microsoft's next mobile device will fail without their support. But Microsoft's ultimate mobile device vision may not need those smartphone loyalists.

Does the Surface Pro have light-bleed issues?

Some users are complaining about the light bleed in the new Surface Pro. But is it a widespread misfire by Microsoft, or just isolated cases being blown out of proportion? We have answers.

Surface Pro 4 firmware update adds power control slider to the system tray

The Surface Pro 4 has added a new slider to its power performance settings, echoing the Surface Laptop and new Surface Pro.

EditorsKeys launches Surface keyboard covers for video, photo and audio editing

EditorsKeys has outed a new batch of keyboard covers that can add shortcut labels for 4 popular Adobe programs to your Surface.

Microsoft's Surface Diagnostic Toolkit now on the Windows Store

Microsoft’s repair tool for Surface devices is now up for grabs on the Windows Store, making it available for the Windows 10 S-powered Surface Laptop.

Best Surface Pro Alternatives

Looking for something that's like the Surface Pro but isn't the Surface Pro? We have you covered.

Watch how easy it is to switch from Windows 10 S to Pro on the Surface Laptop

Curious what it's like to switch from WIndows 10 S to Windows 10 Pro on the Surface Laptop? We'll show you in real time in our new video.

Mozo Saffiano Sleeve for Surface Pro, Surface Laptop stylishly protects your PC

For people looking to protect their new Surface Pro or Surface Laptop, the Mozo Saffiano Sleeve is an excellent choice that matches up nicely with Microsoft's Alcantara styling.

More Surface Laptop color options coming soon to the Core i7 model

The Surface Laptop's full color selection is about to expand to more models, with Microsoft listing Burgundy, Cobalt Blue, and Graphite Gold options for the Core i7 model as "coming soon."

5 lesser-known things Windows 10 S on the Surface Laptop cannot do

Windows 10 S can only run apps from the Windows Store, but here are five more limitations and early hiccups that you probably don't know about Microsoft's new OS for the Surface Laptop and education.

WaterField Bolt Crossbody bag for Surface Pro, Surface Laptop or Surface Book is worth the price

For those looking for a long lasting and quality laptop bag, the new Bolt Crossbody may fit your needs. Made in the US from WaterField Designs it's a premium solution with no flaws.

One month with the Surface Laptop: how is it holding up?

The Surface Laptop has been on sale for a whole month at this point, so it's time to check in and see how it's holding up.

Surface Pro gets new firmware update with fix for hibernation issue

The new Surface Pro has picked up a fresh firmware update that addresses power reporting reliability, possibly fixing a hibernation bug that has been plaguing some users since launch.

Microsoft has identified the Surface Pro sleep issue and a fix is in the works

If you’re one of the many Surface Pro users who have been hit with hibernation issues with the device, the good news is Microsoft has identified the problem and a fix is in the works.

How are you dealing with the lack of USB-C on your Surface Pro?

Microsoft’s refreshed Surface Pro is a formidable 2-in-1 device, but, like the Surface Pro 4, it lacks USB-C connectivity. Are you making do with it?

New firmware update for Surface Pro 4 brings official support for the latest Type Covers

Microsoft has just started rolling out a brand new firmware update for the Surface Pro 4 that brings support for Microsoft's new Type Cover and Signature Type Covers launched alongside the new Surface Pro.

Yes, Windows 10 S and the Surface Laptop can enroll in the Window Insider Program

If you get a Surface Laptop and decided to keep Windows 10 S on it, can you get preview builds though the Windows Insider Program? You can, here is what it's like.

Five Great Aluminum Vertical Stands That Fit Surface Laptop

Tired of laying your Surface Laptop down? Stand it up tall and proud with these aluminum stands!

Microsoft Mouse and Keyboard Center is a must-have app you may not know exists

If you have a new Surface Arc Mouse, old school IntelliMouse Explorer 3.0, or a Sculpt Ergonomic Keyboard from Microsoft you will want this app to enable even more features.