CDMA-Flavored HTC Diamond to Hit Canada on Telus “Later This Summer” for $149 CAD

Any doubters who weren't convinced by the blurry image of the HTC Diamond on Sprint should take heed: the Diamond is hitting North America in CDMA and it's hitting hard. First up appears to be Canadian CDMA network Telus, who's going to be selling the device “this summer” for the reasonable(ish) price of $149.99 (Canadian) with 3-year contract.

Even better, they're beating the pants off ne'er do well competitor Rogers by offering reasonable data rates: $15 for unlimited email and IM, $30 for unlimited email, IM, Web, etc.

As you can see from the image at right, this CDMA Diamond isn't a carbon copy of its GSM brother -- it has more curved top and bottom edges and the d-pad looks to be a bit different as well. Actually, it bears a striking resemblance to the European T-Mobile MDA Compact IV. We're waiting to hear if the specs have changed significantly. Here's to hoping that WiFi stays, because we wept when the original HTC Touch lost WiFi as it made the jump from GSM to CDMA

More details at Telus' site once they toss up the little wonder.

WC Staff