CBS Local serves up local news to your Windows Phone device

Not content with releasing their News app for Windows Phone just last week, CBS has just popped out another. The new CBS Local app, available starting today, will serve up nearby news for your streaming and viewing pleasure.

Features of the app are similar to the more nationally-focused news app released last week, but with the addition of streaming your favorite radio stations and receiving special offers in your area. You can check out a description and full feature list of CBS Local below:

CBS Local is constantly updated with the latest news, sports, weather, and traffic. Select your city and personalize your front page for the ultimate coverage of stories that matter to you.


  • Choose from 24 Major U.S. Locations
  • Live-Stream Audio and Video Broadcasts
  • Wake Up to Your Favorite Radio Stations
  • Receive Special Offers and Deals in Your Area

Hit up the download link below to give CBS Local a try, and let us know what you think in the comments. Thanks to Kevin for the tip!

QR: CBS Local